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People underestimate the physiological role in mental illnes

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levithanh339 Views: 321
Published: 24 months ago

People underestimate the physiological role in mental illnes

Whether it be AD/HD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar etc. people will underestimate the CONTROL our biology holds over us. People blame weird, annoying, depressing, inappropriate, and irrational behavior on character (or lack of). They blame it on the parents, they blame the person, they blame the persons bad choices, etc.. It's an ongoing cycle of blame blame blame.

These people have a physiological DISORDER of the entire body and mind. They have a severe lack (or in some cases, excess) of neurotransmitters in their brain. Even though they may have periods of normalcy where their neurotransmitters have spiked from some external trigger, they are running very low on these chemicals. It's like trying to drive a car when the gas is leaking -- the gas runs out extremely quickly, and the car stops. You can keep on filling the gas up to keep on driving forward, but you will constantly be low on gas and panicking about where you'll be stuck next.

So they are low in one or more neurotransmitter, OK that is the first physical disorder. Most psychiatrists, and doctors stop here and are stuck in a vicious course of trying to 'refill the gas' (the persons neurotransmitters) through antidepressants, stimulants, tranquilizers, etc.

But it goes further. They are disordered to their very biological cells. They are severely deficient in vitamins and minerals (as shown in a hair mineral analysis). Their hormones our out of balance. Their body is most likely toxic as well from buildup of heavy metals, waste, hidden infections, bacteria, and parasites (we all have parasites, and yet for some reason it's taboo to do regular dewormings in people). None of this is obvious, and it isn't something most people choose to test, or that you even can test that easily. Their exercise is a non-existent mess (usually because of the deficiencies, and toxic build-up, resulting in weakness and no motivation), their diet is crap, and their personal and spiritual life is devoid of any depth.

The result is anxiety, irrational behavior and thoughts, crying fits, anger, hyperactivity, inactivity, euphoria, exhaustion. obsessive tendencies, suicidal tendencies, overly obnoxious, overly quiet, and just a general sense of malaise!!!

When people see someone vomiting, with a dangerously high fever, you SEE a sick person. You feel EMPATHY for them (something a lot of people lack for the mentally ill). You don't pressure the person to try and not to throw up, because you know that is the bodies way of healing itself. You don't pressure a person with a broken leg to get up, and walk to the store to do the usual grocery shopping, because you know you'll be making it worse. You SEE it, you have proof in front of your eyes of cause and effect.

But when someone with a mental illness comes along we for some reason show absolutely no empathy, no caring, no respect, no understanding. Why? Because embedded in our brains is the belief that we all are 100% in control of our thoughts, choices, beliefs, and behavior. Plus how can we possible feel empathy for someone who blows up into an angry rage, and verbally abuses everyone around them? How can we care about someone who doesn't care about themselves? How can we befriend someone who isn't friendly? How can we like someone who is constantly in a state of hyperactivity and completely impulsive with no sense of control? They are all unlikeable traits, they don't make US feel good. When we don't like something we try to get rid of it. We try to get away from things that make us unwell. We push it away ("GET AWAY FROM ME!!!").

Surely seeing your 90 year old Grandma in a wheel chair doesn't excite you and make you happy does it? Would you still be helpful and supportive if she needed an extra hand? Probably. It's tougher for her to get around, so you probably would assist her if she did need some extra help. That is polite and humane thing to do. Now... what if your grandma was a completely obsessive BITCH. She verbally abuses you, and in her spare time she would enjoy nothing more than to hang herself from a tree. For some reason we kind of back away and are less supportive. We avoid and ignore the person altogether. Hell, some people would wish that she did hang herself!

