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Re: how many flushes did it take till you got a drastic health upgrade
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: how many flushes did it take till you got a drastic health upgrade

Study confirms that if the word ''study confirms' or ''scientists confirm'' is placed in a sentence, or a man/woman in a white coat or suit/ties speaks in a confident/authoritative manner, the unwashed brain dead idiot box watching masses will believe absolutely anything without questioning, no matter how nonsensical, out of touch with reality, retarded, delusional the claim is.
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”-George Orwell
Scared people are easier to control and put in their place, simple as that.
Lenin was right, “useful idiots” will undermine a society, much like unleashing a virus.
"A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.'" --St. Anthony the Great
“The great majority of us follow the prevailing orthodoxy, without ever asking ourselves whether this choice might actually be right for us. “ - Liz Hodgkinson
''This is a big one - you can’t catch disease - not viral or bacterial. There is no such thing as a contagious illness. As far as the sale of drugs is concerned the germ theory is very useful doctrine to project onto the masses. Vested interest groups have very successfully managed to convince everyone that their illness has nothing to do with their way of living, it is simply due to an evil little beasty that is occupying their body for which they need some antidote which you can buy from a drugstore.
So, instead of taking responsibility for one’s physical state of health the believer of this evil doctrine simply visits a drug peddler of magic pills and potions to willingly pay for a “remedy”. Often this money is provided by a so-called national health service which is a gross misnomer - it is actually a national disease service since any true health service would make its mission the enhancement of health not the treatment of disease.
The point that I want to convey in this article is the fact that all diseases are earned and not caught. Unhealthy conditions are created by unhealthy living. Just as flies can do nothing in a clean dustbin, bacteria can do nothing in a clean, healthy body.
No micro-organism can harm a clean healthy body. A pure body is invulnerable.
So you may ask “If you can’t catch a disease, why do epidemics occur?” “Why do many people seem to come down with similar illnesses at the same time if no disease is contagious?” Well the answer is: similar social and environmental influences not the transfer of micro-organisms, are at work.
In the 1860’s a great French scientist - one of the greatest scientists this world has ever seen - by the name of Antoine Bechamp discovered that fermentation often occurs more quickly when a food is in contact with the air than when it is sealed off from the atmosphere. From this he concluded that there is something in the air, a living entity, which acts on the food causing fermentation.
A simple-minded man called Louis Pasteur who had absolutely no idea of the scientific method, nor any understanding of life process plagiarised Bechamp’s ideas, misinterpreted them and concluded that all fermentation is a result of external entities which he called germs.
Pasteur, although a very poor scientist, and not very intelligent in anything scientific, was very socially skilled and spent his time befriending, kings, queens, politicians, and men of influence, and so his ideas became widely known.
Bechamp, on the other hand, was the opposite to Pasteur - he made great discoveries, was an absolute genius but was not so influential. He spent most of his time in his laboratory never missing an opportunity to experiment and delve into the nature of life.
Bechamp discovered that often tissue may become damaged through, for example, frost bite impact injury and even if the skin is totally intact bacteria will be present in the decaying tissue. In many experiments he saw these bacteria in the process of formation in disease or damaged tissue and he proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that bacteria are the result of disease not the cause of it.
The bacteria are formed from small living bodies which he called microzymas. These can be observed in all living cells and are the precursors of all life on earth. Microzymas can form into the healthy elements of a living cell or into bacteria depending on the need of the organism. In other words, the fact that bacteria are often associated with disease does not mean they have entered from outside and are the cause of it.
On the contrary, nature has produced the bacteria to scavenge the morbid disease conditions. Bacteria are nature’s scavengers or recyclers and necessary components of every living organism.
Germs are not the causes of disease - they are the cure.
To treat any disease it is essential to deal with the disease conditions. This does not mean killing the bacteria since this is the opposite of what we want to do. The bacteria are not only harmless but they are the very things which are helping to remove the diseased conditions.
The dustbin analogy is very useful here - flies are not the cause of the rubbish in the same way that bacteria are not the cause of disease. In addition consider this: If you had two equally putrid filthy dustbins and in one you put insecticide to kill any flies that approached and in the other you just allow the flies to do whatever they want. Which dustbin would get clean first, the one with the flies or the one with the insecticide?
The answer is obvious - six months later one would be more putrid than before - full of filth plus loads of dead flies and the other will be left pristine clean.
The exact same situation applies to bacteria and drugs. A person who takes a drug to kill the innocent and helpful bacteria will be far more poisoned and toxic than they were before, whereas the person who let nature take its course and made efforts to clean up their own body will end up in excellent health.
Many experiments were performed at the beginning of the twentieth century which proved beyond any shadow of doubt that germs don’t cause diseases.
Healthy volunteers consumed concentrated doses of germs of diphtheria, pneumonia, typhoid and other so-called bacterial and viral diseases. These had no ill effects in any cases. It has also been shown that the vast majority, probably all, of the population have “disease causing bacteria” in their bodies without showing any ill effects.
For example many healthy people have been found to have diphtheria germs living peacefully in their throat without causing any ill effects at all. It is my belief that it is those bacteria in their throat that are helping to keep them healthy.
The reason that Bechamp’s theories are not widely known is both political and financial. It is far more profitable to give someone a drug to kill a germ than to simply tell them to clean up their own body - this, by the way, is The Cure For All Diseases without exception.
It is a sad fact that the average person would rather visit a doctor to receive a “magic” pill or potion or injection than make any effort to change their lifestyle or diet which is causing the disease in the first place.
It is more convenient to blame a scapegoat by stating “there is a bug going around” than to take responsibility for one’s own health. The truth is that bacteria has never caused one single disease-but they have cured many.'' - Tycho Photiou November 1999
The Truth About Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites:

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