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Get a job
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Published: 77 days ago

Get a job

Real parents teach their children that they are not the "BANK" and to avoid using banks---kids have to work for $$$$, no matter how fake and worthless $$$ may be----the system uses $$$$.

A child can grow up disease free, vaccine free, dope/drug free, strong/healthy and never get a LOAN from a bank........never owe on a car and pay cash for a house.....never go to a college and be FREE. Never be hungry, never live in fear --enjoy every day and have a future.

A child only needs to be disease free, strong, healthy and understand the pitfalls of working for those that provide health insurance, life insurance and public school/college trained drs and teachers....

For American Amish this is a mandatory way of life----FREE and everyone gets married, everyone has many children and everyone LOVES their life. For none amish---children need to learn all the pitfalls of false education and to learn what $$$ is and not what they tell you $$$ is.

A child that understands $$$$$, will master $$$ and never be its victim.

$$$$$ has zero value, it is in fact like a hot potato that you never want to hold onto......USE $$$ and never allow $$$ to use you.

Children can live a life of NEVER BEING SICK, never being in need of $$$$, because happiness if a result of being FREE....

Once they have you "sick"---they own you, control you. American Amish Women & Men understood a long time ago that raising children is just like raising a garden----you supply the proper home and environment and GOD provides the LOVE of LIFE and HAPPINESS.........$$$ has been the root of all evil since they created the first $$$

Those that make the $$$, give it away by the billions to their takes allot of $$$ to turn a human into a slave.

A free child can care less about $$$, it is just fake paper. Raise a child correctly and they will be disease free, never know what the flue is , never borrow a dime from a bank and have all they want in life.

EDUCATION makes or breaks a person.

If you need $$$, your education was wrong.....your parents failed you. The reason so many people today work for $$$ is their family was destroyed as a result of world war 1. Single lonely people that lease cars, forever owe more $$ than they can ever make and can never own a home..........while a proper raised child will own many cars, trucks before they graduate high-school---own their own home by age 21 and never ever once walk into a bank and ask for a loan.

A disease free child can understand and master $$$ and not let $$$ master them.

You only need enough $$$ to own your own land, your own home, your own vehicles, farm etc....what ever you like on earth------those that are slaves to $$$, will forever owe $$$, they will never ever own their car, forever pay rent---forever be sick.

A child needs wise parents before you were starts "BEFORE", not after you are born. Your foundation determines how strong you will be----or how sickly you will be.

FREEDOM starts with health---healthy people can do anything.


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