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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

Essentially Tansy there is a parallel here. The pharisees and their prosthelytes do essentially think they were trying to save Jesus' soul with their religious Dogma. If you were a prosthelyte of the pharisees back in Jesus day, you would have been in favor of the pharisee's personal attacks against Jesus and defending these pharisees in their personal attacks saying, "well Jesus is just not appreciating that these pharisees are trying to save His soul". Today you trust in the same same type of institutionalized religious system, this time in the form of Catholic originated religious Dogma that Rainy so zealously trusts in and somehow, amazingly, neither of you, nor billions of other people throughout history have been able to see that this Dogma is immensely contrary to the Lord Jesus' own teachings and this also includes the idol worship of a bible, ascribing God-like characteristics to it that simply do not exist. You assume that Rainy's catholic originated dogma is right and that my desire to follow the actual teachings of Jesus is wrong. That's just one of your many mistakes and so many other mistakes in your thinking are the direct result of this one.

Also Tansy, i have been saying that you are supportive of Rainy because you align with her catholic originated religious dogma and this is so obviously true because if you supported my doctrinal beliefs instead of hers, then you would think it was me who was trying to save Rainy's soul and you would support any and all abusive tactics in that endeavor. The fact that you are her friend is secondary to your dogmatic alignment with her and likely you would not be friends with her if you did not agree dogmatically because Rainy would be launching hostility filled ad hominem attacks against you which is really all she knows.

My actual quote was the following: "I would only encourage you to examine your heart and to be very careful as to whose child you are choosing to be". It's a warning to be careful in your choices, not a statement of who your father is.

Do you think you could do me a favor and at least try to correctly represent what i have actually written? Its quite counter-productive having to consistently correct your misrepresentations when all you really have to do is pay more careful attention to what i am actually writing.

It's interesting you say that i have disappointed you greatly Tansy and i can only say with the deepest sincerity and with sadness in my heart that the feeling is most definitely mutual. I have tried very hard to help you to see truth and you have no appreciation for this whatsoever. No matter what i have said, you have continued to cling to catholic originated Dogma and in truth that false system and its false dogma is your idol and essentially it is your lord.

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