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My huge list of coronavirus remedies
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Published: 15 months ago
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My huge list of coronavirus remedies

On they mention colloidal copper working better than silver, inhaled via a nebulizer.

Also salt, baking soda, vitamin c, and potassium:

I have collected a list of TCM and herbal remedies for Corona virus from the biohacker forums, from orthomolecular, curezone, earthclinic, etc... and I am posting it here.

To the detractors, well, doctors have nothing! NOTHING! Taking even just a few of these would help to prevent NCoV-2019 and lessen symptoms.

A symptom of the 2019 corona virus is shortness of breath. Since drinking food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide can improve shortness of breath in asthma sufferers and instantly provide oxygen, it may be helpful. Whether or not it's helpful in curing it, is not known, but doctors don't have anything better! So why not improve the symptoms, which are really just a heightened immune response (this heightened immune system response, especially the cytokine storm via the interleukin 6 gene, is the real killer with the 2019 corona virus, rather than the virus itself). The protocol is here, but it is essentially this: 1-3 hours before the first meal, up to 3 times a day, get a glass of distilled water, and put 12 drops of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide in the water and drink it. Increase it to 25 drops. Also see this person's experience: Posted by Shauna (Usa) on 07/25/2018). You can also check here for an updated, corona specific protocol from

These are based on a few different sources and well-known alternative and biohacking forums, especially this episode of the bulletproof podcast (Further references from the podcast: Clinical predictors of mortality due to COVID-19 based on an analysis of data of 150 patients from Wuhan, China and the value of IL-6 changed most in the mild and severe groups). Personally I am doing 12 grams of vitamin c, 8000 ui vitamin d, 600 mg magnesium, Rhodolia, and 20 grams of zinc.

Basic List of Vitamins, herbs, and essential oils
Vitamin C articles
Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas
Acupressure, acupuncture points
COVID-19 Protocol from Carpathia Collective
Coronavirus-2019 Treatment Protocol from Vitalis
Life Extension Corona Protocol
Miscellaneous remedies

vitamin c - 24000mg via IV are being used in china. If you can't get this (the FDA doesn't like drs that give out vitamins!), combine the pure powder with 1/16 tsp baking soda (it will alkalize the ascorbic acid) and crushed tomatoes (increases aborption). recommends 120,000 mg. Some people on are saying that you can increase your dose of vitamin C up to 2000mg every six minutes! The maximum amount is basically 95% of the amount that gives you diarrhea. Most articles on and agree, find out how much vitamin c gives you diarrhea, and back off from that amount.

Listed below are vitamin C-rich foods that may help support immunity:

Acerola cherries
Chili peppers
Kakadu plums
Mustard spinach
Sweet yellow peppers

You can also check here for an updated, corona specific protocols from

source: bulletproof podcast
Resistant Starch rich foods, such as Gum Acacia, Guar Gum, and Larch Arabinogalactan.
Vitamin D3 (and Vitamin A + Vitamin K2)
Andrographis and Echinacea (reference)
Circumin (without black pepper extract, because it can poke holes in the gut, which then causes inflammation via Lipopolysaccharides)
Boswellia (reference)
Sage, Bay Leaf, and Oregano (and/or Oregano oil). Other essentials oils that can help: turmeric, eucalyptus, clove, grapefruit, tea tree, and frankincense.
EGCG (green tea extract)
PQQ (reference)
Fish oil (Roe or Krill)
Black Cumin Seed Oil (reference)
Fisetin (Novusetin®) (comes from Japanese wax tree stems [Rhus succedanea]) (reference)
Vitamin C
Resveratrol (reference)
Quercetin (reference)
Luteolin (reference)
Sulforaphane (reference)
MSH (reference)
Enzymes such as Bromelain and serrapeptase
Coconut Oil (references: The Potential of Coconut Oil and its Derivatives as Effective and Safe Antiviral Agents Against the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV-2019) and LAURIC ACID (C12): ~49% OF COCONUT OIL)
Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Adaptogenic Mushrooms such as Cordyceps, Chaga, Red Reishi, and Turkey Tail. (reference: The Coronavirus Protection Protocol, Jonathan Roseland)
Grounding/earthing (reference)
Rosemary Essential Oil (reference)
Hydroxytyrosol (reference)
Intermittent fasting, but not too long enough to be stressed
Elderberry extract (600-1500mg)
NAC (600mg twice daily)
Yeast beta-glucan (500 mg)
Zinc/copper (40mg/2 mg)
Selenium (50-100 mcg)
Spirulina (15g)
Glucosamine (3g or more)
Qing Fei Tang (the formula is Huoxiang-zhengqi (the formula is below)
Yu Ping Feng San (the formula is below)


