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Orange Juice Fasting

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 6 months ago

Orange Juice Fasting

Orange Juice Fasting is the medical miracle before you were born----------Dr. Hay had a 99% success rate if you believe his book. The American hardback medical books of that time period all back up his claims.......he and Dr. Jackson are the recorded medical doctors that cured all with orange juice.

I say using a simple herb formula, makes it 10x better and 10x easier than harvard/yale/rockefeller ever knew.......they all agreed the hay way was the cure for all.

The medical colleges have limited wisdom, they are about death and $$ always and that blocks them from having any common sense they never advanced thge hay way, they destroyed the hay way and the day he died, they destroyed his clinic and the libraries burned the books...colleges/gov schools have 'always" been that evil-----always. They fear normal good people ever learning. To learn eliminates they use their powers to kill/harm their own people that dare teach the public longevity. For 120 years it has been depopulation of all unwanted races, the poor and most of all, the disobedient for 120 years you have been living in a toxic environment by their design---they spray you like unwanted bugs in their garden--they believe they own earth, it is their garden and you are nothing but a pest....they want your children killed before they take their first breath, they want you poisoned so you die by age 40---if you do not wake up to your own history---you are brain washed beyond waking up. If it is organized and obeys 1 master---it is poisoning you by design----your air, your water, your food, your house---your zapped 24/7 your entire life with frequencies...your world is a very toxic place....."they" can not stand it when you live past age 40, not acceptable to "them". So they poison the entire planet---because they are "mad" hatters out of control with demon possession that drives to harm the entire planet--they thrive on torture and death to all...

The colleges 100 years ago were all about taking over the planet-----controlling human diet, human habitat and all schools....via education they can defeat any country, any group of people. They teach the opposite of Nature--in fact, they teach slow death. Children that are still born, defective, sterile, full of rotting teeth by age 6, not knowing if they are boys or girls, etc. is their love---they only exist to torment and kill. They have killed hundreds and hundreds of millions in the past 120 years---not by accident, but by design......depopulation is the only thing their masters reward them for. They use drugs/poisons of every kind to destroy entire races/countries....

LUCKILY your brain is the greatest resource you have----your brain can self-protect the body. Your brain is an amazing tool-----a toll "they" know how to manipulate and control---so they want you under control after your born, checked on my their nurses constantly and fed their gov foods and in day care and pre-schools as fast as they can.....anything other than to allow you to raise your own children---they prefer you be divorced and under local law....period. If your not controlled, they consider you out of their control.

THEY want you on gov water---they take control of all the cities and then start running their chemical water 50 miles in all directions---the UN 25 years ago, said they will shut down all private owned water wells in America---they pull the pipes and fill with clay.....they highly desire you to grow up on their chemical water--water they ad as many as 600+ chemicals.....none of which are good for you.

Water from the ground is not much better---all well water today has every non natural chemical man has ever developed--in fact, the white coats are the last great plague on this planet --their poisons are in everything.....water today can have 60,000 various chemical combinations, everything from farm and factory chemicals, to jet fuel and loaded with contraceptive chemicals...anything sprayed in the air or flushed down a toilet---is all in the water you drink---if you do nothing about it. YOU can steam distill your water and remove 99.9% of it...

They have you so brain washed that you can not understand that "water" is one of the main sources you die prematurely.......if not the number 1 reason you die....and the chemicals they put in your air your entire lifetime is tied for first place---they control your air and water...................then you have commercial food---wow, what a mess and via brain washing, you are clueless what wrong foods do to you and your children to be.

IN FACT, we all were raised like cows---treated just as poorly and we are just as dumb every time we stick our hands out for anything free and just like sheep, cows follows the follow your friends and neighbors and what you see on tv/schools---your teachers are the plague you never seen coming..

Starts with your body expelling their chemicals-----not just the stuff from nature, but "their" germ and chemical warfare have an entire lifetime accumulation------they do it to you to make you "dumb" literally---------dumbed down toxic from birth.

Your momma ever take birth control drugs? Those drugs kill the day old baby--------that is what evil does; it "lures" you in and death is what "they" thrive on.....via birth control drugs they changed the human world. Via abortion murders, they gained evil powers ---killing babies is how they are easily recognized---they thrive on death, they have power via 'evil".....many of them believe if they eat children's hearts they will be given more powers....they cut the heart out and bite into it before the child falls to the ground....that is what they do---death is their existence.

Good People walk away, leaving the bad to rule---happens every time on earth. Good people believe and trust in God and will not kill another human by desire, while bad people live to poison and kill other people. The bad always takes over the planet--every earth cycle..period. The Biblical Monks wrote of earth history, earth cycles--human existence and what it takes to take countries and how to keep it --it is a world of death; commonly called the Bible. The bible is a highly manipulated gov book, first church/gov created it to control people, create schools/control. If you remove all the garbage they added to earth history, the bible is the best history book ever written--because gov does not want true history books to ever be written. just like obama after 8 years--is rewriting his history to be the opposite--they believe they have that power, that if they create a book of lies, it will be taught to the brain washed and they will believe. We are in a time of history where evil is considered truth and real truth seen as wrong....ever city owned and operated by such evil people today..they are known as the "masons"--their code is to lie to the public 100% of the time---what they say you did, is actually what they did, are doing to the public.....

