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Re: Newfound drug for parasitic infections
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Published: 29 months ago
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Re: Newfound drug for parasitic infections

Before you order meds, there are many who can give guidance.
Typically one gets a source that has been tested, or is a known safe med, at a certain level.
Off shore sources can be safe, or need to be tested depending on if someone has experience with company.
There are tests like melting point that identify the chemical structure, for meds that others have not yet had tested.
Typically where to get a specific med takes time and a bit of communications.
Sometimes once a Elisa test, or Doctor is brought in that is helpful, prescriptions can be written, that lower the cost of treatment. This does not happen often, because most doctors are misinformed. Some are quite open, helpful, and can be a resource.

Before starting a routine, there are precautions.
What is your tongue pH?
What is your status of minerals and metals, hair analysis for essential things.
Do you have a integrated health clinic, homeopathy guide, naturalist?
I got my hair analysis done at a health food store, not much money.
Several of the better hair test companies left the country, but still can perform the test.

pH can tell you if you are standing on a cliff. Some people can be so ill, and have no idea. nominal pH numbers to start treatment is 6.5, if when you first get up, no food or drink, touch paper to bottom of tongue for 5 seconds.

Hair analysis give you some idea of potassium magnesium status.
Loss of molecular weight above Iron 28, shows trend of acidosis. A routine is needed to manage you pH ions, and keep safe.

When you are in the killing zone, many need potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, small dose daily.

Many have SIBO, yeast, other issues. These need to be done first.

Intro physical, chem 7 blood test, liver enzymes is a good idea.

Emergency meds, like natural pain killers, balance supplements, pH naturals, certain amino supplements are also required.

Having a dozen of these in hand, when first starting, can avoid a lot of pain, and sickness.

Getting started normally scans and creates a record, journal that can be used later.

Typical introduction meds, like invermectin, albendazole, low dose daily can help inform one of situation.

Challenge of white worms, flat worms, red worms conventional, prehistoric worms, protozoans, all should be done for a few days each, to create a picture of the infection. This helps later when you fail the first time.

Complicated infections occur often, where multiple parasites weaken the immune system, and once you get a member of a family (phylum), you may get other related by chemistry parasites.

Get one, you can get them all.

Really sick people have flat, white, red infections all at the same time.

Color means nothing, flat worms (playhelminths) flukes, tapes, react to flat worm meds.
White worms like hook, ascaris, some toxocanis, react to white worm meds.
Red worms, Strongyloides, Strongyles, etc, react to red worm meds.

Identity of the species sometimes only occurs after treatment pushes them out.

Have a macrozoom camera so that common species can be identified by others (who have had) then they can give you what worked for them.

It may take months, or years, depending on your exposures, and expect it to change your habits, and routine significantly.

Eventually most get better.

Cures take a lot of focus, effort, time.

Action, getting started, is only the first step, into a much larger world.

Find sources, contacts, make friends, send private emails, join groups, explore the world of self help.

Many groups are hidden, and privacy is a big issue for many.

It is the information that must be shared, especially among those who need the information.

Stay in touch.

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