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fda and ftc proven to be a threat to our health??
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Published: 9 months ago

fda and ftc proven to be a threat to our health??

After coming under attack by the very bored FTC who during the worst crisis this world has seen since the Spanish Flue of WWI, their concern is that you might actually buy and try Colloidal Silver . Never mind a mountain of research shows anti viral tendencies against similar viruses like Influenza A, HIV, Herpes I and II, Hepatitis a,b,c ...RSV, Cytomegalo Virus, never mind that under a FOIA demand the FDA has admitted in writing they had no documents showing anyone has ever suffered medical or health related complications related to Colloidal Silver the FTC has decided that it was more important to keep you from that silver product.

Last time I looked if something threatens your life, you have the right to protect your life by whatever means is necessary. Let's assume that silver only had a 20 percent chance of helping you, who in their right mind would say, "You don't ever have the right to try." Well, that's their criminal message about silver and they have the research already that they are demanding out of small online stores and affiliates who sell Colloidal Silver .

I don't know about you but anyone who stands in the way of a cure or treatment against a deadly infection should be considered a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, they have ignored the evidence suggesting silver may inhibit CV replication because it does so against other similar viruses.

How criminal is this? Your house is on fire, your family trapped inside, the fire department is too busy putting out other fires, so you grab a hose, attach it to a water pump, place the pump in your pool and start desperately pouring water onto the fire in an attempt to save your loved ones.

Then the FTC and FDA show up. They have nothing better to do. They grab your hose and rip it out of your hands and say, " first you must prove the pool water can put out fires."

You push them away, " public record shows that water can put out fires" they answer back, well those examples are using public water, well water, sea water, but not the water from your pool." Please stop pouring water on your burning house.

You shout back," get the f**k out of my way, that's my family in their and you are ensuring their demise, get your creepy hands off of my hose!"

The cops show up and arrest you for using pool water on a fire because you can't just stop and produce a study that shows chlorinated water is still anti fire."

Well, folks... here are those anti COVID studies that someone your paid officials have forgotten about. Any just remember anyone who stands in the way between you and a potentially life saving therapy is an enemy of yours, your family, and your nation.


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