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Re: Strongyloides tears through my skin

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Published: 83 days ago
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Re: Strongyloides tears through my skin

Hi Smart dust, Iím struggling with the exact thing it seems. Weíre you ever able to get on top of this? I actually feel these are the culprit to all the endometriosis etc Iíve had -somethings thatís ultimately taken me from a avid runner and athlete to sudden onset of deep illness & 15 major surgeries on a variety of organs (all unexplainable)

Iím making huge progress in health ever since leaving the care of western practices. Prior to, I was only getting sicker and sicker.

What has worked for you specifically?

So far rotating the Fenbendazole to the MMS1 protocol (on off days of feneben) seems to be my best resolution after trying everything possible out thgh ere these last 4 yrs.

I havenít done this rotation of these 2 (yet). Only separately Ö.with the best results out of dozens and dozens of varying modalities.

This is why Iím thinking rotating w the fenben and MMS1 might be the best way to really wrap this up.

PS IMPORTANT: IF you have a hidden oral infection IR youíve had a root canal etc > those are ALL infected btw)ÖÖ you will never get on top of your parasitic infection. THAT I PROMISE.

I would also like to add here (specifically bc of your noted heart conditions that they are now linking Heart Disease to a stealth oral infection as the REAL Root cause. FYI- with numerous Biologic physicians now stating with a MINIMUM of 92% direct correlation)

If you have parasites that you cannot get on top of completly please look up many of the recent podcasts on this new knowledge. Both Cellular Healing TV w Dr Pompa and Wellness Mama has many episodes discussion the seriousness (and direct correlation to) Root Canals / Hidden Oral Infections -to- Chronic illness and especially almost ALL heart conditions and breast cancer. The parasites are just a outcome of this infection taking up shop and spreading exponentially (further taking down ones health in unexplainable ways)

Additional download documentary called ďROOT CAUSEĒ. Netflixís had it up until major controversy w Big Pharma and politics essentially forces the removal of these truths reaching the public. But I believe itís back up. Whatever the case, itís a worthy (& life-changing) investment of time.

NEW technology has come out to detect these stealth oral infections called a ĎConebeamí (high tech CT Scan of jaw cost me $250) in most recent years.
Must be read by a BIOLOGIC dentist or BIOLOGIC oral surgeon)

Long story short: A root canal I had at age 14 from biting too hard down on a fireball candy was the very reason 15 years later I was crippled with varying illnesses. Essentially, the real root cause to breeding dangerous anaerobes throughout. Your immune system canít get to these infections. But each tooth has 2 miles of tubules leading to other organs that can wreak massive damage as each year proceeds). FYI: This is because of HOW a root canal is done that creates this scenerio. Also: NO dental X-RAYS will ever pick this up.

To my shock: not only was there a massive infection under that root canal
tooth.But it had spread systemically w no tooth pain signs/ symptoms
Though I didnít need to know that bc I had felt my body responses kept being Ďblockedí by something Everytime Iíd make enormous steps up on my recovery.

Iím a firm believer that IF one is struggling with parasites in around the head Ö. The root of the infection actually is stemming from there.

Anyways mine was cleaned out 2 weeks ago. It will take 4-6 months for immune system to relearn since infection was there for over 20 years wreaking havoc. But im already noticing massive shifts in my entire body. Meaning: Far beyond just my head region ;)

And these guys are now coming out in drones. Almost unbearable honestly
But probably bc I blew up their ĎSafe-Hubí ;)

Anyways, I know your post was over 4 yrs. Ago.
Iím hoping youíll still get this.

OR this can help another :)

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