Sodium Carbonate + Sodium Bicarbonate + tripotassium citrate + a glass of water:
The potassium citrate is made by using an alkaline buffered solution using a potassium carbonate + citric acid + water mix to make the tripotassium citrate solution necessary for the carbicarb remedy. It’s pretty easy to make tripotassium citrate if you already have the powder form of potassium carbonate (or potassium bicarbonate) and citric acid
Ted's book PH Balanced for Life includes an alkalizing formula named "Carbicarb" that is:
1/2 tsp sodium bicarb1/4 tsp sodium carbonate
1/8 tsp potassium carbonate
Dr Gabriel Cousens recommends:
Iodine, especially illumodine
Colloidal Silver
Red Algae
Mega Defense (a blend of mushrooms)
Vitamin A (25000 iu)
Vitamin D (2000 ui)
Orange peel
Ginger, Elderberry, and antioxidant extreme, a blend of antioxidants from natural sources. His recent newsletter on the Corona virus is available here. He has podcast on the virus and a facebook live. Hot liquids such as tea will kill the virus in the respiratory system. Ozone th

190 proof Everclear alcohol – first sign of a sore throat, slowly sip a cap full and let it run down your throat. Repeat if your sore throat comes back.

L-Lysine amino acid - 1500 mg every 1 hour for 24 hrs, then 1500 mg every 4 hours for 3 to 5 days

BHT – 1500 mg once a day for 5 days.

2 tablespoons of coconut oil every 8 hours.

Chaga mushroom tea

Lugol’s Iodine Solution - 5%:

Adults 150 ml water add 4-5 drops. Gargle nicely and swallow it. This will kill any virus in throat. Swallowing will increase the Iodine in the body increasing anti-viral activity and immunity.
Take 3 days in a row every night. Give a Gap for 3 days and take it again if required. If you are feeling healthy you don’t have to do it. May be you can do once a week. Don’t use Lugols Iodine Solution and Colloidal Silver together as they react each other.
Why You Need to Take Vitamin C, Iodine and Sea Salt every day.
The simple answer is because you need to take them to provide the right ammunition for your immune system. The first line of defense for your immune system is using neutrophils and eosinophils etc in the external mucus to kill any viruses incoming in your nose, throat, lung and intestines. It’s also well known from the research that immune phagocytes kill pathogens — including viruses — by spraying certain poisonous substances over them to kill them. Then they are ingested by the phagocyte and removed by the liver. So, what substances does the immune system use to kill pathogens in the body? The immune system phagocytes mainly sprays out hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid and hypoiodous acid over the virus to kill it. How can we ensure that the ammunition for our phagocytes are at their correct high levels? In short, Vitamin C is very important and necessary for the production of hydrogen peroxide used by the phagocytes.

Sea salt — or sodium chloride — is also important source of chloride for the production of hypochlorous acid. And lugol’s iodine — via the thyroid — is important for the adequate production of hypoiodous acid. In another research study I have also read that hypoiodous acid was 7 times stronger in its anti-microbial effect and protection than hypochlorous acid when used against pathogens. So if you’re not taking adequate amounts of iodine, Sea Salt and Vitamin C in your diet then, if you get infected, your immune system might be firing blanks at the COVID-19 virus.

Right now, the best protection you have against the COVID-19 virus is your own immune system. That’s really why you should always keep your immune system healthy and capable as described.

