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Re: herbs and other stuff against heavy metals
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Published: 3 months ago
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Re: herbs and other stuff against heavy metals

NO, i would hope I had better things to do......

OK, so your suggesting eating fruits leads to your demise?

1. I have never ever met 1 vegan that was not a cheat, they eat eggs and just about everything but 100% vegan. YES, there may be a truthful one out in this world, but I have never met one.

2. I have never ever met a fruit-air-ian ever, I am sure they do not exist, because they will all cheat also.

THAT SAID----------by suggesting such videos from strangers is also suggesting the normal diet where the average human consumes 40 pounds every year of CORN SYRUP and endless chemicals and now most people are understanding for 30 years aborted babies have been added as flavorings so people would love the products more........

3.----it is this SIMPLE

The entire medical world, proved we are designed to live on SWEET TREE FRUITS that have proper color for each day of the year.........THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE, so those that say they destroy them selves on a mixed diet that only they know ----is a waste of time for anyone..........seeking to follow others and not NATURE will always lead away from true health.

IS THER A TRUE HEALTH PERSON LEFT? Medical believed 200 years ago they could not find one---but Dr. Hay proved they found a group in the 1920's that were and the men were living to age 250 and still in perfect condition according to the 11 year study---so a few did exist.

WATCHING people condem proper food is like ???? What.......why would anyone do such a thing...

1. IF you or anyone does not have their own land and their own fruit trees and living in a tropical climate such as South America, Thailand or some Island paradise----I am not going to waste my time --BECAUSE they are not eating Natural and they are eating a mixed mess of who knows what.

The secret to modern diet is:



Dr. Hay / Jackson Methods to restore using orange juice...

ACTUALLY what this forum has been all about for the past 15+ years........

THOSE THAT WORRY AND FRET are killing them selves none stop 24/7, it makes no difference what they say they are eating, they never stay with anything, they test their blood pressure 5x a day and go to their doctors and ask for drugs and operations because they are scared all the time...........they literally worry them selves to death-------EVERY TIME they will tell me how wonderful that and this diet was but they needed their chocolate bars and their blood pressure medications, etc.

In the past 20+ years and 30 years in the factory working with dying people---I have seen and heard it all so many times.......and with amish women eternally pregnant and having miscarriages none stop----we have seen it all.

LBB CAPSULES are worth their weight in GOLD when made correctly and used correctly and if your not seeing your Chiropractor monthly, then your an amazing healthy person, or just too poor to care.

I will never ever waste time with anyone that condems the diet God created for humans on earth------I will never know 1 person that followed that diet..

FACT PEOPLE--------has anyone ever listened EVER?

THE PERFECT DESIGN is to live on AIR and SUN--------this is why in 1949 the military started poisoning all our air and blocking our sun----TO KILL US ALL prematurely........they murder us all by military design.

WE and your TREES are made of AIR and SUN.............

WE HUMANS use sweet tree fruits not as food, but as cleansers........ WE are not created to eat foods for life, we eat, because we moved away from paradise and started eating animals and plants....................we there for are paying the price with all our WORMS and lack of sunshine and mold eats us alive.

NEVER WASTE your time on dying people's videos, their job is to take your time, waste your life and rob you daily-----they are the false teachers of death.

YOUR BRAIN KILLS YOU----------all those false teachers KILL YOU, your eyes and ears KILL YOU, when they are not on NATURE.

This is why children understand NATURE, while adults can not, their education prevents them.

SO for all us walking zombies eating anything that does not kill and eat us first------LOWER BOEWEL BALANCE CAPSULES and see our chiropractor monthly. Follow the HAY / JACKSON books best you can and make use of herbs, etc.

NO LBB or CHIROPRACTOR in a person's story? Then they are wasting space.

Not killing their worms????? Then they are worm food.

Some medial doctors suggest all that poop people expel, can be 50% worm poop.

I make the best LBB Capsules on planet earth, I have the best Oregano Oil on planet earth------I actually enjoy living and working every day, so for 30+ years I have been collecting things-------

I STOPPED READING BOOKS YEARS AGO-------once you understand, then all books become inferior to NATURE. I still read, but there has been nothing new in human health that was not only known by the year 1900.


My chiropractor told me--------------

I have taken this many ______ LBB for the past few years

I have done this many _____ orange juice fast with these herbs__________

THIS forum is the best info on the planet for 15+ years, but people have no interest,, the same as they had no interest in the Dr. Hay / Jackson books long ago...PEOPLE do not want to understand NATURE, they want to eat commercially, live commercially and die commercially.

HUMANS TODAY are LIVESTOCK and they know it and want their vaccines and their doctors.......humans love to be KEPT.

Humans eat murdered babies and they do not care-------as long as it taste good and gov gives them the $$$, they do it.

YOU are an exception, your seeking answers-----------been there and done that---JUST BEWARE the internet is the devils playground, 90% of all of it is dangerous, because it leads away from GOD.

If people live long enough and stay away form the booze and dope an want to live----they will figure it out.

Sadly, most people want to die and seek a socially acceptable method to kill them selves.......

NO ONE can help another, they have to want to live and they have to want to learn.

BASICS is where all have to start and most all skip the basics and end up in the E/R and on drugs at the end.

IN THE END--------people learn just how evil other humans can be. For millions of babies they learned how evil / demonic people wearing white coats are.......

Not a single human is safe in this world today----unless they walk with God through the valley of death that surrounds them.


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