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Re: Been struggling for 10 years. Please if you have time, could you lend me your insight.
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Published: 15 months ago
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Re: Been struggling for 10 years. Please if you have time, could you lend me your insight.

I will have to make this quick because I do not have much time ATM. I will add to this thread when I have more time.

After what you have said, I want to prevent you from spending on things which are likely to be of little benefit or could cause problems. Collagen is one. It sounds like a good idea but in practice it is not, or at least it was not for me. I purchased some thinking it was a good idea but found that I reacted to it and it made me sleep. There is quite a lot (1/3) of glycine in collagen but a 5 or 6 ml scoop of hydrolysed collagen has around a third the amount of glycine as a 5ml scoop of glycine that I frequently use. The reaction was very pronounced therefore I stopped using it. Hydrolysed collagen contains peptides which the immune system can react to, it is not simple amino acids which the immune system cannot react to.

Ginkgo, I do use as it improves my wakefullness and reduces the effects of GABA which I am highly susceptible to. Ginkgo can make some people very anxious probably because of the GABA reducing effect but that is not a problem for me. It is also quite effective for the circulatory system which I am at high risk of circulatory disorders being prone to high levels of inflammation because of Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and having a family history of circulatory disease and to top it all off I am also T1 diabetic.

Ginkgo does also have another positive effect. It is one of the top anti urease natural products. It inhibits urease activity, although I rarely use it for that. There are a number of other natural products which can also help and I will find where I put/recorded them when I get more time.

Choline and Inositol are pretty safe even though Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome sufferers are meant to have high brain levels. Unfortunately it is not the brain where the shortage lies, it is the liver, although memory can still be affected because of a lack of acetylcholine which also contributes to constipation because of the lack of bowel stimulation which results.

The glycine, choline and inositol could stimulate detox therefore be very careful and go very slow so you know how it is affecting you! Glutamine can become glutamate in some people which can trigger anxiety or overstimulation. Some people get on very badly with glutamate. I do not, I actually create glutamate from glutamic acid and sodium/potassium bicarbonate. Raising Glutathione levels would be very helpful, but do go slow with it. Glycine again, Glutamine/glutamic acid and Cysteine, usually as N-Acetyl-Cysteine. I have been using Reduced Glutathione and making crude liposomes to help protect it by adding lecithin and small amounts of ethanol. I have not got around to making it properly with an ultrasonic cleaner although I do have one which I want to use to help destroy the infections. I would recommend that you familiarise yourself with Glutathione and it's production. A number of nutrients are required for it's production so check that you are getting sufficient of those. It would also be worth reading up on the liver detox processes, phase 1 and phase 2 and making sure they are all covered, however ignore any recommended nutrient levels because they are unlikely to be sufficient.

I would recommend that you read up on anything that I recommend to check out any possible issues that you might have. Everyone is different and genetics can affect things as well as diet and lifestyle. One size does not fit all! As so many on PR have found.

Do not underestimate the magnesium requirement because 400mg is nothing. The RDA's are no where near enough. I take at least 1.8 grams a day. If I do not have at least a large part of that amount I get severe neck pain. There are studies where as much as 2,500mg have been used with good effect. You are pretty safe with magnesium providing it is a bio-available form. Magnesium oxide is not very bio-available. The problem with many forms is that the magnesium content is very low. At one time I used Magnesium malate which worked fairly well even though I was not really getting enough of it I later found. Have a search for recommended types and their bio-availability. Figure in how much it will cost you to get the necessary dosage at the available magnesium content. I make my own magnesium salts which work out fairly inexpensive but they are not so easy to prepare or quick to take. I have to mess around trying to pH balance everything because of urease and attempting to reduce it's effects.

I will expand on this when I have more time.

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