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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

It was a simple timing issue Tansy. Once Rainy apologized about 10 days ago or so, i didn't want to continue discussing her pre-emptive ad hominem attacks in the public forum. I wanted to show her that respect as a natural and healthy response to her own healthy actions. But then a few days later she began to do it all over again and so i was prepared to challenge it all over again. So in that time after she apologized and before she started back in with the ad hominem's, i wanted to address your public question to me in a private pm. Does this adequately explain it?

As far as you introducing information from our pms into the public forum and then saying i'm not allowed to do what you just did, what you initiated, i see that as being manipulative and hypocritical. I feel that your general practice of bringing up private issues in the public forum was manipulative, including reaching back 6 months to do it. As well, you had 6 months to tell me privately that you didn't want me to pm you, but instead, you had to make a public spectacle of it which i see as an inappropriate and grandiose gesture and more manipulation.

I also feel that your bias and absence of fair mindedness has been troubling and that it ultimately results in deceit and dishonesty, even if you are completely unaware of what you are doing. Are you still unable to acknowledge that rainy pre-emptively initiated 20 personal attacks in this thread and/or that pre-emptive initiation of ad hominem personal attacks is not mature and Christlike behavior as a way of voicing a difference of doctrinal opinion? If you are unable to do this, then i would suggest that you are stuck in a state of willful blindness, bias, favoritism, etc. That you are not successfully separating your religious beliefs from hostile and disrespectful behavior. You are acting as if as long as someone agrees with you doctrinally, then they can behave as abusively towards those who have a differing opinion as they would like and no matter how abusive they are, it's perfectly ok since they agree with your religious opinions.

Here are two paragraphs for you from a post i made a couple days ago. Both of them heavily involve you.

Another tangential point here is that various people have been enabling Rainy's bad behavior in this thread because they have been unable to separate their agreement with Rainy's Catholic originated dogma from Her hostile and angry emotionally driven personally attacking bad behavior which is an entirely separate issue from whatever Catholic originated Dogma these individuals agree with Rainy and the Catholic church upon.

"I would dare say that if everything had been reversed, if Rainy had been the one sincerely seeking God's truth in love through prayer, fasting and using actual non institutionalized Holy Spirit discernment - apart from placing so much trust in and dependency upon Catholic originated Dogma - and if i had been the one conforming to this Dogma which the false catholic church forced upon the populace literally with the threat of torture and/or death by burning at the stake to any and all non-conformists then as a supporter and propagator of Catholic Dogma, as a twice the son of hell zealot of this religious system, i would have been able to pre-emptively initiate 20 personal attacks against Rainy and these enablers would have been defending my actions and would have set their hearts against her and gaslit a version of a story that would have minimized and justified these pre-emptive personal attacks and would have reversed in their counterfeit version of reality which individual had actually pre-emptively initiated these personal hostilities."

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