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Re: Brazil

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Published: 5 months ago
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Re: Brazil

as found by anonymous on the interwebbings:

"You expect me to mow my own lawn my entire life? To take out my own garbage forever? No anon. My parents told me when I was 13 and bitching about chores that when I was older I can make my kids do it. So that's what I did. Set goals and make them happen."


"You're using very strange words to characterize human actions and thoughts. Do you believe the reasons not to bring more children into this world are reasonable, and not steeped in emotion? The desire to spare them suffering, the drive to preserve the planet or society, or whatever other reasons are behind your anti-natality stance, all come from emotion as well.
Decisions do not come from a void. A reasonable decision is a decision that effectively furthers your goals. Those goals are born from emotion.
So the drive to have a child, or the desire to "continue one's line", are enough to justify having children. Unless that choice has other consequences, and those go against other goals of yours. So the real question should be about the balance between contradicting drives.
But "steeped in emotion" or "reasonable" are not useful discriminators."


"You're arguing from a viewpoint which considers suffering to be an evil so great, no positive can ever outweigh it. There is no arguing against such an absolute stance.
Suffering is the way your body evolved to convey information to you : "this is a situation best avoided". It is an indispensable tool and an integral part of life. The only alternative to the existence of suffering is the absence of life. Not only human life, but all life - since the survival of even the most basic lifeform can't help but lead to the evolution of suffering again.
I can only hope you will get over whatever happened in your life that makes you so consumed by the terror of suffering again, so that you can experience some of life's joys in the future as well."


"For an objective reason? Not necessarily. Suffering is bad inherently as happiness is good inherently. From an objective standpoint, life is meaningless and you should kill yourself to avoid all suffering possible because any insistence on continuing to exist is not only irrational but basically you begging to be punished by god/"luck"/"the universe".

Turns out you haven't killed yourself, since you're still reading this. So the question is what do you do after you (irrationally) decide to not an hero? Well, without objective meaning, the only thing to do is to reduce your suffering, and that is what literally every philosophical inquiry on the past thousands of years has aimed to do (besides proving some objective morality which is impossible and therefore pointless). Utilitarianism, Buddhism, f**k even absurdism, every relevant philosophy has some aim towards reducing suffering because it acknowledges exactly what I said above: "the answer is to kill yourself, but you won't do it, so what the f**k are you gonna do after not killing yourself". Cause that's the obvious answer: if life is pointless (or you're going to hell because you were condemned to from the day you were born ala determinism), you should shorten that pointless suffering to non-existent. That's what a purely rational being would do. But you're not that. "


"My second wife is 9yrs older than I am (I met her at 29, she at 38). She had no kids and hated them just as much as I do. She straight up told me when we started dating that the fact that I couldn't knock her up was one of the reasons she decided I was a good catch.

After we got divorced 8 years ago, I thought I was gonna be consigned to a life where, if I ever got together with someone, they were gonna have kids & I was just gonna have to accept it. Because the odds of getting 3 in a row were astronomical. Met someone (a Jew btw) who had a 9yo daughter. Things were good for a bit, the kid was cool, but before long it fell apart & I just had to gtfo there. Thank GOD I didn't marry her; I literally just packed up my shit & left the day I took possession of the new place.

Still on good terms with my Jewish ex, and interestingly enough, my catholic first wife has since remarried herself and *gasp* cranked out 2 of her own. Meh. Happy for her. I'm just glad I wasn't the one she did it with; made separating SO much easier.

Turns out, my current gf is 35 but looks like she's 16; this is due to the fact that she also never had any kids. When we were dating, just like my second wife, she was so relieved when I told her I not only didn't have any kids but couldn't get her knocked up, because she feels the same way I do about them.

Here's the thing: all this bullshit from the "having kids is great" crowd? It's nothing but sour grapes. You people will never admit it, but deep down inside, you're f**king miserable for all the shit that having kids takes out of you. Then you see the freedoms that us child-free people still have & it makes you're bitter as f**k. And misery loves company. So in order to feel better about the bad decisions YOU made for yourselves, your mission becomes trying to convince us to follow in your ill-advised footsteps."


"Well the problem is that without suffering life would be perfect. For example, why do you pull your hand away from a hot stove before you realize what you're doing? Because you felt pain. Pain is a form of suffering. Whether or not you like it, humans inherently dislike pain and suffering, and disregarding that fact cause you don't like it isn't a way to live well. What alternative philosophy are you following that makes more sense than an avoidence of suffering. In other words: without using emotions or feelings, can you morally justify the continuation of the human race? I sure as shit can't."


"Because your line doesn't belong to you. Continuing your line is just acknowleging you are part of something greater and accepting the responsibility of passing down what was passed down upon you.

Also, from a practical standpoint, it means being ready to sacrifice your own comfort to nurture and provide for new life. Something anti-natalists don't do so they can buy more iphones"


"IF you can provide everything necessary for a good life, then by all means you should. The world always needs leaders, shepherds, and great men. But yeah, totally agree with you anon. If you ask people why they have kids it's 90% a selfish reason - "I don't want to die alone, I want my parents to be happy, It's just what you're supposed to do!" Etc."


"Literally only retarded white people are antinatalist
I can't wait my hispanic kids to rob all you white faggots"


"Idiocracy was supposed to be satire. The breeders have turned it into a documentary."


"One good reason to have kids is that the future looks promising. Anti-natalists will not fill the world with their ilk. They're mostly atheists and leftists. Upbeat and positive people will have kids - the more optimistic and positive, the more kids.
Sounds like Utopia."

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