Colloidal Silver and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation method with a nebulizer.

Bob Beck machine - it consists of passing microcurrents (50-100 μA) through flowing blood, which has the potential to eliminate infections and is proven to restore damaged immune systems.

Things which may make the virus worse:

sugar and fried foods
Insomnia and poor sleep
Excess Stress
Overtraining or endurance training
Toxic mold

Here are more in-depth Vitamin C references: Coronavirus, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and Vitamin C - by Andrew W. Saul

"I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C."
(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)
Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus - by Andrew W. Saul, Editor
Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.
Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)
Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)
Zinc: 20 mg daily
Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily
Vitamin C [1], Vitamin D [2], magnesium [3], zinc [4], and selenium [5] have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses.
The basis for using high doses of vitamin C to prevent and combat virus-caused illness may be traced back to vitamin C's early success against polio, first reported in the late 1940s.[6] Many people are unaware, even surprised, to learn this. Further clinical evidence built up over the decades, leading to an anti-virus protocol published in 1980.[7]
News Media Attacks Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 Coronavirus - Yet Ascorbate is a Proven, Powerful Antiviral
First of all, the naysayers are too late. Vitamin C is already being used to prevent and treat COVID-19 in China and in Korea. And it is working.
There are currently 8 articles on the orthomolecular news service website on treating the Corona virus:
Feb 28, 2020 Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus
Feb 23, 2020 TONS OF VITAMIN C TO WUHAN: China Using Vitamin C against COVID
Feb 21, 2020 Three Intravenous Vitamin C Research Studies Approved for Treating COVID-19
Feb 16, 2020 Early Large Dose Intravenous Vitamin C is the Treatment of Choice for 2019-nCov Pneumonia
Feb 13, 2020 Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C
Feb 10, 2020 VITAMIN C AND ITS APPLICATION TO THE TREATMENT OF nCoV CORONAVIRUS: How Vitamin C Reduces Severity and Deaths from Serious Viral Respiratory Diseases
Feb 2, 2020 Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses
Jan 30, 2020 Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus
Jan 26, 2020 Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

Philippines and Singapore Testing Coconut Oil as Possible Treatment for Coronavirus
“Several in vitro, animal, and human studies support the potential of coconut oil, lauric acid and its derivatives as effective and safe agents against a virus like nCoV-2019 [COVID-19],” they said.
Coconut Oil’s History in Destroying Viruses, Including Coronaviruses
Lauric acid (C12) and monolaurin, its derivative, have been known for many years to have significant antiviral activity. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid which makes up about 50% of coconut oil; monolaurin is a metabolite that is naturally produced by the body’s own enzymes upon ingestion of coconut oil and is also available in pure form as a supplement.
My original post continues below, with edits and updates:

Based on browsing through the statistics on the John Hopkins Corona virus tracker, China has the highest percent of patients that have recovered. It seems that the treatments below, which merge eastern and western medicine, are working.

In the recent bulletproof podcast #674 (in the final ten minutes), Dave Asprey mentioned using a charcoal mask whole traveling, using a Xylitol nasal spray (and add a drop of iodine and colloidal silver to it).

In a newer podcast, he mentions andrographis, among other remedies. Looking into this further, I found this protocol from Carpathia Collective that also uses Andrographis:

