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random remedies
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Published: 3 months ago
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random remedies

hello all I see this post had so many views wow 8 years later ! that was my old profile ! unbelievable thank gods for cure zone! anyway an update I still have all the same issue 8 years later! I guess I get distracted with life and enjoy margaritas all too much and kind of give my mind away so I never did stay on any consistent regimen, yes I do suffer but im shocked at how resilient humans are and how intelligent I was at such a young age! wow. thanks for all the support. everyone here is so awesome to share this strange human experience together !!

check out my latest posts if you want to see my esoteric version of it. anyway I will now dedicate some time soon to a long term regimen which can take months and years with persistence. but I have noted that I have found some other amazing remedies so far and here goes !

ARTHRITIS- if cause by parasites which mine was crippling !!!! liquid ivermectin and dmso rubbed into hands nightly for days until pain stops! will work in many other areas as well, note the dmso on sensitive areas like the neck. but slight discomfort.

MITES- I had and still slightly do suffer from the mites but not as much as before and discovered : animal safe martins permethrin!!!! for clothes and body but wash off shortly after spray everything with it but it does and can kill cats if its wet so another solution is this wonderful cedar oil spray for fleas ticks and MITES!!! its amazing and I cover my body and clothing with it and voila a miracle !

parasite CLEANSE!! - there are many but Hulda Clark in The Cure For All Diseases reccemonds Wormwood clove Black-Walnut tincture for MONTHS , I do like it but it can make you moody.


BUGS IN MOUTH- chewing small pieces of garlic . also good for cavities, teeth issues, along with clove oil.

VAGINAL ISSUES- pieced garlic inserted for many days, change to a clean piece very yummy can taste it in mouth! washing wish a soap for yeast / fungus even one safe for dogs which is. common thing.

FATIGUE- KRATOM white vein, don't do it too much can be addicting for some people. ALSO coffee enemas with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. wonderful !

ACNE- sulphuric soap and cream, salt facial scrub, colonics!


CYSTS- castor oil packs and lancing and draining if very large

CONSTIPATION- castor oil packs , frozen castor oil pills , bowel cleanser powders

EAR INFECTIONS- tiny piece of garlic smushed and strained in warmed olive oil in the ear ! wow! so soothing god knows those are painful!

BAD BREATH- swishing either 2 drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide regularly, coconut oil pulling, or even making a tooth paste with a drop of cinnamon and clove! yum!

TOOTH PAIN- clove oil


TOPICAL STAPH INFECTION- the only thing I found to work was.... the stuff from the doctor what's it called yes MUPROSCIN!

DEPRESSION- ketamine therapy from a liscenced doctor..... kratom..... prayer..... magic mushrooms? ...... colonics!!! and diet change and exercise.

SLEEP AID- liquid melatonin

LICE- olive oil

ERECTILE DISFUNCITON- low doses of Human Growth Hormone

ANXIETY- gaba, colonics! enemas at home... kratom?

Massages!! always get those with black seed oil and can add a little bit of liquid ivermectin, dmso and a nice smelling essential oil for soaking in and killing some parasites! id do an organic lavender or sandal wood! YOGA! STRETCHING ART LOVE CARE PETS BABY ANIMALS LOVING YOUR FAMILY! prayer in what ever way that you love.

hmmm..... god bless! add more as well! healthy healing! <3


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