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Re: Schistosomiasis & Liver Fluke Protocol Requested
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Published: 14 months ago
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Re: Schistosomiasis & Liver Fluke Protocol Requested

Schistosomiasis can result in a blood droplet on skin, when a worm is challenged by certain antiparasitics, like Praziquantel or Alinia. parasites can go a bit crazy, move fast, and leave a very tiny wound, when blood flukes are present. Usually this effect is only a few weeks in duration during initial treatment.

Liquid Albendazole should be temperature controlled, a datasheet should indicate if strength of 113mg/ml or 116mg/ml. A dose syringe should be used to measure albendazole. Dose up to a total of 8mg/kg/D is the limit. Few loose hair at this dose level. So 4 doses of 1.8 ml for a 100kgs person is the typical daily maximum.

First, Praziquantel human grade USP is hard to find by the kilogram. Digital scales indicate weight of 100% material. Smell of solvent is not human grade powder.
When combined with Albendazole, Praziquantel can penetrate organs and BBB. Pork tape worms, migrating flatworms, and other species can be damaged and killed while ramping meds to this level. If brainstem pain or breathing difficult spinal column wiggle between shoulder blades, lower dose of vitamin D3, and or lower Praziquantel dose for 3 or 4 days till flatworm in sensitive nerve tissue areas die. Then resume dose levels. If nerve differences between right and left side of body occur, suspect pork tape worm, extreme headache, black stool, or other liver stress could occur.

Typical treatment, and complicated treatment formulas are different.

Complicated means other parasites are present. Challenge common meds, typical dose levels to assure GI, Liver is not stressed.

Typical flatworm formula, may need a few cofactors, common cofactors are DEC (Dimmitrol) 4mg/kg/D for Ascaris or hookworm, FenBen 5 - 10 mg/kg if one has strongyloides infection, Invermectin 200ucg/kg if one has any other red worm infection. One may have no idea if there is an infection or hyper infection of another type, unless common antiparasitics are dosed, challenged, say every 6 months. No reaction means no parasite infections of common species. The cofactors may not cure co infections, but maintain an infection in a controlled state, will help assure success of a flatworm treatment.

Typical supplements are potassium citrate 99mg/D, Magnesium citrate 133mg/D. Running low on potassium is common during a parasitic kill. This is a mandatory supplement dose. Soda crackers, pinch of non-aluminum baking soda in distilled water can help buffer body acids. Ginger ale, Magnesium Sulfate can help with difficult parasite reactions.

Typical supplements selenium 400 ucg/D, MSM in distilled water 5cc - 10cc/D, 10 drops DMSO in glass distilled water, Garlic fresh crush at noon. CQ10 has no limits. L Carnitine typical is 500mg or 1000mg.

Daily Vits Now foods 3771 for common minerals, or single capsule Source of Life NTP035.

Hair analysis for essential minerals and metals is common.

150mg 10:1 Oregano oil Swanson/D, or Vitamin E 400IU, Borage Oil 1000mg/D. <240mg 24% Ginkgo and <2000mg Thymus Vulgaris leaf can be helpful.

10 drops NTP Flush in cranberry juice or distilled water, dose 30 days strait, month off.

Verify under tongue Ph. >6 upon rising (awake from bed), no food or drink. Dosing meds when PH is low is a waste of meds.
Ph should be 6.5 to 7.0 for ideal treatment range.

If PH low, B50 tablet daily, Spirulina 5 grams per day.


Flat worm formula_________________________

500mg Alinia for minimum 7 days.

2mg/kg albendazole 4 times during day 6 AM, 12PM, 6 PM, 12 PM

25mg/kg Praziquantel 4 times during day 6 AM, 12PM, 6 PM, 12 PM, 000 or 00 capsules, Total of 100mg/kg/D for a month, then 75mg/kg/D for several months thereafter.

Yogurt 6 AM, 12PM, 6 PM, 12 PM
Optional Probiotic, Lipid oils, Kefir . Butter, Cream, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Papaya oil
8 ounces of orange juice per day. Whole wheat bread.

Vitamin D3 20,000 - 50, 000 IU/D total dose for a daily value. Suggest 5000IU or 20,000IU size, Oil makes more stable dosing. After a month D3 can be lowered somewhat.

Dose typical is 4 times per day. Dosing should be maintained for the formula over a minimum of three times (3X) the worm life cycle (time between replication cycles), minimum, 3 months to 5 months. Dosing of fewer than 3 or 4 life cycles may result in an infection that occurs a year later. It is suggested one should challenge every 6 months for a few years to verify infection is cleared.

Slow ramp first week

do formula for week 2 - week 5

do minimum 3 doses per day from week 6 to week 13


Common Challenge tests:_____________________________
To verify there are no other parasite infections, every 6 months one should do a challenge test.

Flat worm challenge test is about a week of the flat worm formula.

Challenge test filarial: If heart worm suspected, a small dose pre-test should be done first. During this three day treatment, do a blood challenge dose of DEC 4mg/kg/D to look for white worm, pre-test at 50mg to look for bad reaction. Banana, bread, yogurt.

Red worm challenge test: During this treatment do a red worm challenge dose of 5mg/kg/D FenBen, 3 days. Yogurt and or Milk
GI worm challenge test: Pyrantel 5 - 10mg/kg/D for 3 days, Yogurt and or Milk
Invermectin 200ucg/kg/D for up to 5 days. Yogurt and or Milk, watch for skin itch or cellulose skin sand.

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