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Re: Suggestions on ways to improve chelation of Thallium?

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Published: 31 months ago
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Re: Suggestions on ways to improve chelation of Thallium?

I appreciate everything you've just told me. Every bit of info I can get helps.

The problem I'm now trying to understand is that, most of my issues recently exploded 10 fold 2-3 days after I stopped all of my chelating supplementation cold turkey in order to test for the heavy metals again. The test is a "6 hour challenge" test by Doctor's data that collects urine for 6 hours after taking a specific 1 time dosage of dmsa.


This is not the first time I heard from people having horrible reactions to dmsa, specifically these massive loading tests. Don’t do them anymore. DMPS is the preferable chelator.

I did one about 1.5 years ago, and then another maybe 6-8 months ago, which actually showed the levels had increased. My NP said that is actually a good thing as the protocol is "scooping" deeper stores and cleaning out hidden areas.


It is probably* good, assuming you are not exposed to current sources and assuming that your aren’t just moving stuff around. Also it’s only good if you can actually survive the detoxification process. In one of the Cutler books he says that in cases where many toxic elements are elevated, an elevated thallium level can be just an artifact.

What I didn't mention in my previous post at the time, is that my body feels like all of my organs are clogged and my entire system is freaking out. My kidneys and head are in pain 24/7. When I try to take things like probiotics, or chlorella or charcoal in really small doses, it gives me unbearable pains and ringing in my ears. My limbs are starting to get sore and painful again, when they weren't as bad before I stopped. I'm getting disjointed thoughts and difficulty with my eye sight and my feet start to lose circulation rather quickly when I sit.


Also not the first time I heard this story. In fact it’s more like the norm for people who are really poisoned out. You have to go at your own pace, take whatever breaks you feel you need and use all tools at your disposal. From what I recall Cutler was not a fan of chlorella. Were you taking cracked cell chlorella? Are you getting adequate animal protein? I think in this case it will help your kidneys. Saturated fats also can help to some degree to protect your organs and also act as weak temporary binders.

Right now I'm not taking any chelators. I'm just doing ionic foot bath once a week and Epsom Salt bath every night (which gives me this weird heavy cigarette smoke I smell for the rest of the night). I stopped taking the lipoic acid and started taking the coq10 instead. I found that if I took vit C with lipoic acid and no chelators, it seemed to mess with my head. I'm also taking NAC because it's the only thing that seems to help reduce the pain in my kidneys. I can try the selenium, I'm not sure how well it binds though. My naturopath wants to focus on mitochondrial support by having me do stuff like epsom bath, infrared lighting and distilled water with trace minerals, but I'm not sure how much benefit it can give me while this is still going on.


Animal protein will most likely help similar to NAC. Be careful of every new thing you do and don’t push too hard. Selenium can act protectively or it can also add to your burden by increasing the detoxification. I don’t see sauna listed anywhere in the protocol. Long term sauna is one of the best ways to detox metals.

It's strange that sulpher kicks up all these metals, yet my naturopath has suggested stuff like garlic supplements to apparently aid in my kidney function and the lipoic acid for antioxidant support. He is definitely following the Dr. Klinghardt protocol. He seems pretty adament about the ephicacy of Ionic foot bath+ chlorella+ cilantro (Which I want to point out, that I read you're not supposed to take chlorella without cilantro because chlorella is sloppy and the cilantro helps carry it out. But then I also get information saying not to take cilantro).


Just follow the body. Whatever feels right is right. Sulphur amino acids from animal protein again.

I'm just so confused by all the information and having trouble trying to find the right approach. I just want my body to stabalize itself again so I can try getting back on track, but I'm afraid to go back on the chlorella because at a low dose, it makes things almost worse. But I hear dmsa can be equally as bad if not worse. I've read Cutler's exerpt on the thallium (thank ou for providing that btw) and have been trying to get in touch with a medical practitioner who can provide me with prussian blue, or dmsa, but my GP doesn't understand heavy metal chelating and when I tried to do a regular 24 hour urine test with my GP, it came back as a factor of 7 of either umol/L or 7 nmol/day from a 3.40L sample of urine. According to the nurses that's nothing to worry about? I was taking chlorella at the time, so I don't know if that distorted the numbers.


Have you considered hair mineral test as a way to track progress? You will also have the benefit of seeing your mineral profile and any other heavy metals that could be in the mix.

The fact of the matter is, I have no clue whether the levels of metal in my system went up or down until I can manage to do the same 6 hour dmsa test again.

If it is like you say and I was essentially pushing things too fast and then all of a sudden stopped, leaving all that mobilized HM to pool into sensitive spots, how do I get things moving again when everything just feels so overloaded.


There is probably room for improvement in diet. Vitamin C rich fruits/veggies or supplemental acerola cherry powder. Animal protein as mentioned 3x earlier, test saturated fats: ghee, coconut fat, beef fat, lamb fat, some calf liver if tolerated, illite clay for binding, sauna for detox, colored berries to help bind metals (blueberry, raspberry), getting squared on which of the chelators you can actually tolerate. DMPS is usually best tolerated.


Have you experimented at all with raising/lowering potassium. Do this very carefully just to test the waters. I see that Cutler also recommends this for thallium. I would only use food sources so that you can adjust levels by taste.


Iodine will likely complex with thallium, but you need to be extremely careful and do low dosing in case it makes things worse.


Keep bowels, kidney and liver moving as best you can. I would say no to distilled water and yes to high quality fruit or vegetable juice.


Taurine might help thin bile and keep liver in decent shape.


Humic acid supplement might help.


I would poke around to find a functional medicine doctor, your naturopath does not sound competent.


Are you supplementing minerals?


Half of detoxing is keeping strong. Actually it's probably more than half because if you die or get damaged it doesn't matter how clever you were with the detox protocol.


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