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kitties and puppies
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Published: 5 months ago

kitties and puppies

Kitties and Puppies will be the most healthy critters you ever seen----"IF" the only water they ever have---is CLEAN WATER with Wild Oregano Oil added so that they forever---only have water with Wild Oregano. "THEY" will never know the difference......THEY will be so healthy---you won't believe your eyes...

Not the synthetic crap sold on the internet and in stores-----but just PLAIN WILD OREGANO PLANTS that are steam distilled.....The later summer harvest will be dark oil, the early season produced clear oil-----the Chinese say the Clear is what drs want as the most potent, but we americans tend to like the pretty color of the amber fall season Oregano long as it is REAL WILD PLANTS that have been collected and planted in rows on the mountain sides at the correct altitude-----THAT IS THE PERFECT PLANTS-------if you were to try to collect the literal "wild" plants ---you most likely could not go there and if you made it---they would never permit you out of their country......

SYNTHETIC essential oils tend to be mass produced in spain/europe/turlkey/mexico---most anywhere today they can set up a lab. What they "use" are trade secrets and the final product has "zero" wild oregano.

Kitties, Puppies, any animal you can think of---chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, you nae it-----no vets ever needed for diseases and the same may apply to children------MOMMA takes wild oregano, Dad takes wild oregano oil--------baby is conceived in a womb protected by wild oregano via cleaner blood..........when baby is born------MOMMY gives baby a tiny amount diluted in the mouth and then nurses and she for the rest of her life---takes a little wild oregano for life-----such a baby, such a toddler, suck a child-----could grow up super strong, smart and looked up to by their fellow friends...

Soccer / Football is a simple method to prove such results-----not only may the child never know what sickness is-----they may be capable of out weight lifting most if not all the other children in high school, including all the coaches and the proof is in the pudding as they say----when awards stack up an news paper sports sections every year say--------******* did this, that and scored xxxx------OR if your child is not into sports, just as easily--------a HI I/Q, with amazing memorization skills and such children tend to not be shy and natural sales people types--in that they do not fear others.....not "awkward" types that pee their bed, etc....

REAL-----Wild Oregano Essential Oil made by steam distillation as far as human, animal, bird, health is concerned, I believe is worth more than gold $$$; because once you are born sick, grow up sick, live sick-----GOLD $$$$ is about worthless as you would just pass your sickness on to your next generation........

Real Wild Oregano Essential Oil is not easy to obtain in North America---TRUMP actually made it much harder and then with the past 3 years as China grows into the world's most modern / cleanest country on earth and North America decays-----people in North America become less in health and wealth by design....this is why Dr. John R. Christopher 70 years ago believed people must educate them selves in survival skills of every form....from health to strength and always be prepared for the worse...NUMBER 1 RULE---never ever get near anyone that wants to stick a needle in your skin.

True Grown and Manufactured Steam Produced Wild Oregano in my experience is the least harmful substance on earth and the greatest defense "ALL" species could have......and surely there are other plants in that same category------plants that are anti-disease and pro circulation and 100% non toxic to humans. Olive Leaf is such an herb, but they do not make an essential oil of such herb---as an essential oil, herbs like wild oregano oil can be added to drinking water, to other herbs and best of all---added to the air we breathe as we sleep.

The GREATEST use of the GREATEST HERBS are in the air as we breathe------entering with the oxygen into ever cell in the entire body as we sleep......and yes---kitties and puppies could do that also...................

IT TAKES many years to prove or disprove "things"................


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