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Real life for some woman--

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Published: 85 days ago

Real life for some woman--

You may think this letter would be extremely "RARE" and depending on where on earth you live---it may be, but in some countries, this is very common.....just depends on the race and the religion...This is a 4 page letter, and a bit hard to read, so I will type it in parts---------

This is a person we do not know / a stranger---but completely have allot of experience with her situation and the precise area she is from and how dangerous a situation she truly is in--because in her area, women in her situation are replaced quickly & permanently by the church and forgotten about even quicker.... ENGLISH is not her primary language ---

page 1;

Dear friends;

Greetings of Love and Peace being sent your way. Is Tue P.M. at 2:00 & sure a nice day!

Well the reason of my waiting is that we need some help of some kind. We read your book ( note, what she is calling our book was part of a newsletter sent out 10+ years ago) & sounds as though you already helped alot of people & also people by just writing you their ailments.

So like here are mine: Our 8th child was home birthed like the other 7 children & like the 5th or 6th day I got a very hard & heavy headache we thought well it prob came from beings my bed was in front of South window & sun shining on me reading books. It finally did let after but we tried lots of home remedies. A year & 1/2 later when I was again pregnant with our 9th child, the 6th month i had again head pain like that time except it lasted the whole month till 1st of the 7th month. i went into labor & we called the midwife & she said she can't help us as the baby will need oxygen

Page 2

once is born. So we went for hosp. A stillborn son was born to us that was just 1# 3 oz, 10 inch long & the dr. said it died of high blood pressure & that was the 1st that we knew what was causing my head aches. Then a year & 1/2 of that stillborn we had another stillborn again 3# 5 oz. That dr. again said its because of high blood pressure. So now I'am on 2 kinds of blood-pressure drugs, not every day anymore. Dr. said I may back off if it goes down, but still at times it likes yo climb again. The last baby I carried 7 1/2 months was at the hosp. of shy of 7 months as was so hard they had a hard time on getting it down though. Somewhat again but at 7 1/2 months went again and got check up and baby's size and weekly testing and baby still died. So now I am again in the family way and little over 2 months & would like to know what you recommend ? As I don't want to lose it again. Last summer I did not feel good all summer.

Page 3

Page 4

coming soon.

Women in her situation by the thousands in AMERICA are living this exact identical nightmare...........this 4 page letter details the situation very well.....and is just 1 example of the MANY DIFFERENT reasons this group of women and their babies suffer premature death----but amazingly, the church/males "all" approv. and supply young girls to be kept bred. Many books have been written about such nightmares---girls that literally ran away from their church and now make up many thousands of escapees....these girls and some young men has "written" tell all books, but the oldest groups, such as this lady is from---they never get to a town or would even have $$ to buy such a book... such a book would be so TABOO and deserving of a whipping or even death, because the church rules with an iron fist greater than most people could imagine--unless your from a country where all women are treated like livestock.

The oldest order "rarely" ever run away---they are too fearful and would have a horrible time ever adapting to the outside world. The common rule is to "break" every child by age 2, so that child will obey for life.

With 1 example letter---a tell all book from an outsider's view is possible, but the way the "organized' world is today and how many religions do the same to millions of women and children-------such a truth book would never make it......the world literally hates truth, out of fear some woman may escape the religion. Historically, most religions were created to strike fear in women and children in an effort to control and kill those that refuse to be controlled. these religions are easily recognized---the women are eternally pregnant and replaced when they no longer can be pregnant....even more sad is this fact: home health nurses "often" supply these religions with "DRUGS" that easily cause death on an over dose........and these women, when they have suffered from breast cancers, surgeries, etc. and on medical drugs---the husbands give them a triple dosage and next evening the church sends over a 13 year old girl to help take care of the children, because mother died in her sleep. The girl is pregnant a week later and the cycle repeats as the church smiles...and the men all say amen brother.

You would be amazed how many still born babies are buried in the gardens in the modern day USA.. and with millions coming from third world countries, the woman and baby abuse will surely grow rapidly........THE USA, use to be the "safe" place---other than the religions that always home school and stop at 8th grade education and never step into a city or near a cop. Otherwise, modern women in the USA, have had a place to go to----unless she was from the largest religion on earth--that religion amazingly, to this very day, condemns a woman "if" she dares try to leave her husband and if she does---the legal system treats the husband as tough he was never married....he is protected and she is seen as trash. This largest religion on earth--the woman will not tell the children she is pregnant, until the baby has been born.

The religion of this letter--often, with the oldest mothers, they will look at the daughters baby and determine if it is good enough to be kept. WHY? Because they are so terribly inbred that are so many birth defects.......approx. 100+ years ago,the gov went into such areas and found barns that had over 100 children running around and all had 1 daddy---the daughters all pregnant from their dad and mom knew nothing different...all n the family.

"ORGANIZED" groups as general rule through out history, never worked out well for women........BUT, a true woman, should be the MOTHER, the family physician and teacher and her husband the provider and protector of the family farm.

The USA is rapidly decaying over the past 75 years as abuse returns and some religions never escaped from the abuse...


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