1. TOCOTRIENOLS (form of Vit E) Unique E 125mg capsules
(Not to be confused with Tocopherol). Potent fat soluble cell membrane anti-oxidant
• maintenance for a healthy adult =1 capsule daily is sufficient
• impaired membranes= 1 capsules for every 40 lbs of body weight for 3 months (scrubs
the membrane/interstitial spaces, protects the lipid portion from free radical damage so as to
minimize damage done by the virus)
• For a COVID-19 infection 1 capsule for every 40 pound of body weight 2- 3x/d
2. LIPOSOMAL GLUTATHIONE – potent antioxidant + cell detoxification
1 maintenance,
2/day for impaired membranes or
2 3xday for active infection
1/2 tsp daily for maintenance for a healthy adult
For impaired membrane protection and repair 1 tsp. daily.
For a COVID-19 infection 1 tsp 3 x daily.
3. VITAMIN C 500MG 2 x day – anti-oxidant protection
• 1000 mg/day maintenance for a healthy adult.
• impaired membranes, 1,000mg twice daily.
• For COVID-19 infection 1,000mg oral every 4 hours while awake
• Consider IV Vit C at higher doses 10-30K + in Biotoxin illness, Cancer support.
• Liposomal Vit C can be made with Vit C powder + liquid Phosphatidyl choline
4. ImmunoThrive
(Moringa, PineBark, Curry Leaf, Turmeric, Spirulina)
• No need if healthy
• 3 capsules daily to provide inflammasome protection to the cell membrane, improve
COVID-19 Protocol
1. tissue oxygenation, and to help regulate the immune response. No increased dosing
recommendations for infection. Purchase Here at
2. VITAMIN A & D - (Apex AD Pro capsules or Liqua A drops + Liqua D drops)
• Prevention:1 daily AD Pro cap, or 5 drops Liqua A, 2 drops Liqua D
• For a COVID-19 infection or other serious illness: (Take no longer than 4 weeks)
2 capsules AD Pro daily or 10 drops LiquaA + 5 drops Liqua D
3. PHOSPHATIDYL CHOLINE- BODY BIO for repair of damaged cell membranes
• Health maintenance /brain health 2 day w a meal
• Impaired membranes 2 2-3 x day with meals
• Severe biotoxin illness 1 tsp+ of Liquid BodyBio PC 2-3 x day with meals

• Consider IV phosphatidylcholine PK protocol for high toxin burden

If you have any of the above conditions then you can optimize your immune function with any one or
more of these options- similar ingredients in options A and B just different products.
1. Berberine Balance 500mg –
This is to help prevent too many immune cells from entering the tissue creating tissue damage,
also helps with blood Sugar regulation and has anti-viral and bacterial properties.
• A healthy person 1 daily.
• An immune impaired person take 1 capsule twice daily.
• For COVID-19 infection 2 capsules twice daily.
2. Option A:
Pro Colostrum LD Sovereign Labs powdered or capsules (Purchase here)
• if healthy no need unless concerned for prevention
• if impaired membranes- 2 caps or ½ tsp powder 30 min prior to meals 2 x day
• If severely ill- 1 tsp 30 min prior to meals 3 x day
Transfer Factor Multi-Immunity -Researched nutritionals
(Purchas here and Use physician code CHRMD)
• Healthy no need unless interested in prevention
• Impaired 1-2/day
• Very sick – 2 2 x day
2. Option B:
Innate IMMUNE-(Pure Encapsulations) (atragalus, andrographis, reshi beta glucan)
• 1 capsule daily for maintenance for a healthy adult.
• For an impaired immune system 1 capsule 2x daily.
• For COVID-19 infection 2 capsules 2 x day twice daily.
Th1 Support (Pure Enacpsulations) (zinc, berberine, skullcap, broccoli extract, ginger)
• A healthy person can probably skip this one.
• For an impaired immune system 2 capsules daily.
COVID-19 Protocol
By blocking receptors/decreasing replication/enhancing cell energy production
1. Vit A as above and Zinc 15mg/day are highly antiviral
2. SPIRULINA - for COVID-19 infection 4 capsules every 4 hours
COVID-19 infection 2 capsules twice daily
Note Spirulina + ImmunoKinoko(AHCC) - together these two have high anti-viral
activity by competitively binding at a site on an enzyme that the virus needs for replication.
This can stop the virus from proliferating and hold down the fort until your own immune
system can eliminate the virus from your system.
4. NIACINAMIDE SR 500mg -Helps energy production inside cells to fight off virus
A healthy person probably doesn’t need to supplement.
An immune impaired person may benefit from taking 1 daily for fatigue, then reduce to twice
For COVID-19 infection escalate the dose to 4 tablets immediately upon symptoms, then 2
every 4 hours. Don’t exceed this high dose for more than 3 days.
5. Colloidal silver 1 tsp 3 x daily if infected.
6. Viralox PRP spray. Sovereign labs- 2 sprays 1-4 x day (prevention vs your sick)
7. Biocidin Throat Spray- carry around with you 2-3 sprays 2-6 x day depending on

