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Help weird things happening.
Tkroyroy85 Views: 1,190
Published: 3 years ago

Help weird things happening.

Hello everyone. I'm new here desperately need some help. This all started about 2 months ago. I was flossing my teeth and I noticed a cut by my lower right wisdom tooth on my gumm. Didn't say nothing of it at first. But about a week goes by and I noticed that it's still yellow like kind of white looking where it kind of overlaps my tooth cuz it covers half of it. So I thought you know maybe there was a piece of food up underneath the gum and the tooth that was irritating it so I got my floss out with the little pic and began to see if there was anything back there. Well as I'm picking underneath the gum in between the tooth I noticed that when I was pulling the pick back out from underneath that kind of look like there was something underneath there that wasn't a piece of food. So when I go back there again I accidentally scraped my gum and cut it open somewhere else but the weird thing was is it didn't even hurt I didn't even feel it when I touched I didn't even know I cut my gum until it started bleeding. and so as I'm like picking back air I noticed that whatever it was it kind of didn't want me to get it and then it like kind of latched onto my gum that was cut and kind of like healed itself real quickly it was really weird. there's also another part but I don't know if this happened before or after this situation but one day around the same time close to if not before or after like I said. I was up at my bed I was about ready to for bed you know I was eating a snack or something and finishing up an episode on tv. And I go to cough and I you know felt something stuck in my throat I just thought it was a piece of food cuz I had just was eating a snack. So I cough again or like kind of like you know make myself get it out and then what I cough up it's probably about it inch and a quarter of what seemed to be the body of a moth without the wings just the body. and it seems like ever since that happened and it's all started happening. so there for like a month straight every time I would eat I would puke couldn't keep nothing down it wouldn't be much puke just you know enough to you know and I noticed how strange it was looking like it looked like bugs like a bunch of bugs like bigger bugs you know but I know how stuff kind of in your stomach it swells up if you puke back out. And it is no matter what I ate no matter what color it was it was always the same shaped puke it looked like bugs real slimy kind of like him groups of you know bother you know this blobs of stuff by itself. And I also when I used to go to the restroom and do a number two I noticed that you know my poop would kind of look the same as my puke did same shape stuff as my puke was but I could never find nothing definitive and still can't find nothing ever definitive. I've lost a bunch of weight especially below the waist like I have literally no ass at all LOL it's gone I noticed my legs my lower legs if I kind of like hold it up in the air like I'm lifting my legs off the ground while I'm laying down they get real real droopy like they just droop so bad and they've never been like that. My nose while my nasal passage on the right side is completely destroyed that thing in my mouth above or am I gum is still there. And I noticed when I blow my nose like it looks like to be little uniformed type things and like if I look at it and kind of like play with it it kind of like releases like a little tiny thin white hair looking thing and if I keep it it'll keep releasing them like I'm playing with it or something when I'm playing with it I mean. I don't know what's going on here lately when I do do a number two again it's so hard to use the bathroom it hurts so bad and the turd is so hard like it's like a piece of clay almost. I know it's kind of gross but I've picked through my poop just to see if there's anything in there and I found some stuff but you know I just can't find that definitive thing that I need I don't know him. Also there for a while there was like this green slime that would encase my poop it was almost like flubber you know what that is you know I actually got a picture of that too and hope you guys won't be grossed out when you see it but you know I kind of need help here and kind of would like to know what's going on or if anybody's had something like this happen or went on . And like my snot when I blow my nose again it's so thick and so like it's like glue when it dries like when you put glue on your hands and rub it and you peel it off that's like how my spit is it's all foamy and like seafoamy type looking it's clear it's always clear. But when I hack up a loogie or some phlegm it's like very light brown always the same shape like little circles like there's something in it like their eggs or something I'll post a picture here actually I might have something. I noticed that I feel stuff crawling you know underneath my skin and like when it does start doing that like I'll get some kind of cold chill type deal like you get this Goosebumps but it'll only be in that one spot where the stuff's happening at period and then I noticed my veins get real super thin when that's going on and it seems like whatever it is is active like my veins will just shrink to nothing like thin string and then after it's done it'll you know they'll go back to normal size and then I noticed like you know bunch of like purple lines all through my legs and stuff where when the stuff starts you know going haywire I guess whatever you want to call it. And I don't know what's going on and I probably should go to the doctor but I already went to the hospital once and they kind of looked at me like I was crazy and put me in like the crazy room part of the hospital you know where I knew like this ain't the normal spot where they it was in the ER but it was still in like a different room where I've I looked around and I could tell like this by some of the stuff they had in there. So no I should go to the doctor but then again I don't because of the crazy factor of how people are going to think of you period and not do the proper testing that you want to get done. everything seems to be getting worse each day. My knees to my hips are are boney. I feel as if sometimes if they are stable enough to walk or are they going to buckle. I feel stuff moving around all the time. My groin area always tingles well maybe 2 3 times a week but non stop on those days. Also, I get these pimple like sores. They look like pimples. But they won't pop or nothing ever comes out. And when I try to actually squeeze its like something is in there but doesn't want to come out. The sore actually starts closing up the harder I try until it closed. It's very strange.. please help and any ? Feel free to ask. Thank you in advance FYI. It won't let me upload pics for some reason. But I'll keep trying or just ask me I'll email or put in thread. Also, seem like my dog all of the sudden got boney as well. And skin is saggy like my stomach.

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