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The Exorist

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Published: 5 months ago

The Exorist


is a new book by a current priest

No need to read it, because removing DEMONS is the same now as it was thousands of years ago...

the demons / spirits, what ever you like to call them---------torment this planet.

It is hard to tell how many demons plague this planet---they are everywhere and most likely in every human you have ever met. THE DEVIL MADE DO IT, is an UNDER STATEMENT if there ever was one.

Most all people will eventually live long enough to see demons, experience demons, but very few will ever see them removed---because about the time medical started aborting millions of babies is about the time the professionals made exorcist unpopular and they closed up many of the facilities where they removed or tried to remove demons.

EXORCIST ARE NOT ALWAYS CATHOLICS and in small churches, pastors still do it--they travel around and often require at least 3 pastors. THE GOOD ONES can literally shake the demons out for good and a person that was tormented their entire lifetime, can be different from that point onward.

DEMONS R REAL, they come in every shape and form you can imagine-----those that do the dope, often do so so they can enjoy seeing the demons......the acid / liquid tea types form the 60's - 70's would get stoned every night, just to experience the demons---many of those folks today are the world leaders.

Demons often take electric in order for them to manifest for a few moments---batteries will die, such as in your car or battery operated products..........your car will loose it lights, but because your moving, the lights will come back on once your past the problem on the road; while flashlights, phones, cameras, etc. their batteries will drain dead.

These demons like buildings, houses, places where massive deaths occurred or just a peaceful abandoned building where they can stay left alone.......EVERY CITY most likely on this planet, has at least 1-2 houses that no human can live in.

Demons often will whisper to a person from behind their back---in their ear and they normally threaten death---say things like: YOUR NEXT or do this, because soon you are going to die, etc.

DEMONS will make a person do something---they literally are possessed until it is done---most all humans will experience that and figure it out by around age 30+

Some demons can manipulate electronics to communicate to humans---some can be seen with special electronics----while a few humans on earth at any given time---CAN SEE DEMONS. The few humans that can see demons are recognized as children and are TAKEN and kept moving from place to place out of fear they will be hunted down and murdered===these "SPECIAL" children can see the demons---similar to how William Branham had the gift of identifying demons the moment they spoke a word...................when they spoke, he knew if they were a human or a demon.

William Branham proved that the true demons have no soul, they were either born demons or they stole the body completely and once the demon was removed, the body fell dead.

Some demons are POWERFUL, in that they can move objects, large heavy objects.......the movie GHOST gave some good examples, but no one knows how a demon has power to move an object for real.

Many demons are world famous---such as the lady in white and world wide similar women like demons have appeared for, many are captured on videos by cops and security cameras and cell phone cameras.....that and today, world wide, strange people like to hunt down demons.

TO DATE I have never seen a demon hunter, capable of full out contact with a demon---other than the TRUE EXORCIST, a true EXORCIST is prepped for battle and knows to expect horrifying things..the demon hunters never are---they always run when it comes to close encounters..

A pastor that travels from town to town by request, will work 1-2 weeks with local pastors---BUT, they say the person has to WANT their demons removed...........that pretty much is not THE REAL DEAL, the real deal, the person would not want their demons gone.....IN AMERICAN HISTORY they had a large facility where humans that could not be helped, were taken and kept for the rest of their life---no priest was strong enough ever to help them--------the demons would laugh at them and would not let go. William Branham used the anicent method for those types of demons--he would shoot a mountain lion or wild pig and send the demon into the dying animal---otherwise the demon was not going up the host.

Is a tv channel that is about 24/7 paranormal world accounts.

The book written by the american exorcist tells the same story that all the people on the travel channel say-----

The thin man, the tall man and those BLACK SHADOW CREATURES as well as the lady in white and many more---are real.......and the people that go hunting for such demons---never know what they are getting into and they all end up running---but not a TRUE EXORCIST, he is in for the battle.


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