prevention vs you’re sick

I have been researching traditional Chinese medicine in treating the Novel Corona virus. According to various Chinese media sources, the treatment below (qi gong, Qing-Fei-Tang,Ypfs, and Huoxiang-zhengqi) has been 90% effective at shortening the duration of the virus, and treating the virus completely and with lessened symptoms if treated early enough:
Baduanjin (a form of qigong).

Qing Fei Tang (source), this formula is below:
Sheng jiang (ginger rhizome) 206mg
Huang Qin (scutellaria root) 206mg
Dang gui (tangkuei root) 138mg
Fu ling (poria) 138mg
Sang bai pi (mulberry bark) 138mg
Da zao (jujube fruit) 138mg
Zhe bei mu (fritillaria bulb) 138mg
Jie geng (platycodon root) 138mg
Zhu ru (banboo shavings) 138mg
Chen pi (citrus peel) 138mg
Tian men dong (asparagus tuber) 104mg
Shan zhi zi (gardenia) 104mg
Xing ren (apricot seed) 104mg
Mai men dong (orphiopogon tuber) 104mg
Gan cao (licorice root) 42mg
Wu wei zi (schizandra fruit) 28mg
Ypfs (Yu Ping Feng San, 玉屏風散, Jade Windscreen Powder, The Jade Screen) (Source), this formula is below:
Astragalus root(Astragalus membranaceus)(Huang Qi), Radix Astragali Membranacei
60 to 180 grams

Siler root, (Saposhnikovia divaricata),
(Ledebouriella Root),
Fang Feng,
Radix Ledebouriellae Divaricatae,
(Ledebouriella Root)
60 grams

Batractylodes rhizome, (Bai Zhu), Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae
60 grams
Huoxiang-zhengqi (Source), this formula is below:
Patchouli, Aerial Parts (Guang Huo Xiang) 193.9 mg
Perilla Leaf (Zi Su Ye) 64.6 mg
Fragrant Angelica Root (Bai Zhi) 64.6 mg
Atractylodes Rhizome (Bai Zhu) 129.3 mg
Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi) 153.5 mg
Pinellia Tuber (Ban Xia) 129.3mg
Magnolia Bark (Hou Po) 145.4 mg
Polyporus Sclerotium (Fu Ling) 88.9 mg
Balloon-flower Root (Jie Geng) 129.3 mg
Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome (Gan Cao) 129.3 mg
Mature Jujube Fruit (Da Zao) 32.4 mg
Ginger Rhizome (Sheng Jiang) 19.4 mg

Something which is certainly helping in China is acupressure/acupuncture/reflexology. Here are the pressure points that I know of which help pneumonia, upper respiratory issues, coughing, MERS, and SARS:

Ding Chuan (M-BW-1)

Also pranayama breathing (aka wim hof breathing) is good for breath and staying calm.

This Western herbal formula was found on curezone at the link below (take anything on Curezone with a grain of salt). Note that it includes magnolia and licorice, similar to the above formulations.

Vitamin C (1000 mg / day)
Magnesium supplements (400 mg / day)
Rosemary Tincture (10 drops / day)
Rosemary Tea (2 cups / day).


Here is more background on the megadose Vitamin C protocol:
From a verified official statement from Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (In Chinese:

"High dose vitamin C treatment of new coronavirus [COVID-19] pneumonia.
"On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."
China is conducting three clinical trials of up to 24,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C to treat patients with COVID-19 coronavirus and its severe respiratory complications.A coronavirus pandemic can be stopped with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C.There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular. Preventing and treating severe respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established.