WHY????????? Your grandma is equally if not more sick. She is so sick, she is making you sick! Only a sick person can make another person sick! She needs your support more in the second example than in the first for heavens sake! That isn't your grandma talking! The chemicals that make her happy, productive, confident, and energetic are dangerously low! The chemicals that make your grandma the nice, helpful, kind, caring and comforting person she really is are LITERALLY drained. She is also PHYSICALLY sick, but in a non-obvious way. She doesn't have a 10 pound tumor hanging from her face, but she has hidden vitamin and mineral deficiencies which exasperate her symptoms. A severe deficiency in a single vitamin can cause severe neurological symptoms. She probably also has a lot of parasite infections in her body which deplete her vitamin levels even further, and eat away her health. She has parasites because she grew up in a western society where it is taboo to continue deworming like humans have been doing for thousands of years. If we start deworming people we somehow become a 'dirty' society -- nothing could be farther from the truth. Only five different types parasites can be accurately diagnosed in a stool sample by your doctor -- but there are thousands. So your Grandma neurotransmitters are depleted, her vitamin and mineral levels are dangerously low, she is infected with parasites, and filled with toxins (when I say toxins, it is a vague term I use for any substance that is slowly poisoning your body, and we are all toxic to a degree), her hormones have probably completely fallen out of whack and are imbalanced (another cause people rarely acknowledge), and her life is complete and utter torture.

The point I'm trying to make is, ALL negative symptoms, are a reflection of inner sickness. Mental symptoms are a reflection of internal sickness. These people with what you would originally think of as just having 'bad character' are in actuality physically sick to the core, and it is just as painful (if not more) as the person with a broken back, the person vomiting with a dangerously high fever, the grandma in a wheelchair and unable to walk. It can even be more debilitating for them than the person with a freaking 10 pound tumor hanging from their face!!!

I am trying to demonstrate that there needs to be more empathy, acceptance, understanding, and HELP for these people. Just like you wouldn't let go of your grandmas wheelchair as you are helping her down a steep hill or ramp ("BYE GRANDMA!!!!!" *CRASH*), you don't IGNORE, discourage, ABUSE, criticize, BLAME, or further harm those that are already sick!!! If someone blows up into a rage for absolutely no reason and starts abusing you for no reason, that is a very obvious reflection of how dangerously sick they are both mentally AND physically. Some people honestly think that responding with abuse to the abuser is somehow 'teaching' the sick person a lesson. No, that is equivalent to throwing your sick Grandma down the stairs because her 10 pound tumor made you feel disgusted (Yes, I'm pushing it -- but you get my point). It spreads sickness, intolerance, and downright inhumanity.

I dare you to run up to your parents/partner/family when they scream at you next time for no reason at all, and give them the most loving hug and kiss you could possibly give someone. Tell them you love them and forgive them. APOLOGIZE even though you haven't done nothing. Just by doing that you give them a natural spike of neurotransmitters, you have just spread HEALTH. By being so humane and caring, you now increase the chance of recovery. That spike may motivate the person to change their thinking -- which changes their brain chemistry. The small change in brain chemistry may motivate them to take further action in their life to make a complete mental and physical recovery. That hug and love ain't gonna heal anybody completely, but you did temporarily put a band-aid on the problem and increased the chance of getting to the ROOT of the problem in the future.

To sum it up: Mental illness is NOT a character flaw like some people might think. Mental illness is sickness. Mental illness has a deep mental and physical root. On the surface you may notice disorderly conduct, and irrational behavior. This irrationality is a very clear reflection of low neurotransmitter levels in the brain which is VERY painful for the person. But it doesn't stop at low neurotransmitter levels like many psychiatrists may have you think. It also reflects a deeper set of physical problems and imbalances that aren't easily diagnosed by conventional medical tests. These may include vitamin & mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, negative thoughts & energy, parasite infections, and a build up of toxins in the body. When looking at it, mental illness is EQUIVALENT to any common physical illness, including a broken leg, and even something as debilitating as cancer. Mental illness requires the same care, humanity, and comprehensive support as someone suffering from cancer. Even though they may make you feel unwell, and they may have many annoying traits -- they require love and care in order to get better. If we react to the negative behaviors of the sick with more negative behaviors, we make them even more sick and even more negative! In order to end this vicious cycle we need to change our attitude toward the mentally ill, and encourage them to get to the ROOT of their problems.

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