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Re: vaccines verses "true" wild oregano oil

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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: vaccines verses "true" wild oregano oil

Dr. John R. Christopher and David Christopher made it their job to follow vaccine history world wide---keeping in mind...Dr. John was a world war 1 herbal doctor, the only one and he seen first hand, the surviving soldiers being vaccinated with germ warfare that killed 200 million civilians according to cdc/USA presidents---So Dr. John raised David to have extreme interest in vaccination death. David has news paper clipping from around the world that he has collected through out his lifetime and teaches about vaccine damage.

BUT, the greatest vaccine history is inside the 1950 bacteriologist book and not only does it blow the lid off of vaccine history--that book, documents the first time the navy sprayed the state of Texas with what we call today---chem trail (germ/chemical warfare) that they have done daily since 1949.

David was asked in the master herbalist class by a lady from france ----is a person protected with they take a big dosage of Lobelia Tincture prior to the vaccine? David's opinion was NO-----he said once the needle goes in, the damage is done and none repairable.....and today's vaccines are openly exposed as gene altering and nano tech created to harm humans on a scale that makes people believe it is "aliens" from other worlds that are behind it all. AFTER ALL, if your commanding a space ship, so fast, so gigantic that you could exterminate all of the militias on earth in your spare time---------you probably have the idea that earth is your's to farm and harvest those tasty humans.

David studied vaccines his entire lifetime and believed he had heard and seen it all---believed the doctors had killed hundreds of millions of africans as just 1 example and they have been killing people world wide since 1949 by spraying us all with aluminum, titanium dioxides and endless germs and chemicals........I know for a fact, they use to daily choose cities to experiment on---they spray them until X amount enters the E/R with breathing issues.

Surely the average person on the average diet with the average health---will experience the average result of the vaccines......exactly as the M.D. scientist designed it to work......and if you live past age 40, they see you as a problem.

A person that follows the HAY WAY and does a 14-40 day proper orange juice fasting prior to that needle sinking deep into your arm-------that person will instantly be at war---so fast, that the war starts before the needle can be retrieved.....


To say this:

Say your last needle about put you into shock, your skin turned white and you about/did pass out and then you experienced breathing problems------or say you instantly started throwing up after the needle entered your skin.

It is easy to have a SEVER reaction to all needles---just your nerves alone can cause this and the real deal is that your blood goes into shock as it is being invaded by the poisons.........

THE M.D. / Nurse Quacks are not suppose to vaccinate you if you tell them this---BECAUSE you could pass out or die the moment they jab you and they do not want that kind of problems...IF you die 12 hours later, they blame your death on anything but your shots. You die in their chair, they get miffed off at you.....

GENE altering / nano shots are in the category of a horror flick-----your screwed -0

In my opinion---the orange juice fasting with ample Max Restore Adult along with 8 LBB every day and your armored up and ready for battle.....let the war begin.

BUT biblical advice says------GO THE OTHER away from the enemies........

Your mothers today are horrified...................between the drugs/posions, bad food, bad drink and 100 million non residents and 500 more million possible within 4 years--- wondering around the country --making every kid a target......the young mothers and fathers today ARE IN just 1 year, their world was turned upside down and their little girls are easy victims of this world.......

100 years ago they murdered the strong men---so they could do this in 2020..............the only military on earth that think 100 years in advance, are the chinese/japanese and they today own all the politicians/teachers/colleges.

SO running is the best option........move far away, do not use a post office box, do not stick your hands out for anything from a government---free is a trap.


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