Below is the Chinese language edition translated into english here:

Orthomolecular Medicine News ServiceCellular Molecular Correction Medicine NewsAuthor: Dr Andrew W Saul(Editor in Chief for Orthomolecular Medicine News Service)With the immediate and widespread use of "high-concentration (high-dose) vitamin C," a coronavirus pandemic can be significantly slowed or stopped. For decades, countriesOf doctors have proven that vitamin C has a powerful antiviral effect. There has been a general lack of coverage in the media over this effective and successful way toAnti-virus, especially the coronavirus we face today.The most important thing in preventive health care on weekdays is to "maximize the body's anti-initiation ability and its own immune ability to prevent and minimize virus attacksHuman symptoms. "The host environment of the human body is extremely important. Prevention is obviously much easier than treating serious diseases.Serious illness, don't hesitate to seek medical assistance. This is not an option. Vitamin C can be combined with drugs to treatFor serious illness.Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and International Cellular Molecular Correction Medicine(ISOM, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine) expert doctors call forMethods to prevent or minimize symptoms of future viral infections. The following cheap supplements are recommended for adults. And some children please rootChange the dose according to its weight. (Note: If you need further free Chinese consultation, please contact TSOM)Ÿ Vitamin C: 3,000mg / day (or more. Take in divided doses)Ÿ Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU / day (starting at 5,000 IU / day, lasting for two weeks, and then reducing to 2,000 IU)Ÿ Magnesium: 400 mg / day (magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, as magnesium compound or magnesium chloride)Ÿ Zinc: 20 mg / dayŸ 嘾: 100 μg / dayVitamin C [1], Vitamin D [2], magnesium [3], zinc [4] and selenium [5] have been shown to enhance immune function against viruses "The clinical evidence for the use of vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases can be traced back to the success of vitamin C in the treatment of palsy (spinePoliovirus) was first reported in the late 1940s [6]. Due to this fact, many people have not even noticed, even many people are veryHowl. Then, clinical evidence has been established for more than a few decades, and in 1980 the "Treatment of Viral Diseases" was published. [7]The effectiveness of high levels of vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections has been proven. Those who think that vitamin C has its own advantages,However, for groups that think they are not effective at high concentrations or have adverse effects on the body, I recommend asking them to read the original papers themselves. These onesIt has been a long time since doctors' research was ignored, and the more important question is: why in the case of this prion disease outbreak, why?Why can't this important and useful medical information be transmitted from government organizations to the public?Emergency announcement"I haven't had any colds that can't be cured or significantly relieved by" high concentrations (high doses) of vitamin C. " "(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)Vitamin C Protects Against CoronavirusVitamin C prevents coronavirus

I have discovered this article on the maximum safe dose of Vitamin C [PDF], especially when ill, and there seems to be no limit that is too high (in one day the doctor used 120 grams or roughly 120 doses of the RDA's measly recommendation of 1000 mg). The only side effect, diarrhea and gas, occurred after they recovered from all symptoms.

Life Extension Protocol:

Colloidal copper with a nebulizer: source: (
a saline solution of:

1 cup distilled or boiled and cooled water
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Only add the baking soda to the water once it has been cooled, and do not heat the water once the baking soda has been added. Heating the baking soda causes a chemical reaction in the baking soda which will transform it into something else that is irritating (I know from experience).

I put 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of this mixture in the nebulizer and nebulized for about 20 minutes.

Immediately after that, I put 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of the 10ppm colloidal copper in the nebulizer and nebulized that another 20 minutes.

Within 20-30 minutes of this treatment I started to be able to breathe again, felt like I was getting enough oxygen again and I went to sleep. I have been doing this treatment twice a day (morning and night) since, and my lungs and energy are gradually improving, and I have not had any more shortness of breath episodes. It was genuinely frightening. I am 36 years old so I am also not in a particularly at-risk age group.

I would advise everyone to get a nebulizer and colloidal copper (10ppm colloidal silver might work too – though this recent study showed significant growth inhibition for bacteria but not viruses in colloidal silver , and make a salt/baking soda solution to keep in the cabinet in advance of catching this thing, because when it hits, it hits hard and all of the sudden, and you feel like there is no time.

