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Hulda Clark Cleanses
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Published: 83 days ago


If one lives long enough and never stops self-experimenting, they should stumble into many great things........reading all the books written by those that believed they discovered great things

Dr. Hulda Clark moved too fast----copied many of the wrong people, mixed it all up her way and she was a marketing / self publishing genius. She had some GREAT IDEAS and METHODS, but equally had many really bad and toxic products and methods...she literally succumbed to the acidic / toxic chemicals/vitamins and acids she believed in

1 of her many good ideas was the 21 day cleanse she called the 21 day mop up

I TRIED prob 90% of what clark believed in, before I discarded all their products--it takes several years to discover what she believed in and what was bad and was was ok and what was good..

this 21 day mop up method is a bit bazaar----you have to own a ozone machine of which they gladly made a trash home mae model that fell apart about as fast as you used reality it may have just been a method to sale an ozone machine and surely was some other person's idea---she would try anything if it was salable.

AS MUCH as the 21 day method makes NO SENSE, it can result in some astounding results----in explainable results........and EVEN MORE BAZAAR----truly truly BAZAAR, when I tried it and had amazing results----------she literally CONDEMNED IT on video, in front of a large crowd.....WHY? Because it was better than her liver flush that was her bread and butter $$$ maker for her..but it really would have just made her more $$$, more books, but she was that way----it was her way or no way---many if not all these types of "authors" are that way----they will not correct old info or ever admit there was a better way----they want the readers to believe what they wrote in the best.....keep selling those books.

Clark's vitamin info was / is ALL WRONG, that is step 1 problem with her 21 day mop up.

Large dose Co-Q10 is involved and that can actually put a person in bed with none stop sweating until the co-q10 is stopped----so that is a caution. Is that because large dose co-q10 is good or toxic? No way to really know....BUT I DO KNOW the Cleveland clinic M.D.s years ago educated a few amish men how to use vitamins in large/toxic dosages to obtain a medical drug like effect--and some of the men died from taking vitamins, including 1 of the young drs that preached it.

the 21 day mop up can do something that NOTHING ELSE CAN DO and do it so FAST, it really is unbelievable.

She never gave a clue where she got the idea from----her liver flush actually came from a 1930's blue book medical surgeons book about gallbladder operations...

I KNOW for a fact, Clark did not like OZONE and those that sold the machines---maybe because her son made their own extremely poor example of a machine? Use it once and throw it away type device.

EVERYTHING can be made BETTER--always. Nothing is ever final.

To take the 21 day method to an extreme today-----I would ozonate 21 ounces of Liver Gallbladder Cleanse that was blended with maybe 25% Q-10 Oil and then pour into 21 --one ounce paper or plastic cups, put on a cookie sheet and set in the freezer to turn hard. IF a person was a true DE-WORMING ADULT---then I would ad 2-3 drops of P/W E ADULT Pure Essential oils blend and "IF" you were an EXTREMIST, I would ad 1 drop of cayenne and 1 drop of garlic essential oil per cup.

EACH morning after waking, eat 1 cup of oil---it melts in your mouth and as easy to as easy comes.

I would highly suggest taking 9 LBB capsules every day

"IF" you were truly desiring to ad years to your life----then do a 21 day orange juice fast at this same time.....

"IF" you are into the bazaar and got another $200, take 3 Russian Sputnick stainless steel zappers starting day 1

I would expect----great things to happen: such as a clean liver, clean neck, clean chest, clean arms and by clean, I mean no mud, no worms and most of all---no warts in or on the body.................THE WARTS are the hardest thing to ponder warts harm the body and how hard many are hard to be rid of---YET with this method, all warts and wart damage can be 100% gone in less than 2 weeks.......

WARTS can torment kids--hand warts, feet warts and even adults.......those that work with copper can be plagued with warts.........warts can be nasty and hard to exterminate---yet the 21 day mop up does it with ease.....

I would expect some people ay dump as much as 10+ pounds of green bile from their body an surely they would expel pancreatic stones and have the cleanest liver on earth.

YET---CLARK condemned her own---simple 21 day cleanse when i told her what we had discovered about was way beyond her expectations and I would 100% bet, it was not her idea in the first place and she really did not what all was going on with the body while doing 21 days or something so simple...

DO THIS 30 days-------------and then STOP ALL HERBS for 30 days..........I would expect during the 30 days of zero herbs, that the human body could possibly start expelling puss out of every joint, out of the lymph glands / ears, groin, you name it...........

so acidic that it can burn the skin right off your body

what is this acidic puss??? My only guess is "cancer". Cancer a puss disease....otherwise I have no clue how the body can do it, but it can........the human body has abilities medical have no clue about....


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