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Re: Effectiveness & Mechanisms Of The Acupuncture Cure Explained - Full Version - Extra. Key Details
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Published: 29 months ago
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Re: Effectiveness & Mechanisms Of The Acupuncture Cure Explained - Full Version - Extra. Key Details

Re: Effectiveness Of The Acupuncture Cure Explained: Full Version - Other Key Points


Effectiveness & Mechanism Of The Acupuncture Cure For Dystonias Explained - Other Key Points

Follow Up From The Preceding Post Above : Kindly Support The Related Charity Causes :

Quote [Please refer to the following veraciously unbiased comments from the other independent third parties about the related totally free-of-charge, simple, self-administered, needle-free, painless, harmless acupuncture / acupressure cure for blepharospasm :

{"I think Actually these persons distributed nearly the identical sore know-how as me from such debilitating sickness and for your data, there were numerous of them who were not so well-to-do, and therefore they could not pay for such costly health accounts of glimpsing the health experts or to get Botox injections / surgical remedy to deal with their non-stop eyelid-twitching problems. Therefore, when I suggested such an acupuncture method to them, I did it out of benevolent humanity, understanding and compassion, and express gratitude God that it worked on each and every individual of them."}

which are quoted from : ... 571-2.html (Please refer to Post No : 49


{"For your additional information, I have also appear throughout quite a few people in my real lifestyle annoyed by this type of the non-stop eyelid twitching trouble of distinctive prospects to and degrees of severity, and accordingly, I just propose the method as pointed out above to them and within of weeks, they just knowledge significant improvements to their problems shortly after applying this therapy, and shortly after a amount of weeks , they just recover completely from this sickness. .

And I wish that by contributing this product of article to you, it will somehow enable one to in no much lower than receiving a clue about this sickness."}


{“I’ve been twitching for five days and just tried the acupressure technique on myself, and it stopped! thank you!”} - anon101160 (16) ... tching.html ]End QUOTE

Quote [Whilst (hopefully & potentially) additional R&D efforts - for new & further breakthroughs particularly & most importantly for the findings & discoveries of the right curative acupoints for the cure of other dystonias ( such as the discovery of this definitive, precise, highly & speedily curatively effective (& foolproof) Hegu acupoint for Blepharospasm(a minor type of dystonia - please refer to the related website) cure in this case - put in (hopefully & potentially) by other really expert acupuncturists & the related fully accredited acupuncture medical field personnel would definitely make the related curative & therapeutic processes, procedures & most importantly, results & outcomes for such (needle-free) acupuncture solutions for Blepharospasm / Other Dystonias far smoother & far more further enhanced for the ones suffering from these neurologically incapacitating illnesses. 

Follow-up : - Needle-free Acupuncture cure For Blepharospasm / Other Dystonias - Summary (Full details)] End Quote 

Essentially, it is very much noteworthy to know that it would be tremendously and exceedingly helpful for the related Research & Development (R & D) efforts mentioned above, for the findings of other miscellaneous cures for other types of dystonias -  

,if the underlying therapeutic and curative process, mechanisms etc. of this neeedle-free Acupuncture Cure For Non-stop Persistent Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking (Which Works Best For Medication / Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking) l Blepharospasm - , 

well, rather getting its related therapeutic and curative effects experienced by the ones applying & subsequently benefiting from it, being deemed & labeled simply as something unexplained, divine / magical etc.

, it would instead serve much greater practical, pragmatic, realistic & far-reaching miscellaneous medical purposes if, 

the underlying effectiveness, therapeutic and curative process, mechanisms etc. of this neeedle-free Acupuncture Cure For Blepharospasm - / — being one of the many types of Dystonia disorders - , 

could be scientifically observed, studied, analyzed, etc. as an useful precursor (for the findings of the cures for other dystonias - )through such miscellaneous neuroimaging - technology, devices, facilities etc.such as MRIs, CT-scans etc.

Note : Whatsoever ideological, methodological, technical bias, differences, moneyed-interests conflicts / considerations etc. between these 2 vastly different schools of medicines - Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medical Sciences, 

would need to be buried & set aside,

purely for the potentially near / distant futures successful findings of conclusive & comprehensive cures for other types of dystonias - , with this one / , serving as their (at least reference-useful) model / exemplary precursors,

for the sakes of well-being, welfare, healthcare of all mankind, particularly the ones who are still suffering & struggling with such medicine-caused dystonias -

Lastly, I bona fide, have fully delivered my points, whilst the rest are fully up to the intended persons and whomever it may concern.

Additional References Related To Above : - Effectiveness & Mechanisms Of The Acupuncture Cure Explained - Full Version

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