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Re: Bald Spots

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Published: 5 months ago
This is a reply to # 2,440,095

Re: Bald Spots

The roller idea is to "open" up the skin, surely would allow a little air as well. I watched a few videos and it seemed best to use the roller on bald spots and not over hair, which makes sense because the needles are very short and could also harm the hair by cutting.

I had to laugh a little bit when some videos suggest to use alcohol to sterilize the needles, it would seem impossible to keep such a device actually "sterile" as it would be impossible to sterilize the scalp in the first place. "IF" they used pure / clean grain alcohol on their scalp as a method to sterilize ---the odds are the alcohol was the "secret" because "pure" alcohol dissolves many type of oils---including skin oil.

The tenderizing of the skin using a needle roller surely would cause the scalp to REACT and grow new cells to replace harmed cells.

There a few cell stimulating herbs, such as Comfrey Rt and a few others in the same family that go by various names from different countries.......when making a "BURN" Salve, these herbs are avoided because the skin will heal over too quickly and not give the burned flesh below the skin time to heal and you want the sever burn to heal from the bottom up and not let the skin seal over the top.........

So perhaps these skin cell stimulating herbs may aid in hair growth---could be an idea.

EITHER WAY, the needle theory would suggest the idea that the scalp fat "pinches" off the hair, making it thinner and thinner until it can not exist..........and the loose scalp theory that the hair will grow FAT and HEAVY when the scalp is not "fat" and choking the hair.

A pastor I know, his 33 year old son, who is a school teacher, single, white and conservative---received his vaccination poison 23 days ago---I TRUELY BELIEVE vaccine history suggest that doctors/nurses "choose" individuals to "EXPERIMENT" on or just outright murder and have access to really bad vaccines based on how you look to them---if they want you dead, they simple pick the vaccine from a different box......this was suggested years ago with the HIV guys---doctors tricked them into thinking a vaccine would help them, when all it was was a method to lure them into be poisoned. Long story short, within 3 days the young man was paralyzed from his eyes down to his feet and can only move 1 eye.

The parents are forced to only see their son every other day and not permitted to stay over night with him. On day 21 the hospital said the case is hopeless and sending him to a different location, where he will no longer be tested, has zero diagnoses after 21 days of testing and the oldest M.D. told the parents the boy will be on a respirator for up to 6 months----( can not breathe on his own) and then 2 years rehabilitation--------prior to the shot, the young man had never been ill and quite active---but being a teacher, he was easily tricked by his principle boss that said GET YOUR SHOTS.

BOTH PARENTS within this 3 week period, now have snow white hair. This is not uncommon for EXTREME STRESS, to loose the color of your hair. I also noticed people that worked with aluminum powder ended up with snow white hair.

Surely a stressful life is hard on hair health, as are all forms of poisons.

WHAT I LIKE MOST is that I can use the most potent herbs there are for de-worming on the scalp-----and are not taking them by mouth. This surely enters the blood stream and starting with the head----should be used by the blood stream in the aid of removing parasites.

I BELIEVE skin parasites are very tough and nasty creatures that can move and hide and can not be killed by the blood stream, because they avoid the blood and hide in the fat, oils and clear fluids in the human for them, death by contact, using very strong essential oils, alcohol, etc.,

Pure clean ALCOHOL enters the skin very fast--it dissolves most anything it has contact with-------NEVER EVER buy or use rubbing alcohol for anything other than starting a fire with. IT IS TOXIC.

Real / clean alcohol also deadens nerves-----the animal show world is a nasty group of people that use endless types of drugs to "ENHANCE" their animals-----race horse owners were famous for using sort of dope as are were many professional human athletes---today the fake pro wrestlers are all explaining how they all used needles loaded with steroids of every type to create gigantic muscles---etc. -----------THE CATTLE and other livestock show people use pure Alcohol to inject into the show cow tail, so it the cow can not move their tell to swat the flies...........the pure alcohol deadens the nerves and the tale ways flat and not swatting the judge as he walks around the cow in the show arena....

REAL / CLEAN / PURE grain alcohol has many uses and those that make the news because they are past age 100----often explain they drink a little every day..........they use it to reduce their stress, etc. but it has many other benefits when used correctly, such as herbal tinctures and amazing how it is not only water soluble, it also dissolves some oils/fats.


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