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Re: Treatments

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

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Published: 6 months ago
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Re: Treatments


Dr Clark said it best, that when all stages of a parasite are controlled, for a time more than a life cycle, can a cure be effected.

Redworms that can burn tissue and skin, or the nitric acid producing capable worms, usually feed on blood, and range in size from a few tens of thousandths of an inch to 6 inches or more, and deposit or leave cellulose plastic in the tissues. Their actual color may vary from transparent, white, red, or other colors, and the stages of each worm may be completely different in med response. Unlike White worm Ascaris, no complete med to stage mapping has been completed for Redworms.

Attached is a link for some common worm stage to medication mappings.

Reds are more complex and varied. Several species actually have multiple reproduction loops with different intermediate stages, that can incorporate spiral worm stages.

Over the years several meds have become associated with Redworm infections. These can be conventional or unconventional species, or specialized like that of Barberpoles that respond to Monepantel.

Typical small species like strongyloides, and strongyloidea respond to Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, or Oxfendazole. Ivermectin known to effect the survival of conventional Redworm eggs, and Fenbendazole acts like a surfactant blocking worm gi food processing or binding tubulin receptors in more mature stages of redworms.

Organics include Thyme leaf generally effecting Redworm life force, Red pine needle oil effecting immune unbalance, Flax Seed oil, latex fluxes, or terpene's that effects microfilarial, egg, or immature stages.

GABA agents include Pyrantel and Levamisole which is a camphor flux powder. Levamisole may stop or accelerate a stage depending on species. In certain infections both Pyrantel and Levamisole must be used in tandem to prevent errant stage acceleration depending on the species. Levamisole attenuates MUC receptor malfunction, improving immune response. Levamisole acts as a multiplier of strength factor for many red worm medicines, even in small doses.

Albendazole acts as a multiplier of strength, or co-factor, with many antiparasitic meds. Use should be generally limited to controlled dose periods and coarse duration's, to prevent kidney injury. Albendazole is not generally used in many Redworm formulations.

Certain species respond to Moxidectin.

The only meds identified for microfilarials are oregano oil and flax seed oil.

This is not a very complete picture, since much more is known about flat worms and white worms.

Cyst or Granulomas may be red worm based, not fully understood, but often respond to mint, peppermint oil, castor oil.

There are also CAS Organic oils known in the 1920's, that seem to be showing recent development in the Pacific Rim area.

Formulas depend on species. Generally known that meds have stage and species knock down capability, well documented for each med.
Cures are generally not well documented.

Redworm cures seldom occur if either flat worm, or 2 walled white worm infections are present, these should be cured first prior to attempting a cure of red worms.

Normally for white worms, Complex nitrogen is removed using piperazine forms. White worms are impacted and self-regulating infections can be effected by increasing Zinc, which increases feedback to the zinc messaging enzyme messages, saying there are too many worms in the body, kill yourself. This is not a cure, only an example of using worm sensing as a treatment event.

For Red worms, activity can be reduced by increasing NO (nitric acid compound) molecule forms. Many Organic terpene molecules from organic oils contain nitric compounds that effect Redworms, and tend to limit replication by messaging the worm of over population.

Hyper Redworm infections act within an environment of over nitrogen stimulation, where the worms huddle close together, feeding on nitrogen based chemistry acceleration messages for mating. Pyrantel is generally used to calm these situations, and in certain species Flax seed oil for symbiotic microfilarial infections.

A practical approach is to control infections of flat, white, and red worms, is to first address flat and white worm infections, prior to attempting Redworm cures.

Simple infections, of say a flatworm with Strongyloides, can be accomplished by simply combining a flatworm cure formula, like Prazi, Albendazole, vitamin D3, and calcium, to periodic doses of Ivermectin and Fenbendazole, until the flatworm infection is cured.

Then increasing the frequency and dose of Ivermectin and Fenbendazole is used, and flatworm formula is tapered.

A crisis cure of sand, snow, or periods of intense itch indicate Strongyloides are ready to be cured. Pyrantel is dosed to control itch, until the strongyloides infection is cured. The duration would be a lifecycle, or two, a couple of months.

If an IV solution is sought for Strongyloides, Ivermectin can be dosed in a hospital situation on a compassionate care basis for Strongyloides. The requirements are a blood concentration under drip managed to provide a constant blood concentration equiv. of 200ucg/Kg (they use mmol) for something like 14 days. A Boston case was reported, and after failures a success was achieved. The expense must have been real.

So as this simple example, but combination approach shows, the process can be involved.

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