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Distilled Water

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Published: 5 months ago

Distilled Water

The fastest way to know if a book/author is worthless, is when they write that distilled water is bad for human health.

How can people BE THAT IGNORANT? Or are they just lying or spreading lies? Students spread lies they learned from their teachers----when they have no self-experience and just accept the brain washing of schools.


Medical has promoted distilled water since 1850.

CLEAN WATER makes sense.

Why lie? Because if you learn about clean water, then you question all the toxic city water and it is just about that simple---why "they" lie.

"IF" you never ate food, distilled clean water could not hurt you---if you do eat food or breath air---you are intaking the fools that say you will die if you drink mineral free water---never make sense and their entire book will be a fraud, because if you can not understand clean water, you got zero business writing books or teaching about human health.

The Boys---------

The boys were raised on distilled water.

The boys are not super athletes, in fact, they only stick out as athletes BECAUSE EVERYONE AROUND THEM ARE SICKLY and they do not know it.......

So by age 12-13 they end up being stronger than most all of the seniors and then the coaches and most all coaches are "corrupt" in that they make it so their buddies "kids" get the scholarships and as a result, they try their best to destroy the strong kids, so their friend's sickly kids appear to be the best on the team---known as school politics--happens in every school, anywhere there are teachers and $$$...the kids that knew many years in advance they would have to go to their parents college and be a member of an organization---all know, they will be chosen.........not what you know, but always who you know.

the youngest: age 16 still

stronger than his football team and the coaches last year........same as it was with his older brother at age 16

Periodically the coaches makes the football players document their weight lifting progress. yesterday:

405 Squat

260 Bench

So in the high schools they ad those 2 together and call it the 600# club. If the numbers ad 700+ they call it the 700+ club. His brother was in the 700# club his senior year and believed he would be in the 800# club if he had continued lifting after football season ended---but since the state refused to allow him to play the last 1/2 of the season, he stopped lifting at the end of season.

The 16 year old will easily be in the 700# club his Junior season-----a little stronger than his older brother at the same age...

His older brother, the one pictures on the 502 page book-----his games were the only football games that the ambulances seem to have "business"...he could easily break collar bones during the tackle. MANY KIDS have no business playing football----their parents push them and coaches by 7th grade tell the kids you either have to grow thicker bones or this is too dangerous for you to be high school the coaches try to convince the parents to try a different sport...HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL the kids are trained to stop the kid opposite of you..........

At age 16, 6'3" 200 pounds, he could walk into any college football locker and not look too out of place----his body this winter is "changing" into "adult" looking.

Your freshman year of high school football, YOU DO NOT want to find your self "opposite" of seniors that are in the 800# club--------that is just FOOLISH........last year, the 16 year old would pick up, knock over kids and whisper at them---stay down until the play is over. That is all you can do to try to avoid hurting them...........

KIDS growing up drinking dirty chemical city water or ground well water, etc. are going to have clogged kidneys, which equals poor bone health.......

WHILE KIDS that grow up with the "miracle" nutrient known as NATURAL IODINE / POTASSIUM------will have superior bones, health and far less salt.

PEOPLE world wide, on average LACK natural real/true IODINE / POTASSIUM and they will be loaded with SALT and pre cancerous if they do nit change their diets.....

Can you buy a commercial made product of real iodine / potassium? I seriously doubt it... that is why if your product does not say---HOME MADE, then that is clue 1.

Few people today even try to understand the Iodine / Potassium Balance---salt problem.

Few can understand the Calcium / Magnesium Balance......

Those that do not understand the "basics" are the ones that the bones break easier and poor bone health is going to hurt really bad when you attempt to lift 400 pounds........your muscles may look and feel like you can lift 400 pounds---but your bones may not have the =foundation and with out the foundation---you only hurt your self.


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