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Re: help please
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Published: 20 months ago
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Re: help please

Have you managed to get a scan of it? It might be worth getting a second opinion from another Doctor and a referral to a suitable specialist. First rule out whether it is a parasite. Have you ever travelled abroad? Could you have been been infected with something while outside the USA, you mentioned dollars in the video so I am assuming that you are in the US? Have you ever been to Africa or other similar places?
It might be something such as lymphatic filariasis, a wild guess and there are other possibilities. You do need to see a different Doctor IMO. Be aware that if your Doctor has written unhelpful notes in your records they could mislead other Doctors. Your Doctor might think that you have a mental disorder because your distress is apparent in the video and that might become the main focus of a Doctor while failing to accurately diagnose a lymphatic parasite. That would stand out in the Doctors notes and dissuade other Doctors from taking it seriously. If you can find a Doctor who does not have access to your records, who you can speak to, it might be helpful. It is shocking how little Doctors know about human health. A Doctor told me that there are no deer in my area so I could not have Lyme disease. My Doctor clearly does not know that rats and mice spread Lyme disease carrying ticks more than deer. Rats have been treated by environmental health on many occasions.

It might be worth you stepping back away from yourself and watching yourself from outside, 5 meters/yards away. That should help to separate you from your emotions and allow you to control them more easily because they are likely to hinder any interaction with Doctors. Imagine that you are taking a frightened young child to a doctor with such a parasite and you do not want to promote fear in the child. Explain to a Doctor like you would if you were explaining to a Doctor in the presence of a frightened young child. I can appreciate your distress but it will not help you by projecting that towards a Doctor. That is the impression I got from that video. Many Doctors are not very smart and they need lots of help to make a correct diagnosis.

It might be worth searching for symptoms of parasites affecting the skin and lymph to see if any match your symptoms.

If it's near to the surface then you might be able to inject it with something to kill it. That would provide a much higher concentration than could be gotten with oral anti-parasitics. Be very careful with this and do not rush into anything because you do not want to cause any unnecessary damage or toxicity. Before doing that you do need to identify what exactly it is so that you know how to tackle it and what will kill it.

Read this so you know what you could come up against and why I make my earlier recommendations>

I would stop reading comments on facebook. There are some real crazy people on there. Demons etc etc, bullshit. Religion, an excuse for a small group of people living a lavish lifestyle. It all goes hand in hand, bullshit IMO. Religions IMO were all built on Chinese whispers, stories past from person to person and embellished by each person it past to. You don't have to agree with my opinion on religion to take the rest that I say seriously.

Best of luck.

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