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poison ivy

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Published: 3 months ago

poison ivy

Poison Ivy and plant caused itch is a huge problem for some people that still live outside of cities and have contact with such plants

Today some of the vaccinated, grown up on anti-antibiotics and even children that were raised drug - free, can have contact with various plants and their entire body break out in weeping open wounds..and the only medical treatment is steroids and lots of them...

Long AGO-----natives and partial natives understood how to eat poison ivy as a child and then never for the rest of their life be bothered with poison ivy---my Dad was given poison IVY to eat by his mother and he never ever had poison ivy itch--he could pull the plants up and not be bothered....GRANDMA tried to get my older brother to eat it when he was little and he would not and that pretty much was the end of that and my mom and I was plagued with poison ivy-----but once I was into herbal making---poison ivy does not bother me anymore---------old medical medicines suggest poison ivy is a result of an imbalance of iron and iodine.I tend to believe they were correct---IRON BALANCE is a huge subject that no one talks about.....even though "murderers" were tested long ago and the only thing medical could determine was people that just kill others to be killing them---seem to have an IRON IMBALANCE......

If I walk through poison ivy, etc. etc. I will still get a very small spot once in a while on an ankle, but otherwise I too can pull it up and not worry about it.....

Other things like mosquito bites and the such cause a bump or an itch on most all humans...................various herbs / medicines through out time have been made for such things--------WHEN a person has a full body break out from having contact with plants---they can loose most all of their skin--almost be crippled for 1-2+ months....they can try it ALL and nothing really works for them---they can even have poison ivy time reactions under their finger nails and itchy fluids come out of their entire body---fluids that burn their skin...............just from touching a plant.

THAT PLANT did not enter and create all that acids---the human IMMUNITY does it all---over reacting and going crazy and literally burning the immune type reactions that medical only gives loads of steroids until it stops.

THE KEY is putting a stop to the first itch and not permitting it to taking a bath with strong soap to remove the plant's oily residue works best..that and just avoiding toxic plants.......not toxic to all, just toxic to certain people that over react.

EATING POISON IVY, is proof it is not a poisonous plant--it does not cause all the horrific skin issues---but the human body can react to the plant and the human blood do all the damage---same as in rare cases, the human blood responds to the point it literally dissolves the body and all that is left is the person's cloths or part of a body left.......those people literally burn them selves up with their own acids and all that is left---is their cloths.

EATING CAYENNE PEPPER is the same thing---if it burns, it is your blood/body doing it---not the cayenne peppers........because children can eat cayenne peppers, if they were raised that can take 10, even 20+ years to adapt to cayenne pepper, wild oregano, etc. to the point it no longer burns.

There are endless "things" to try for poison ivy rash............the desperate try them all. While on vacation, I got a small Ivy itch on the ankle and i tried something for the very first time and not only did it stop the itch on contact, it killed the itch 100% instantly...and 100% erased it-----now I just need to wait and see if it works that way a second time or for others.......the good thing is, that the herb has a long 100+ year history as a cure-all herb when taken internally and who knows, just maybe when taken internally, those people might not get poison ivy....

"IF" a person lived long enough like humans use to----they probably discover how to survive on they did pre white coats and their drugs.


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