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Published: 3 years ago
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Sweat out the toxins!

I know this is an Old post, but for others reference who may stumble here. This is what I know, My first fast ever, I went all out and did 25 days on distilled water. I got mild acid reflux and major burping pretty much from day 3 on and it progressively got worse. At day 18 it was almost Unbearable for me. I turned to Curezone for answers in an earlier post made to this thread 3 years ago. White Shark told me to change my water. I was initially against this because my research had told me that minerals in the water would kick start my Digestive system back into function again. Most information seems to point toward Distilled water being the best for a fast because of it's ability to pull toxins out of the cells, although this works both ways and it will also pull minerals out.
Distilled water has a PH of 6.9 or 7, that is slightly acidic, many people on here concerned about Acid reflux not being evacuated via the digestive tract, if you're fasting correctly according to this method. your digestive system should not be functioning. I have tested this claim out for myself, as I have been on a 17 day Water Fast and broke with with Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut (I know, don't judge, stuff like this is why many of us are on this site) anywho..... My point being, is that when I broke the fast on Pizza, it almost immediately proceeded to a bowel movement, like within 7 minutes of comsumption, however the stool was mostly liquid with chunks of very undigested food visible. Moreover, my guts started to grumble as soon as I ate the pizza. This too me, is a surefire sign that the autonomic neural system has realised that the Digestive system needs to be reactivated. I digress, this is why acid shall not pass through the bowels during a fast. As the digestive system should be shut down.
Digress further, day 18 of my first Distilled water fast, after heeding the advice of White Shark from Curezone, I drank a 500ml (17ounces) bottle of Alkaline Water that retained a PH of 7.9, this gave me temporary relief for a few hours, but as I had planned for distilled, that is what I had to contend with and I didn't feel like spending the money on more Alkaline water, which I was buying from 7-11, so like 3 bucks a piece, not cheap if you add it up (I was new to all this natural healing at the time, didn't know where to acquire things). However, to note, I don't feel that the Alkaline Water broke my fast, as I detected no irregularities with my bowels and stomach as I had in the future with other fasts breaking them with straight up food. This is actually very possible although most fasters will recommend against it (And I would generally recommend you break a long Water Fast with liquid as well, I'm merely stating that it is possible). If you read Water of Life by John Armstrong, he broke a 45 day urine fast with raw beef, steak if I recall correctly. And more, I did manage to make my first fast to 25 days, I did it out of sheer will. Although my legs ached, a sign of low Potassium, which is prob true for me, since I hate Bananas and haven't eaten one since 2 years of age. And consequently, as a smoking, drug using, constantly partying, never sleeping, rambunctious young adult, you can probably guess about how many fruits and vegetables I ate. Vegetables were available to me through Pizza from take out, that to me seemed adequate at the time.
Fast Forward a year or so, later research I discovered a few things and maybe a tip that will help, when fasting especially for prolonged fasts, your body is running off of keytones, we should all be aware of this, now something I found out from Dr. Group of (very smart doctor) he fasts as well and pointed out in an interview once, that the fat on your body, the really deep stored fat, the brown fat, also houses the toxins. Your deep fat cells will store toxins from cigarettes, any carcinogens from any smokeable products, trans fatty tissue, heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, etc. all kinds of crap is stored in the deep brown fat cells that our body and habits cultivate. These are the last of the excess fat cells to get chosen for energy production by your body. Now when these substances are released from their bondage in the brown fat. They enter into our bodies, all these substances in our blood stream or where ever they end up, raised your acidity level or lower you ph, this main explain why Acid reflux gets worse and worse as fasts prolong. Furthermore, if you are drinking only distilled water at a pH of 7, this will guessed it, increase ones acidity.......Now for the rememdy that has offered me mild relief, I must point out that my methods are very primitive, forgive me as I am poor. I researched about many forms of toxin elimination, My guess is many of our Lymphatic systems are not operating at tip top shape, this is a product of our amazing environment of food production (among other things) and our politicians and our own laziness that we have wrought on ourselves - May Monsanto and all her Legions be cast into the fire -
Concluding: try to sweat it out. I used a method of putting on 3 hoodies and and two pair of jeans and sleeping with the blanket over my head. This induced sweating and thus results in expulsion of toxins in bloodstream directly into the clothing and pillows. Of course you're probably thinking why didn't this dumb*** go to a sauna. Well I didn't really have access to a sauna so I improvised (My guess is a sauna would offer more than mild relief, although I have not actually tried, I would be willing to bet a Sauna would produce a stronger effect). However the point here is regurgitating the Acid reflux is not really and viable option, try to expel the toxins through other avenues. The Lymph systems expulsion method of perspiration seems to be the best way, physically anyway. There are also spiritual methods to expel toxins as well, but they require more mental work than most understand and we all know our Pineal glands are targeted by our Government water masters and such.

Hope this helps someone.
Just reposting this info here for that reason

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