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Published: 5 months ago


Years ago, Gingko was a nice tree in America---the cities seen it as a tree that can survive city pollution.

They planted gingko trees all over america towns and as fast as they planted them---they killed them once they discovered their fruits can smell. The fruits have a large seed and when they fall on side walks and no one picks them up---they smell a little as the fruit rots----no big deal, but all the city leaders were ordered to chop them off and those in the nurseries were ordered to KILL ALL FEMALE GINGKO Trees and if they sell that tree, it must be a STERILIZED tree. This all ended about 20 years ago for the gingko trees in American Towns.

There are some monster 60+ feet tall Gingko trees, which is proof they have been around in America for some time---but rare and I have never ever seen one in the country side. I have never seen a large female tree and in fact, I have not seen a female tree for 20 years.

I scooped up about 500 seeds 23 years ago, the same year the local town killed all their trees. I planted the seeds and 100% came up. I kept about 30 trees and none as of yet has produced a seed.

GINGKO Leaves was promoted as healthy for the brain and circulation, books written on the subject...but David Christopher told me that it is the FRUIT that is the real herb and that Asians eat the fruits, make soups, etc. with it.

I once made a gallon of Ginkgo tea 23 years ago and drank a quart, not sweetened. It was not good tasting and drinking that much, just to see if the books were correct......resulted in a weird feeling in the head and I just never ever drank it again, until yesterday.

yesterday I made 12 gallons of spearmint tea, only this time, I added about 25% gingko leaves---because I have more gingko leaves than imaginable on 30 trees. I added some turmeric and the little crocus herb flower and then poured 180 degree water over it all for 12 hours. This results in a mild tea and this time, the final result had no gingko taste that i could tell and most likely because of the crocus flower. Next tie I want to try some vanilla beans--I bet that creates a new taste all will like.

GINGKO surely is a great herb---the tree they say can live 1,000+ years old and was the first sign of life to appear in japan (after "both" governments cooperated-experimented with their bombs)---a hearty tree that has a reputation for brain circulation.

Brain Circulation fails when a person lacks natural fruit fats---------so maybe the fruits are fatty? I do not remember and never tasted one. The seed surely is large and naturally fatty. The LEAVES? Surely not fatty. So how could the leaves increase brain circulation? The brain has a problem with:




Worms and who knows how many various types of worms get into the brain---those so called brain tumors---can be nothing more than sacks of tapeworm eggs. SO MAYBE, just maybe, the Gingko leaf is a de-wormer........hard to say.

My mixing 25% gingko leaves with the mints, I could not detect a different taste, other than the final blend was actually very tasty, almost addictive in that I drank a gallon the first day.

Evaporated Organic Cain Juice (Crystals) is surely a modern miracle...............

YET, some how 10 years ago, I purchased 200 pounds in 4 bags. The first 3 bags were PERFECT and that 4th bag, tasted like cayenne pepper. I have yet to find any source that has ever written about cane juice that taste like cayenne pepper. I consumed the 50 pounds of cayenne tasting cane sugar and I bet I never find another bag again...

Natural sugar they say is 220+ varieties found in herbs. WE HUMANS THRIVE on all 220+

That white stuff commercial calls sugar? No one really knows what it is. The Hawaiians say 1 pound of cane sugar goes into the secret factories and exists as 2 pounds of white sugar.

WHITE as a general rule---is titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide is white paint. It was / is aded since 1992 to the air, in junk foods, soaps, lotions, shampoos with 1 goal back then---to harm human thyroids, so that children born after 1992 should be dead of old age diseases by age 40. When you do orange juice fasting, titanium dioxide OOZES out of your tongue and medical says what ever your tongue looks like, your stomach and liver will be the same color. ALL THREE in healthy humans are actually elimination organs (that is a medical secret).

SO white sugar? NO, that is not just sugar, same as corn syrup has no sugar in that chemical soup. Corn Syrup actually modifies the human cells when you consume the national average per child of 40 pounds per year.

REAL SUGAR is easily found is sweet fruits---yummy food for the human blood stream.

I can easily consume 50 pounds of evaporated cane juice crystals per year.

Those sugar free people? They are correct on the subject of white sugar. NEVER touch that stuff......see if you can discover what it is, someone surely knows someone that works in a sugar company and knows what chemicals create white sugar. They then burn that white sugar to create brown sugar.

ALL FORMS of wheat; BAD
ALL FORMS of White sugar: BAD

Go into the huge china / un food stores such as SAMS / WALMART / COSTCO / KROGERS and the hundreds of other chinese food stores that use all local names: THOSE STORES have tons of CORN SYRUP PRODUCTS.........why? Because China uses a 100 year plan to poison the human populations that they intend to conquer. SAME AS MOSES DID.

MOSES and his brother used ALUMINUM to poison the water supplies in towns and then a year or 2 later can back and killed all the people with swords and spears......because after 1-2 years of drinking aluminum----your not strong, your not smart and people use to make jokes about how dumb you were......that is why after world war 2, they added aluminum to city water, foods and then by 1949 to the air. Ad in the fact; all city water pipes were made of lead and you have the perfect toxic water to create obedient slaves.

NEVER buy a commercial made drink...water or otherwise.


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