If someone is very sick, nebulizing more often would be appropriate/necessary. 20 minutes of nebulizing every hour (ten minutes each solution), or 10 minutes of nebulizing every 15-20 minutes (5 minutes each) are possibilities, but can be varied as needed. When my daughter had a very bad croup last year the only thing that helped to keep that terrible cough down was nebulizing saline /baking soda solution every hour for 20 minutes.

N-acetyl cysteine. Nebulizing liquid NAC heals the lungs and liquifies chest congestion. Moducare is also good to reduce inflamation.

Iodine: Iodine kills the MERS Corona Virus. This stuff is still prescribed for fungal infections like Sporotrichosis (with dosages). 99.99% inactivation withing 15s, proves it’s virucidal effects. There is a question on MIC and effectiveness in a real person, but Iodine may be the lost anti-viral drug that solves this global pandemic.

Rapid and Effective Virucidal Activity of Povidone-Iodine Products Against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA).

Black cumin seed oil can prevent the coronavirus from spreading in your system and kill it. Recommendation of 1 teaspoon 3 times daily as a preventative measure.

One user on Earthclinic who had the corona virus posted this experience:

I put 1/4 tsp table salt , 1/4 tsp xylitol, and 2-3 drops of lugol’s Iodine in the neti pot with distilled water.
I did this 3 times a day for awhile (2 weeks), now 1 time in the morning.
The Lugols seemed to do the trick. The sinus thing cleared. The virus did not move to my throat and lungs, it did with my son. So I’m guessing the neti pot helped with that. My son really had the coughing/lung stuff and still does.
My neck hurts in the front, (not my throat but my neck) but I don’t have the throat/lung symptoms and I continue to use the neti pot once per day, sometimes twice.
The past week, we both started taking cranberry pills and lysine every few hours, this seems to help the symptoms. Not a cure, but it did help.
I used Tylenol for the fevers. Activated charcoal for the stomach upset, which did help the nausea, but we still got diarrhea. And lots of SCD yogurt, which is home made and fermented for 24 hours – having the highest probiotic punch you can get. Way better than taking the pills.
I also use peppermint essential oil in my waterpik and topically, its known to kill viruses and its high in salicylates.

The famous Dr. D. C. Jarvis recommended a tonic twice a week of the following:

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with 1 drop of Lugol’s (5%) Solution, taken twice a week. . . . ” [I looked up Lugol”s Iodine & A.C.V. together to find the explanation for the combination, & discovered that the A.C.V. neutralizes the taste of Lugol’s Iodine. My DH has taken the tonic more than once & doesn’t taste any Iodine, so it seems to work. . . . I also add raw organic honey & Cayenne Pepper when symptoms of a virus are present.]

most important essential oils, which were key for prevention and healing during the bubonic plague are:

tea tree
lemon grass
tea tree (see Comparative study on the in vitro antibacterial activity of Australian tea tree oil, cajuput oil, niaouli oil, manuka oil, kanuka oil, and eucalyptus oil.)

MiSt’s protocol:

10-15 drops of Turpentine in water every 12 hours.5 drops of 5000iu D3 very 12 hours and 15-30 of sunlight a day at minimum if possible.10-15 drops of Castor Oil every 12 hour.1 tsp Coconut Oil.
.5ml of liquid zinc/copper (label says it contains zinc sulfate 50mg/copper sulfate 2mg per each 1.25ml dropper full).1 Tbsp Vinegar every 12 hours.5 grams (5000mg) of C (Ascorbic Acid) every 12 hours.
3 Oregano Oil liquid gel caps every 8 hours (label says 150mg and it contains 7mg of Cavacrol)..5 ml of 500ppm Colloidial SilverOlive leaf extract if I can find it.
Warm Dandelion tea with xylitol/stevia (both sweeteners kill pathogens somewhat) as desired.
Avoid all sugars, carbs and dairy while on protocol and for a few days or a week afterward.

