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Re: Black locust & honey locust
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Published: 15 months ago
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Re: Black locust & honey locust

All of the thorn trees in my area create the gigantic thorns....they have long large seed pods and will take over and destroy a woods. Wild Honeysuckle bushes are the plague of the state; they will spread so thick that large animals can not even walk through the thickets. The other pest tree is cotton wood--it grows huge and the wood has little value. It often will turn hollow and fill up with water; so when you cut into it, it will flow out many gallons of water on your chain saw. the tree often is so big that the amish will split the tree with gun powder so they can reduce the weight so they can pick it up. They slice grooves into the wood, pack with gun powder and then ignite it forcing it to split open.

Cotton wood trees are extremely difficult to push over. The roots are like rubber bands.About 30 years ago using a D6 CAT Dozer I was pushing down hill against a cotton wood tree. The grade was very steep and all limestone rock. The amount of force against the tree was great---all the dozer had and with the aid of gravity it literally pulled / stretched the entire tree about 3 feet out of the ground and just when I thought it might push the tree over----the tree roots literally sling shot the doser back up the hill and the tree "JUMPED" back in place and still stands there to this day, growing in 100% rock. The doser weighed about 20,000# and was thrown like a toy up - hill.....which made my forehead hit the roll cage and about knocked me out. I immediately got off, went to the house and laid down and was out for a few hours. Had the strangest/bazzar dream as well.

Some trees are tough and the thorn trees are very tough, very difficult to remove with chain saw and best taken put with large dosers and then keep all rubber tires away until all the thorns rot over time. YES, they can puncture the largest tractor tires.

The thorn trees are good burning wood---long ago I use to enjoy cutting them down for fire wood and you basically take your saw and cut off all the thorns first. I remember the last thorn tree I cut down and used a wood splinter
and some how while splitting the very "stringy" wood, when the wood did not fully split, my thumb got stuck between the wood and there I was setting back in a woods with a 30# chunk of wood stuck on my thumb and not thinking--started walking to the house with the wood and then about 50 feet away, I realized my solution was to put the log back into the wood splitter and simply split it again until it opened up and let go of my thumb. if I had actually walked to the house about 200 yards away carrying the wood, odds are that long of a time period would have damaged the skin/meat. Often with accidents you panic before you think.

When you go to Michigan near the sand dunes they like to explain the cotton wood trees---it is a unique tree in that as the winds move the dunes location over time, the cotton wood tree is 1 tree that can handle the change. as the sand approaches on the cotton wood trees the tree can be buried in sand and keep growing and literally still look like a tree, even though it may be covered up with 100 foot hill of sand.

The scrap trees often adapt and become a plague; while the hard woods used by man for building often can not tolerate change and they fade away as invasive worthless trees and bushes take over. IN NATURE, all species must adapt or die, no different for humans.

Today in North America the chem trail jets have created a country plagued with mold and less sunlight that has destroyed our hard wood trees coast to coast---the great trees of America are all on their way out and all the invasive none useful trees have replaced them...if you walk into the oldest woods that people wanted to be left nature---the hard wood trees are falling over at record numbers, because the bottoms of the trees were eaten up with fungus. Pr-Military Jets there was only moss on the North Side of Trees---thanks to 70 years of chemical spraying and filling the skies with aluminum and titanium dioxides to kill the humans--the side effect is that they also killed off the good trees.


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