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Re: Parasite?
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Published: 23 months ago
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Re: Parasite?

It's a filarial. Quite likely Mansonella Ozzardi or a closely related but yer undocumented species. They're classified as members of the nematode phylum, but I'm not so sure they're exactly nematodes since I've seen some developmental stages [or possibly hybrids or mutants) developing short stubby legs/flippers, even little paws/hands on some anterior appendages with elbows that looked to be for holding its food while eating. So they might be something like the nematomorphs which , despite appearing most often in most forms to be a worm, contain significant DNA /genetics in common with tardigrades and isopods/copapods/arthoropods/crustations, so who knows what the heck they technically actually are and all the forms they can exist as, in a bizzare complicated life cycle that's larger and involved a lot more stages and options to reproduce than the 40-year-out-of-date-and-incomplete-thus-erroneous data that's printed about them in all the textbooks written about them today. For instance, biting flies, midges, gnats, sandflies, etc are not their only transmitting vector. Oklahoma State University and officials from the Oklahoma state health department have discovered their transmissible larvae inside mosquitoes gathered from around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. That means they're all over Texas and quite likely Louisiana and Arkansas too, and other states as well. They're not contained to South and Central America and the Caribbeans, that's bullcrap. All the deforestation of the Amazon rain forests wiped out their native home turf and unleashed a migration northwards and they are here in the US and they have adapted to new habitat rapidly.

Do any of them ever look kinda like they have a Schnauzer dog's head/face with a snout that has two little round sucker things on jt, ine above the other? and giraffe-like or snail-like pair of antennae on its head, sometimes tilted back, resembling a dog's or horse's ears? The eyes are usually easily visible and sometimes they have a pair of nostrils that's easy to see as well. Here's some pics of mine. including a pic of a schnauzer dog for comparision.

They are tough bastards to kill/cure too. If you've got adults dissolving holes in your sinus tissues and coming out your nose, it also means there are likely thousands of tiny "microfilaria" baby larvae cruising around your bloodstream all over your body too. Ivermectin is supposed to quickly eradicate the microfilarial larvae of this species in one or two treatments. That's bullsh-t. It doesn't, or it doesn't anymore. Maybe it once did decades ago but not anymore. It may put a serious dent in a percentage of them though. Moxidectin is much better. Ivermectin and moxidectin do nothing to the adults except perhaps stir them up and upset them. Doxycycline kills off a certain bacteria that grows symbiotically inside the adults though, that they need to metabolize food and to reproduce. The female adults become sterile without the bacteria. All the official documentation says they cannot reproduce inside the human body. That's wrong too. They can utilize their own adult bodies sacrificially as an intermediate host or use the bodies of other parasite creatures that might be present in your GI tract as intermediates too. I've observed this happening in myself for almost a year before finally getting these bastards started down a path towards eradication, and that's a long, long path too. Expect it to take a full year at least, and so far the best already-developed protocol I've found that works in them is what's called SHARKMAN'S Protocol. You'll need a year's supply of doxycycline 100mg pills, a year's supply of albendazole - the goat/cattle veterinary solution called Valbazen is an economical source of albendazole and it doesn't really taste *that* bad, a years supply of ivermectin (horse dewormer gel) a year's supply of moxidectin (horse gel) and follow the protocol closely. I'm using a modification to that protocol, auggested by Matt3k, in adding low doses of levamisole too (Prohibit brand goat drench powder, you must have a milligram accurate scale to measure doses) Also occasionally running cycles of 2 pyrantel pamoate treatments two weeks apart, followed by give the pyrantel adequate time, like several hours, to paralyse whatever's in the GI tract and then drinking a small bottle of the magnesium citrate "clear everything out" laxative solution, which it like liquid plumber for your intestines. Stay close to your bathroom for the rest of the day for this. You will expell some scarey things too. Some of the Mansonella adults can get over an inch in diameter and several inches long when they're being parasitized themselved and living in the intestines as nurseries for incubating new batches of young and they change form, grow limbs, scales, and armored segments. When you crap out the freshly killed versions of these, sometimes sharp spikes or edges if their bodies will cut small gouges in your colon, rectum, and sphincters on the way out and you will bleed fresh blood. Unless you're a hemophiliac, it'll quickly stop bleeding and you'll heal in a couple of days. That's these bastards' way of giving you the finger as their last act of defiance for kicking them out if your body. I've been battling them since last summer, trying everything under the sun, but this is the closest thing Ive found that shows promise as a cure eventually. I've probably reduced my infestation by at least 80% now since September, and will continue the protocol for at least 6 months after the last trace of evidence has disappeared. All the herbal stuff for "natural deworming" in the world seems mostly useless on these, however Oil of Wild Oregano is a great deterrent for getting them to leave your face, forehead, etc. You can even take some internally, it tastes very strong though, even kinda burns but I got used to it. Its very good for killing other kinds of parasites you might have in your gut, and if you have one parasite, youll have several since they make an enzyme that makes your immune system stop resoonding to them, and that enzyme is broad spectrum, it also downregulates immune response other species too, making it super easy for them to move in and invade unchallenged, and then those in turn will make similar enzymes and then the whole mess snowballs into a huge nightmare.

Also you must take vitamins, minerals, etc to boost your health and immune system best you can. I also take Black Elderberry which helps boost immune response. It works. Mega doses of vitamin C can work as a fast acting laxative too if you don't want to chug a bottle of magnesium citrate everytime you want to flush your intestines out.

One piece of advice, do no take a big combo of praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, ivermectin, fenbendazole, and albendazole all at the same time. it will piss off the adults of Mansonells so fiercely, like they must be bathing in a lake of chemical fire or something, but it won't directly kill them, they're too tough, but it will force a percentage of them to try to escape your body like rats jumping from a burning ship, and they will dissolve holes right thru your skin from wherever they might be, to the outside, and it will cover your skin all over in a nighmare of sores with worms emerging to get out. I only made that mistake.... once, and no it was nit my imagination, here's photographic proof of that little slice of hell I learned about the hard way. Here's the pics if one boring a hole in my forehead to escape, and another trued to escape out my tear duct in the corner of my eye and I squooshed it under the skin, killing it but it caused a nasty infection afterwards.

Furthermore, I have seem things that lead me to believe this species is connected strongly somehow to Morgellons Syndrome because virtually all of their worm parts that I pick or blow out of my nose have segments of multicolored fibers growing inside and coming out of them, black, red, blue, green and white fibers.. some flow under Uv light,.... and black specks exactly like what you see in pics on all the Morgellons websites. I do not have any of the other symptoms associated with Morgellons, just a suspicion that mansonella and Morgellons might be one and the same since if you don't have any visible adult mansonella worms making their presence known obviously, you could still have tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of their microfilaria criusing around your bloodstream, lymphatic system, subcutaneously, everywhere and they're microscopic so you won't see them. They arrived in the US about the same time as the Morgellons iutbreaks began showing up too, and in the same geographical locations too such as Texas and California. Hmmmmm. think there's a connection? I sure do.

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