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Peppermint Syrup

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Published: 22 months ago

Peppermint Syrup

No doubt the most famous of all the essential oils is the Mints and many of those are related to the wild peppermint. Wild peppermint tends to live in small creeks, with slow moving water or near the banks---like Horse Tail Grass, it likes water and sand.

Man has manipulated the wild peppermint into endless varieties that can create allot of essential oil and amazingly "hardy", but spearmint has to be the hardiest----spearmint taste better and can take a few deep freezes before it quits for the winter. Peppermint has the "health" history. Amish call it po po oil and it has been used around the world-----no doubt it is highly sold as a "synthetic" made in labs by the barrels. Synthetics are basically "perfumes" and never for internal use and many authors have written that if you buy an essential oil in North America, you have a good chance it is synthetic or acid produced, even alcohol produced. STEAM DISTILLED takes longer, with more effort and the most costly method---the only herbal method that ends up with just an "herb" oil and if your herb was eatable, then the oil should be eatable as well---but all essential oil books and labels say for external skin use only---because the commercial products never know where the bulk material came from or how it was made.

Basically if you start with a really potent and hardy peppermint, in a few years, you can easily grow 200 pounds of plant to use.

A essential oil steam distiller will cost 8x what it should cost and most likely come from Italy---all the middlemen and shipping equals over 1/2 the total cost---like most everything "imported". For about $4,500 you can obtain a distiller large enough to 50 pounds of plants at a time. It will take a good 2 days to distill each batch and maybe $30-$40 worth of propane as your heat source.

That 200 pounds of raw peppermint plants made what I call PEPPERMINT SYRUP (my way), approx. 1 gallon total end product. This would be put in dropper bottles to use to put in water---for those people that drink "water", especially at restaurants. PEOPLE that drink restaurant water, often will ask for slices of lemon and those lemons almost always were imported from china and covered in bug spray.

The idea of peppermint "SYRUP" is to kill the bacteria in the body that causes body odors, improve circulation, supply herbal minerals------EVERY DAY, but adding the syrup to the daily DRINK-------especially those that drink water---but could be added to anything..........

This syrup uses the WHOLE Plant----the oil soulable and and the water soulable parts of the Peppermint Plant and Cain juice as the mineral source/syrup. These 2 plants when drank daily for a year---can lead to an odor free body; which is "priceless' in my opinion. HOW MUCH? As a concentrated syrup and with every human at a different level of bacteria-----only those that self-experiment could find out.

THE THEORY is SIMPLE---if you STINK, you need more. If the DIAPER stinks, etc. IF IT SMELLS, then you know BACTERIA are multiplying like crazy..........those that believe in the so called "friendly" bacteria medical theory---those folks may "like" to smell their bacteria that is eating them from within.

ALL (REAL) essential oils will have a strong taste and can "burn" in the mouth----the herbs are not "hot", the brain/blood decides and produces the acids that cause that "burn" in the mouth or on the skin---------IN TIME, with daily use, most all spices will be harmless with no "burn" once the brain/blood recognizes they are just foods. SO AS PEOPLE take tiny amounts or raise their children with spicy herbs---the burn/taste goes away and they can then take "STRONGER" or more when desired.

Wild Oregano is the KING of such spices---burns something terrible to a new person, but after 10-20 years use they can wash their hands in it with no burn-----

Those use to PEPPERMINT SYRUP in their drink---could ad a drop of wild oregano in their bottle and with each new bottle---ad more drops until they are obtaining 1 drop of wild oregano oil every day of their life------DO THAT and you literally cheat the grim reaper for added years of fun on earth.......

GETTING use to the taste of herbs is "essential", because that is the number 1 excuse people all use-----YUCK, I do not like that and go back to drinking their coffee. I tasted Coffee 1 time when I was 19, I did not swallow it and spit it out and can gladly say I can live and die with out that poison in my body. The only thing that kills more people than their dirty water, is their dirty water made into coffee.

YES, the coffee drinkers could ad a dropper of Peppermint Syrup to the coffee---something is better than nothing...

FOR THOSE that only want lemon water at the restaurants---the same theory applies to essential oil of lemons. Essential Oils of Lemons and Oranges both seem to have a great + effect on skin cancers....and 30+ essential oils could be added to PEPPERMINT as the base---to sneak in powerful de-wormers.....wormwood / wormseed oils being the most famous of the 30+.

The same 200 pounds of Peppermint can be made into TEA and then frozen or canned and drank all year long..........all families should have 6' long freezers. Large freezers are an essential of life.

FOR THOSE that have drank peppermint tea and herbs for many many years----yup, those types could probably just take peppermint Syrup 1 drop at a time on the tongue and would want a little Wild Oregano Oil in the just depends how your brain/blood reacts to herbs (foods) and then decides what the taste is------THE BRAIN decides if you hurt, what things taste like, what you see and what you do not see-----------that is why schools want the children "young"----mold that brain---so it never "knows" longevity.

I just tasted a few drops on my tongue for the first time and DAM, it taste 100% like peppermint candy---healthy peppermint candy-----next step and to put in a squirt bottle an just bypass the water.


This may be the best way ever---to sneak in really strong essential oils in small doses--using pepper mint to hide their taste...

The greatest, most essential ocean mineral required to be able to walk the land----I think that mineral may dissolve in peppermint syrup, if it does------wow, that would be next level marvelous.

The vaccine theory---has from its creation--been the "opposite" of what they told people starting 150+ years ago--- having a bacteria free body to some degree, is something medical would not be capable of understanding. They kill germs with poisons---real people allow their blood to hunt down the germs, kill the germs and carry it to the proper elimination organs for proper disposal. IF IT TOOK TOO LONG, it exists STINKING---------------yet, real peppermint and real herbs minerals can make the human body---odor less. TOXIC deodorant chemicals do not make a healthy body--they just cover up and poison ..

PEPPERMINT is very well known as a digestive aid

WHEN eating too fast or too much, etc. often the person needs to "burp" a little or they can experience painful stomach pain and make them want to throw up almost-----but with a tiny burp, they can settle down.....peppermint, helps with all that.

PEOPLE that chew every mouthful of food 40x before swallowing, they can skip drinking water with their meal---they eat correctly. STILL, a drop or 2 of peppermint syrup on the tongue would just be an improvement for the stomach.


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