Bill Thompson's Remedies
Bill from Philippines
March 7, 2020 at 8:34 am

I just thought, as a help, I would list some known ways of defeating the Coronavirus both inside and outside your body. All these remedies will be based on the structure and behaviour of the COVID-19 virus. And many of the anti-viral remedies I show will further be based on Ted from Bangkok’s various remedies and advice that I have read over the years concerning SARS, Ebola, HIN1, HIV, etc. This is just a random, off-the-top-of-my-head list.

COVID-19 is a virus that has an outer lipid envelope. The following remedies will act independently of the immune system to dissolve and decloak the virus lipid envelope thereby exposing the virus and allowing the immune system to easily destroy it:

coconut oil

COVID-19 and SARS are both from the coronavirus family, so Ted’s past remedies on EC for eradicating the SARS virus will most likely also effectively kill COVID-19. Here are some of his remedies for SARS:

Hydrogen Peroxide — One capful of 3% HP added to a liter of water. Drink this throughout the day. Directly kills viruses on contact and viruses cannot adjust to it. You can also nebulize HP to kill the virus directly in your lungs.

Peracetic Acid — An even stronger anti-viral remedy than HP. Made by combining ordinary distilled vinegar(not ACV) with HP + water. You can take 1/4 tblspn of this mix with a glass of water internally or rub it over your chest, back and neck for direct absorption into your body to kill the virus.

You can find this remedy here:

Nano Silver Solution – According to Ted the nano silver particles should be 10nm or less in size to penetrate everywhere in the body. To prevent the nano silver clumping (turning solution yellow) you should also add 4 – 6 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide. After a while the yellow nano solution will turn clear — indicating that all particles are 10nm or less in size. You can also combine your dosage of nano silver solution with peracetic acid if you wish.

Acetic Acid (distilled vinegar). Also directly kills viruses on contact. You can also use acetic acid in humdifiers in your home to disinfect and destroy any viruses in your home space. You can also rub vinegar on your chest, neck and back to be absorbed by the body which will also help to kill virus in your body.

Lysine — Ted’s standard all round viral killer. Taken at 1000 mgs every hour for 6 consecutive hours starting in late afternoon or early evening. Can also be taken with aspirin(4 doses per day only – dissolved in water).

Using resveratrol with quercitin — Preps and boosts the immune system against viral attack. Use the Japanese Knotweed form of resveratrol at a dose containing 150mg to 300 mg trans resveratrol per day. Quercitin is easy — just drink fresh lemon juice or lime juice(no sugar) — it contains quercitin. Better still, just take Ted’s alkalizing remedies using lime or lemons.

Humic acid — Traps the virus in a molecular cage and safely gets rid of the virus that way. Don’t use Fulvic acid — it’s not anti-viral. You should only use Humic acid(70% Humic acid, 30% fulvic acid). Raw Leonardite is what I’m taking about. You can supplement humic acid as a solution or you can use it as a fine mist to be inhaled to kill the virus directly in you lungs. Useful if your COVID-19 flu turns into the more dangerous pneumonia form.

Gum Turpentine — As I’ve said many times on EC , Turpentine is a remarkable blood purifier. What does that mean? It means that gum turpentine has wide and effective disinfectant action throughout you body against all viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Dose is one teaspoon a day.

Chanca piedra — In China they have been successfully using HIV anti-retro-viral drugs to defeat the virus because the COVID-19 virus appears to have four insertions that strongly resemble HIV genes. It’s also interesting that Vietnam — a third world country — has had 16 cases of COVID-19 infections which have all been cured using lopinavir and ritonavir which are anti-retroviral drugs. These 4 HIV-like insertions are all involved in the reproductive processes of COVID-19 virus. So why use Chanca piedra? The main reason is because Chanca piedra is currently being researched because it inhibits the reverse-transcriptase enzyme in both HIV and Hepatitis B — preventing the virus from replicating. So there’s also a good possibility that — because of COVID-19’s known HIV insertions — Chanca piedra will also act to similarly inhibit reproduction of COVID-19 in the human body.

MMS (Miracle mineral) usage in China


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