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Re: Vegetables

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Published: 7 months ago
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Re: Vegetables

wife's uncle has been a truck driver for the past 40 years-----he drives from the east coast ports and spreads products all over the USA----many times his cargo was INSECTS, the gov orders INSECTS and spreads them around the USA.

For 20+ years this country was PLAGUED with a lab modified LADY BUG---only this lady bug is a MEAT / FRUIT EATER----she lives inside buildings over the winter months---SHE IS SMART, these fake lady bugs would fly by the endless millions after the soybeans were picked by the farmers. These bugs eat fruits and basically all produce until there is nothing left and if one lands on a human---THEY BITE, they will eat meat.

The truck driver says he remembers when he picked up full loads of these bugs and spread them around the USA to different locations.

WOOD BORING BUMBLE BEES are a super plague for the past 10 years-----these huge bees swarm by the hundreds around all buildings with any wood and bore deep holes to lay their eggs---they literally 100% destroy wood buildings over time---------they destroy wood fence post, they LOVE PINE WOOD because it is soft, but will eat most any wood on a house............

TRUE BUMBLE BEES? The last time I seen a TRUE BUBLE Bee has been 25 years ago. They live more alone and will attack you and sting you if you get too close to their nest, which is usually in rocks and the same with the much smaller bumble bees that live in the dirt and those little suckers will come out and sting you badly, it has been at least 25 years since I have seen these.

25 years ago the HORNETS were very bad where I live, they would literally chase you out of the woods if you got too close to their HUGE NEST in the trees..........the hornets and wasp were bad.........the wasp are more close to humans and like to make their nest on building structures, while hornets choose to stay further away from humans as a general rule--------------these stinging creatures have always been found in NATURE---but now with the past 10 years, I am not seeing wasp, nor hornets and ONLY WOOD BORING BUMBLE BEES by the swarms-----------these wood borers are have NO FEAR OF HUMANS....

NO FEAR of HUMANS is a sign a bug is not NATURAL............these wood boring bees swarm by the hundreds, they are HUGE and the natural bees have NO CHANCE and are surely chased off or killed by the lab created wood eating giant bees.


These 2 poisons use to work extremely well------NOT ANYMORE, the past 10 years if you use mouse poison, it isn like your feeding them as pets and if you waste your $$$ on bee / wasp spray---you can give the wood boring bees a BATH in the bug spray and it does not harm them.

YOU CAN NOT TRUST a single corporation---they all lie, they all deceive, they all "manage" the humans living on the top of the ground.

THESE WOOD BORING BUMBLE BEES seem to NEVER STING a HUMAN-----that alone, is a CLUE they are not NATURALand I bet there is a 99% chance they were LAB CREATED to serve in the huge GREEN HOUSES and millions of them escape into the public. THEY USE bumble bees in green houses.............they surely have man manipulated the bumble bees and now they are a plague. I have seen no one or any product that has been successful in exterminating them............people build traps, because wasp sprays no longer work----it seems like the corporations are PROTECTING there GMO mice and super bugs-----mice spread bubonic plague and various other diseases to humans...........

YOU CAN BET, the huge wood boring bumble bees that Tavel in swarms by the hundreds---kill, maybe eat all the other bees, such as the natural honey producing bees. We went 20 full years of being tormented by millions of biting GMO lady bugs and they have finally dwindled down to the point the past 2 years they are barley noticeable---WHO KNOWS, maybe they created their GMO bumble bees to eat their gmo lady bugs.........and truly, these bumble bees are the kings right now-----monsters in the insect world and they love to eat your wood buildings and any source of lumber such as wood fence post. They do not fear humans-----same as the meat / fruit eating lady bugs did not fear humans what so ever.....

PINE / EVER GREEN TREES have been under attack for 30+ years-----eating entire species of trees.................especially blue spruce and all man manipulated evergreen trees, but are now, eating common pine trees to death----------gov has spent millions trying to stop the beetles that eat evergreen trees to their death and never been successful....the beetles are here to stay and eat live trees; like termites eat dead trees.

VEGETABLES created my man----basically all vegetables are all freaks of nature and ALWAYS parasites eating them----because that is the true job of parasites---to eat / kill the defective that defies Nature's Laws.

YOU are not going to find your store purchased vegetables in any woods---living FREE, living as GOD created-----they do not exist, they are all GMO, all freaks of nature and all worm food....they for the most part require man made fertilizers, abnormal amounts of water and parasites waiting to kill them-----often vegetables and grains are loaded with parasite eggs.


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