The Bible makes it very very clear-----evil demonic possessed humans are identified because they lie and they harm/kill children... these people today control all the colleges, produces the politicians....they print the fake $$$ and starve the poor world wide.

FREEDOM starts when you say NO MORE and you choose to learn old MEDICAL CURES from the long dead medical authors---------these authors are known as OCCULT authors, in that they wrote books for future generations... The occult author had zero to sale-----they instructed Nature, for FREE to ALL.

Their books "find" they are considered "spiritual" books.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT---your life was created for you to experience / might even consider yourself an "actor" playing your will do what you were designed to do---like that or not, that is what life experience.

To be FREE, you first start expelling the posions--------the two the airforce sprays you with daily are aluminum and titanium dioxide and you surely have 60,000+ other bad chemicals inside you-----DO NOT WORRY, your brain/blood can handle it all-----and luckily for you-----you are "rewarded" when you choose life over death. You heal quicker than it took for you to become ill.

YOUR BODY is very much like a sponge----you are not designed to exist in a toxic world.....ONLY MAN makes none natural poisons that your not designed to deal with.

The best M.D. exposed that there are males ion this planet that do not age--why? Because they are not loaded with chemicals......they do not obey cities, they obey nature.

NATURE never has you working-----NATURE has you loving your VERY VERY VERY LARGE FAMILY..............evil can not stand that, evil destroyed your family starting 120 years ago-----all of organized gov demands you have no true family other than gov, that you must obey or be starved.

WHY are poisons, poison? BECAUSE they interfere with your circulation---which reduces your ability to control the body God created for you and that then allows other spirits to try to take your body from YOU and these spirits can number into the thousands...YOU CALL THESE SPIRITS ---DEMONS, because they are thieves that will torment and kill you.

IT IS THEREFOR ESSENTIAL that you clan these chemicals out of your body and expel these demons of death...

The gov puts road blocks to stop you----from birth up they desire to control you, so you are never FREE. Every teacher that you were forced to listen to---has that job.

THE SADDEST FACT in human history is the fact that the brain washed believe they are the GOOD PEOPLE and you are the bad people---thus--the mason way.

Yes, you are living in a zombi world and many of those zombies are fact, they all are, because their love is $$$ and those they love most, enables them to have that $$$$. They are "organized".......aka zombies---or Possessed humans.

YOU are walking through a valley of death---a valley of zombies---that is the major education all bibles teach.

You are either a zombi or a witness...that is your 2 choices on earth.

Their air born chemicals by design that they spray you daily with---are designed to destroy your thyroid health..........they are killing you via poisoning your thyroid.

YOU are not aware, because like the cow, the sheep, your just being farmed......................those that drink booze, pop pills, do drugs to get stoned----your already a zombi.....and that is why the dems demand Americans have freedom of all dope/drugs/poisons and thousands are killed every day by chinese dope and the cities scoop up their bodies by the thousands... YOU ARE NOW IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH---deep in, to survive, you reject the zombies and seek NATURE.

You can not hide like they do in underground cities---your better off to look to the skies and know you have no fear of death---only zombies fear death. Zombies hide beneath your feet--what the ancient bible monks called devils. These devils work under ground.

You can use other fruit juices besides Orange Juice, but american medical, chose Florida Oranges for a reason---"IF" they know that you "know"---they would poison every orange tree in Florida today.....they are in fact that evil of zombies---they will destroy anything that helps you live.

the HAY WAY done yearly is no big deal---------it allows your body a rest.

This simple process teaches you FREEDOM.....................

You will not fear to the point not having food will not make you fearful.

YOUR BRAIN does what it believes. It believes you must eat---you must. YOUR BRAIN KILLS YOU and that is why false teachers are so bad for your longevity.

"IF" your brain is set FREE---you will understand all your childhood teachers are false and your true teacher is NATURE and NATURE is 100% true science that can be repeated endlessly and have the same results.

pH is the only test equipment you need if you desire to prove Nature to your self...pH paper tells all.

Medical sees pH as the opposite---WHY? Because they were trained the mason way---opposites.

ACID is killing you---so what do they do? They put acids in your foods. The BIBLE MONKS wrote that 'they" the zombie devils will poison your bread...........YUP, we are here, today, your bread is loaded with 2 acids............

WE are living in a time when the zombies rule this planet with "death".....death is all they know and seek.

Remember the name ---ELIJAH

Learn the basics of human juice does not cure you---you cure you--------Your Life is in your Blood.
STOP poisoning your blood, stop being their sheep/cows and step over their fence ands run away---BE FREE


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