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Published: 16 months ago


I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease + Bartonella infection in 2009. I had been sick for several years prior to that, experiencing z multitude of debilitating symptoms. I went through the gamut of doctors ranging from ID docs, neurologists, oncologists, IM, etc. When I finally hit the right MD and tested positive for bartonella and had 4-6 Lyme Western Blot bands show up, I was put on several Antibiotic combinations. I never really improved, and eventually just started to self-treat with herbs and supplements in order to stay functional.

Fast forward to 2016, when I was doing my undergrad. I become a regular at the university hospital, in and out of the doc’s office for one thing after another. I probably went there 20-30 times in a few years. I had reoccurring swollen tonsils and sore throat, persistent flu-like illness, “viral meningitis,” tinnitus in one ear (which they suspected a tumor), insomnia, chronic fatigue… you name it. I barely had any blood work done, but once my white blood cells were off the charts and my doc personally called my Cell Phone and told me to go immediately to the ER. Overall, I wasn’t really treated for anything and certainly no infectious agent was considered (other than the common cold/flu bug or an “unknown” virus for the meningitis).

Now I’m in a grad program and have been at times barely functioning. The fatigue, drowsiness, weakness, and feeling that my body was about to collapse as well as memory/concentration issues have been worse than ever. I also have recently experienced heart palpitations when I exerted myself such as briefly running or going up a flight of stairs that made me grab my chest several times and have to wait it out.

The past weekend I attended a huge health convention and there happened to be a live blood cell microscopy booth, which I’ve wanted to have done for years, so I signed up for it and had it done. The results were sobering:
Together with the technician, we watched a variety of creatures swimming in my blood for 30 minutes. These forms were distinct and clear amongst the red blood cells… worm-like slithering microbes, parasites, etc. I was given paperwork afterwards and here is what was easily found in my blood:
-Fungal forms
-Many bacteria (rated 8/10 severity) – likely Lyme
-Ascaris (eggs/worms)
-some yeast (small amount)

My blood gathered a crown of 3 techs who were in awe by the load and variety of things swimming around. Now I have validation for my symptoms and overall state of health.

I’m desperate to start some regimen and begin bringing down the numbers of these things. I wanted to ask the CZ community which I should address first (in what order): bacteria, parasites or viruses (yeast wasn’t a big issue for me).

Also, now I’m ready to purchase a zapper ASAP and have narrowed it down to these models. Which should I choose:

Need guidance and support… please weigh in if you have any thoughts… Thx in advance

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