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Removing your sickness
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Published: 52 h ago

Removing your sickness

watch the last 10 minutes of this video


Note several things:

1. The black paste they make to cover the entire body

2. how perfect the young man's teeth are---100% dentist free

3. the use of the egg to give the demons a place to go

Not in this video, but you can find videos where humans have grown full size chicken eggs inside their organs...This I believe is a result of vaccines. Vaccines are where millions and millions of chicken eggs are used-----humans are injected with vaccines and some actually create a complete chicken egg inside their body---because the vaccines alter their human cells---CHANGING the human for ever.

This video is VERY MILD
There are still pastors in AMERICA that expel sickness from people and it can get very violent --prob because there is no pig or egg for the demons to enter........the ancient biblical monks used pigs for the demons to enter. William Branham would kill wild pigs and mountain lions hundreds of miles away from the dying person and command the demons to enter the animals just prior to killing them and thus releasing the demon.....the demons want a place to go and a method to escape OR otherwise they are staying in the warm cozy body they already possess.

Willaim Branham, via Elijah removed thousands upon thousands of demons world wide for a long period of time. They would expell entire cities at a time or at a minimum choose the 200 most sick and expel the demons from them---everything from new eyes, cripples walking or even bring back the dead and often demons would drop over dead at the meetings and the dead bodies thrown out and stacked like cord wood as you can listen to Billy Branham's videos and describe how the demon possessed people fell over dead--because they were all demon and not real people. BILLY was front row world wide and watched his dad give children and even elderly new eyes and often the people had no eyes to begin with.

North Americans lost interest in removing their demons about the time the colleges took over---the last 60 years the colleges have chosen the people to put in charge and today we see the results in every large city and all politics/judges/jails. The good people taxed to death as evil people are flooded with easy free wealth.

BECAUSE of the past 60 years----the USA ARMY has a training camp for training on how to deal with zombies. Literally they have a physical camp where soldiers go to learn how to kill zombies by blowing their heads off. WHY do they have such training? Literally because they see a day when humans will be 100% controlled by demons and become the physical zombi out of control---President Trump sees this from the LEFT in washington DC every day....zombie liars out of control that only exist to kill unborn babies.


William Branham is the only example I know of that could identify humans by their voice--he said he could follow their voice back to THE REGIONS and see them---they were either a real human or just a DEMON. If these demons came to one of their healings---Branham would speak and they fell over dead.

People I seen for years that believed 100% that they seen demons and devils were those on POT. Not booze, but POT, they would start with smoking pot and they opened the gateway to the demons---------then they moved onto LIQUID TEA or what you may call BATHTUB POT.

POT is an herb and surely you can make TEA and drink it--------wonder why on earth the pot heads do not drink POT TEA? Maybe Jim B the king of the POT HEADS will start making POT TEA soon............but is that not strange that humans are not drinking POT TEA??????????? I have never seen a human drink POT TEA and i have seen allot in my time....I would say 1/2 of the kids I knew in high school are long dead as a result of POT.

What they did do with liquid pot was inject it---------in their arms. I forget the exact name they called it, but the common namer was bathtub pot and they called it liquid tea. THESE IDIOTS would take pot into their veins and then see demons-----lots of demons, they wrecked their cars, self destructed and believed they seen the devil in full color drag them down into hell and the next night, they would shoot up again and do it all over again......that is what dope does---especially POT, the pot heads are too ate up to ever know---------they lost control of their body and live to get children hooked on pot.

THE DOPERS came out of the California colleges in the early 1960's, they are the demons that destroyed America-----the ACID FREAKS, dope heads, downers----they just wanted to rape and dope till they died or had messed up children with messed up drugged females.

Humans possessed has been around since the beginning of time---only today, they rule gov and the colleges hands selects the leaders.


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