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Essential Oils

Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

Blood Worms?
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Beautiful Skin From Powerful Oils and Roses
Remove signs of aging by renewing skin cel...

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
Best Teeth Remineralization, Strengthening, and Clea...

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Published: 43 days ago

Essential Oils

Essential Oils should be extremely "expensive".

An example:

Peppermint is one of the easier of the Mints and the Mints are the easiest to make essential oils from.

it takes at least 50# of plants.

It takes 2-3 hours to just cut the plants and make them ready to be steam distilled.

It can easily cost $4,000.00+ for a small steam distiller that is large enough to hold 50# of mints.

You will need 5 gallons of distilled water for the process.

You will need 6+ hours of operating time.

You will need $5+ worth of Propane Gas to heat the tank.

You will make about 1 ounce of essential oil of peppermint.

THIS IS WHY most essential oils sold to North America are "synthetics" that have zero herb in their make up. SYNTHETICS are not safe to consume internally or externally or in your air---

The people that do make thousands of gallons of essential oils have thousands of acres of land / mountains that requires endless slaves to maintain and harvest the herbs. They have extremely expensive factories with rows of huge distillers that are loaded with tractor's front loader bucket and thousands of pounds of each herb "steam distilled" on a grand scale.

THIS IS WHY, the very best essential oils are developed by the communist---those that own slaves and the slaves do as they are told if they want to live.

OTHERWISE, if a company is paying their workers $$$ to work the fields and the factories and the labs-------those companies would have to be charging you more $$$ than you could ever pay for an ounce of essential oils.

The CBC oil is just 1 of endless scams in the essential oil world---yes the pot heads are steam distilling their pot plants and YES their pot plants have extremely toxic / sticky flowers loaded with sticky poisons that are easily distilled and collected......those types are not making synthetics, but they also are not making the REAL DEAL. The Communist do make the real deal---they say it is extremely complicated to make THE REAL OIL. When they make the REAL OIL, they charge about 10,000 X more for their OIL than they do the standard essential oils. "They" say North American scammers take drops of THE REAL OIL and then make salable bottles of their pot oil---IF they want it to "work". They say very few people on earth have the ability to make THE REAL OIL as described by the monks in biblical times.

Those that just distill pot plants are just collecting the chemical that makes people "stoned", pass out, black out and BURNED OUT.

REAL NORMAL pot, will make anyone stoned by just having it drying in their house---they do not have to smoke it, just the essential oils (smell) of the pot in their house---will keep them "stoned" mildly--it is that toxic.

REAL NORMAL POT, will make anyone stoned, #### them UP and they all do it for abusing girls, unless they are such losers they can not get close enough to any girl to smoke their pot---so years ago, they got the idea of putting their normal pot in brownies and all sorts of foods---then once the girls blacked out, they rape them---that is all POT was ever about----same with the booze, same with the pills and needles----all for the losers.....

NORMAL POT smoked in a house----a common girl can stop by for the party---smell they are smoking pot in the house and she will LEAVE, but it was too late---just smelling the smoke second hand, can make her stoned to the point when she drives away, she can experience the feeling that she is driving 100+ miles per hour, but in reality she is only driving 10 miles per hour.

"IF" she was tricked into eating a POT BROWNIE or any food with pot in it-----an hour or 2 later she can be in serious troubles, as can any size young man------he/she can black out and wake up the next day, 50-100+ miles away and never known how they got there or what they did---for the rest of their life. They actually will be lucky to be alive.

REAL POT grows extremely easy and easily over 10 feet tall---it can even grow 20+ feet tall.

POT HEADS, they will cut off the male parts of the plants and only leave the female flowers-----with no males, these female flowers become extremely POTENT as they produce allot of chemical to attract a male plant. These pot heads want that sticky chemical to get extremely stoned on-----------

THEN, you have the "professionals" in their white coats---use Israel for 1 example: they boast they take common pot and make it 5,000% stronger and then feed it to their elderly in the old folks homes....

COMMON POT, cheapest weed on the planet, 1 plant can have a stock as thick as a ball bat and have 20# of pot from 1 plant----------once the pot heads are totally burned out, stoned, lost their human desire to live and only exist for the demons-----they get stoned every night and enjoy seeing giant spiders, demons, you name it as they black out each night of their life....

Just plain old common pot weeds that can grow all over south and north america as a wild weed-----back 40 years ago, the real demon seeking stoners made bathtub pot......liquid tea........demon fluid.
They make their pot in a bathtub into a liquid and called it TEA.

Their TEA, they injected the pot liquid into their arm----------these types, try to drive and they can not, not very long, their car can end up in some field or river, etc. and they do it, BECAUSE with that much POT in their blood stream, they all have 1 thing in common-----they see / experience DEMONS / DEVILS and these devils often come up out of the water or land and grab onto their car and they believe they are being sucked down into them, it is 100% real, in their stoned brain, they all believe they are going to hell and the devil has ahold of them. "IF" they survived their car wreck or their nightly desires to be with demons----they turn around and do it again...........KNOWN AS BURN OUTS, losers of the extreme kind.........

The serious dope, drugs, toxic pills of all types came from the California Colleges, these people are now old and their burned out kids are in politics, your judges, lawyers or the most well known case----the presidential puppet and it burned out kid.....hollow stoners that are so burned out they have no brain left---they are demon possessed many many years ago...if they ever had a soul, that was taken LONG AGO, many years ago as they wanted the dope, wanted to be stoned, so they could experience the demons... WHEN you ask for demons by way of getting drunk/stoned ---it is a guarantee the demons are making your body do it...the more drunk/stoned you are, the more thousands of demons have a place to "experience" earth. TODAY thanks to everyone having cameras and millions of security cameras---today, the entire world knows there are "things" haunting many places world wide---every town has a house no human can live in..........those types of "creatures/demons" have 1 message for humans: GET OUT....they want left alone......Then there is another type: They go home with any human they get near.

Those that seek the dope---the demons have a FREE BODY and today, all the stoners do not want COMMON POT, they want GMO POT that is hundreds or thousands x stronger that common pot and many of those freaks are owners of cities, gov. world wide...... they want all humans on pot---so the entire planet has no real humans left, just walking zombies as earth is prepped for the return of jesus their rock.

Earth is a pretty wild system.........survival of the fittest applies to all life forms, especially humans.


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