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Re: Herbal formulas
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Published: 8 months ago
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Re: Herbal formulas

Golden Seal Rt. Powder

As you know, Golden Seal rt has been rising in price for the past 20+ years----it can cost over $100 a pound from some sources. When we make a batch of LBB Capsules, more than a few times----Golden Seal Rt. is getting so rare, that we take "all" that is available. This has always made me believe the "commercial" people that make over 600+ brand names (mostly all long dead herbalist doctors) never use the proper amounts of goldenseal powder rt. powder; for the fact they seek to make maximum profits.

The mega manufacture out in Utah sales all of the name brand herbal products using all the old author's name brands from long ago---they mass manufacture and do it all and give a tiny % to the owners of the brand name; but most likely purchased those brand names years ago and today they own the commercial products that all come from the same machines, using the cheapest produced herbs from India / Turkey on this planet---the opposite what Dr. John R. Christopher did 70+ years ago when he would only buy american raised herbs......not only did the Dr. Christopher company sell many times after his death, it dissolved 10+ years ago and became nothing but a commercial mass produced name, as did all the famous names of the last century....BECAUSE they are all commercial / mass produced, they pay the other countries, so they can ship to the other european / queen/pope owned roman empire countries---so they can ship to canada/Australia/europe, etc. THE socialist COUNTRIES that stopped the importing of all beneficial herbs over 50 years ago------which proves those mass produced brand names are doing 1 thing:

Making capsules that are mostly just sand/magnesium fillers and always just DUPE the public into buying commercial trash.

the LBB formula originated from the most famous fasting expert from Germany who made the mistake of coming to AMERICA, but luckily crossed paths with Dr. Christopher and gave him the formula before he was killed..............

Dr. Christopher added many additional herbs to the formula to make it so all humans could take it---using milder herbs to make it so people did not "feel" the herbs working. As far as i am aware of---that formula is the oldest and most successful formula in history. It goes by endless names and varied formulas. After Dr. Christopher died, they changed herbs to make it CHEAPER and others added harsh herbs to make it produce large bowel movements, etc.

Herbal Powders have their place in human health for sure----when using herbal powders, the person needs a proper stomach and digestion organs that function correctly----herbal powders require digestion like all foods do----a person with poor organs, make very little use from all their foods they put in their mouth. The key herb in the LBB formula is a stimulant herb that makes the intestines "move" and that movement exercises the muscles. Dr. Christopher said it is like taking your intestines to the gym and working out. That herb must be dried for 4 years before it is sold for use--it is the only herb I know of that is like that.

The state of Utah constantly hassled Dr. Christopher many years ago--always trying to put him in jail---they always tried to financially try to break him..... what they commonly done was force them to change his labels. He was not permitted to use any body organ in the name, so he eventually used letters or just an herb name. NO MATTER how simple he made his labels so people would not understand what the product was for---the state would wait for him to make a NEW BATCH of capsules and then enter and say that label is ILLEGAL and force him to throw all the product away and start again with a new label----Utah hassled Dr. Christopher his entire adult life after he started selling herbs---YET, it was his state, his religion that ended up being the ones that mass produce all the garbage herbal products that are exported all over earth.....


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