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Taking Chlorella for metal detox, but experiencing odd results. Is this Detox or could it be an allergic reaction or something else?
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Published: 3 years ago

Taking Chlorella for metal detox, but experiencing odd results. Is this Detox or could it be an allergic reaction or something else?

So I've been taking Chlorella along with cilantro as chelation therapy for about a few months to detox from What feels like unapologetic metal toxicity of lead/thallium/cesium. At first, when taking it I had no issues with the chlorella/cilantro. I've been taking it for about 2 months straight. I ended up taking some ibuprofen, which did not agree with my system. It took me a good couple of months to heal from that, but it caused issues with my sternum/stomach in terms of sensitivity. It created a large burning feeling that took a couple of months to recover about 80% from. After that debacle, I ended up taking some DMSA provocation tablets that are supposed to pull metals from your system so you can pee them out and then it shows the levels of metals in a urinalysis. about 3ish days after taking that, I started noticing I was getting a burning feeling again, though now it was largely located in my esophagus and causing a scratchy type of pain in my sternum, just above my stomach and just below the sternal bone along with inconsistent spasming. My naturopath told me to stop taking all the chlorella and cilantro for a while, and so I've been off of it for about 2 months or so. The acid reflux has mostly gone away, but I still get the pain in my sternum.

Now here's the interesting thing, about a week ago I started taking the chlorella + cilantro (in a tincture) again because I was tired of feeling so shit all the time. I started taking 1 chlorella tablet with food and I noticed that I actually felt a little better! after 3 days my head was hurting real bad, so I took 5 drops of cilantro and immediately my sternum started burning. I repeated the process the next day with only 3 cilantro drops and felt a big difference in pain (it was far less) I then read you should take it away from food for best effectiveness. So I started doing that. When I did though I noticed that the pain comes back pretty strong. I read that if you have negative symptoms to increase the dosage, so I bumped it up to 6-7 chlorella tablets to 3-4 cilantro drops. It stopped making me feel as upset in my head/kidneys, but my sternum still gets upset (in fact a little bit more so) when I take them unless I take it with food (it's not completely pain-free, but noticeably diminished). If I rub cilantro on my chest (just 2 drops) it takes away like 85% of the pain for a few hours. I've also been doing ionizing foot baths for helping to pull metals, but every time I do, that burning/sternum pain gets worse the day I do it and makes me belch while I'm doing it (oh yeah, I'm constantly burping. Mostly whenever I swallow anything, be it food or water, but even when I'm not and sometimes get a sore throat that goes away as quickly as it came).

So does this sound like an allergic reaction? Or could it be that when I took the DMSA a couple of months ago, it pooled the metals into my esophageal/stomach organs and has essentially been sitting there ever since and so when it gets pulled out, that's what I'm feeling? I'm really perplexed and my Naturopath can't give me any answers. He thought it might be a hiatal hernia, but I don't understand how it would react in this way. Even if it was, there's no recourse for me to take aside from surgery and I've been doing everything diet/exercise wise to help relieve hernial symptoms to no avail. If anyone has any sliver of an idea as to what might be happening, I would be grateful. Of if you could direct me to a more appropriate section. As I can't just ignore the metal toxicity I've been dealing with. Thanks!

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