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Re: Parasites and pregnancy
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Published: 30 months ago
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Re: Parasites and pregnancy

Can a women who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant take PWA? Are there any herbs to avoid that could negatively impact pregnancy?

Naturally--------PREGNANCY questions are the most taboo...........that said, the internet is loaded with herbs not be taken for pregnancy and many of the greatest herbs in history---the internet says some of them will drop you over dead if your even thinking about taking them-----thus the internet is the devils playground, just enough truth to make the lies seem probably.

The women's book or the Dr. Mom book is where i would study from.........I happen to have a giant stock pile of signed Dr. Mom's books----I am 100% positive she never wrote the book---I say it is a safe guess that David Christopher wrote that book, at least the important parts. David Christopher and his Dad Dr. John, both are trustable sources in herbal history---------------1 fact you learn pretty quick---the anti-pregnancy herbs, no one takes them in the first place, why would they? There are a huge list of foods that make pregnancy women gassy and ill filling and even make baby sickly ---due to gas.

I suggest a young women seeking to raise a family as natural as she can, should read the dr. mom book or women's book.

P / W A

A standing for adults.......

P/W are the herbs that Dr. Hulda Clark made famous and the A are the herbs Dr. Christopher made famous some what...

THE ONLY REASON I ever made A is because the first amishman was just as greedy as any other greedy salesperson and he understood the amish parents may spend some $$ for the kids, but for the adults---the adults will take horse wormer, because if it is good enough for horse, it is good enough them. SO this fellow for 5 years mass advertised to his fellow amish as a KIDS DEWORMER---------while Dr. Kenneth Sutter believed P/W to be strong enough for all adults and he refused to ever try the adult version.

So 1 day, I made the first batch of P/W A and gave it to the amishman and 5 minutes later he said he quit the amish and is leaving the state............ACTUALLY that fellow was under servitude to his parents till age 30-----the only reason he got into selling the P/W was to earn enough $$$ to buy his freedom from his parents--------so when he had X amount of $$$ saved up, paid his parents off and like his brothers---HE SPLIT and we have never seen him again.

That said, step by step P/W A sold its self-------but after 5 years, you can barely find any amish that will buy P/W---they all give P/W A to the kids and as for women? They are eternally pregnant they too never seem to care about herbs being any issue.

I make an animal de-wormer and make it out of 50% cayenne oil, for 1 reason---to stop the amish from feeding it to there kids. They even try sticking it pure down puppies throats--even though the instructions say 1 dropper for 100 gallons of drinking water. At 1 dropper per 100 gallons of water--that still taste like hot tamale water, too strong for humans.

Some herbs can enhance contractions----that makes them pregnancy herbs, last think you want is to have contractions.

LBB has a very stimulating herb---cascara sagrada, you would think that would be pregnancy, but just the opposite, it is the best capsule possible during pregnancy and a God send that last couple of weeks before delivery.

The amish kids are proof the herbs are just like Dr. Christopher said---herbal foods, but to be safe, women should de-worm prior to pregnancy. THE IDEA is this---if the developing baby is loaded with parasites and mom takes herbs that helps the blood kill parasites----the the baby has to deal with the dead worms.........

My advice is to read the Dr. Mom book and other natural pregnancy books. Read the Dr. Christopher childhood disease book-------the males hate the first 15 pages of that book...

Amish like the P/W A by the barrels and after 20+ years, have yet to have a negative comment from them. BUT they grow up tough, believe and trust in herbs, do not are tough-----for none amish:

True Wild Oregano Oil
Olive Leaf Powder

these 2 herbs are powerful, life saving and as safe as any herbs or foods can be safe.......just use properly as same with all foods, drinks and all the stuff we come in contact with...

TRUTH be known--- mother to be was poisoned with every breath of air she has ever taken since she was born---not by nature, but by those that want her poisoned and he children poisoned.......moms need to educate them selves over their lifetime----life is a battle, only the strong thrive the best they can, the rest suffer from too many accumulated posions.

We live in a world that believes: NOT MY FAULT baby is all messed up or did not make it..............NO, there is a REASON for EVERYTHING.


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