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Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 5 months ago


Vegetables are not the best foods for humans, but surely the "easiest" by far to raise. Vegetables have saved allot of lives through the winter months; those that practice pioneer methods can gather food all winter long and with a cold seller / in the ground methods----people survived in new lands.


Apples are a more perfect food, as is all tree foods, such as fruits and nuts. APPLES were highly modified 100+ years ago and today, in my state, 98% of all apple orchards are long took a tremendous amount of insecticide to raise apples and with out all the chemicals---the bugs, wasp, months and beetles all love apples also. Those that tried organic apples or organic anything fruit wise, end up with a product people do not want to buy.

What killed the apple industry is government----the corporations are all owned by the same gov families who make thousands of laws to put farmers and businesses out of business, so they can buy up the farms or just run all family owned businesses out permanently and the apple farms are 98% gone in my state---due to gov regulations that make it impossible for farmers to hire strangers.

The corporations import slaves and control all major food farms today.

Even the Amish have given up raising apple orchards, just too much work, too much chemical, too little pay. WHEN they did, some came up with amazing buildings that would keep apples for a full year. with zero electric, zero refrigeration. Using the earth, water and proper building, they could keep eatables and back then---you had to, if you wanted to eat--------today the amish can walk, bike or ride to the local stores-----so why work so hard---let slaves in other conquered countries that live on bare dirt floors and thatched roof, no wall homes do all the work and ships pick up and deliver none stop around the world.........WHAT A WONDERFUL SYSTEM----unless you are the poor kid, living on dirt and doing all the work and you eat rice and fried rats.

summer of 2021

THE YEAR of the RETURN of GARDENS and CHICKENS, because people fear gov is destroying america and the world.


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