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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

Tansy:  Living in the spirit thanks for your pm regarding Rainy but I think in this instance it is better to discuss her in the debate forum rather than in private as it is her that you have accused of attacking you and I don't feel comfortable about debating this in a pm, it is much better on an open forum when the pm is concerning someone else where the matter is being discussed.

Ed: In the hopes of bringing clarity since i'm pretty sure people might get the wrong idea from what you have written here, the following is what i said to you in the pm as a response to your public question from about 10 days ago wanting me to detail what additional personal attacks were made by Rainy:  "Hi Tansy, Since Rainy apologized for her behavior, i don't want to continue challenging her on what she did, most especially not publicly which is why i am responding to you in private"  Next pertinent comment: "If you are sincerely interested in wanting to learn from this experience and if you feel that knowing specifically what i consider to be Rainy's additional personal attacks and that this would be helpful to you and fruitful i would be willing to share."  

I was just responding to your public question as a courtesy and in such a way that would hopefully not keep the issue stirred up in the public forum after Rainy apologized.  Since you hadn't responded to this pm of about 10 days ago, i never did clarify to you what additional personal attacks Rainy had made.  I wasn't going to do so without first being convinced that you were sincere in wanting to know the truth and that you were sincere in genuinely wanting to learn something.  So far and unfortunately i don't feel that this has been the case.  Also i was not interested in debating anything with you in pm either, which is why i wasn't intending to answer your question unless or until i sensed sincerity from you as well as a willingness to be unbiased and fair minded which also to this point has not been the case. 
Tansy: I really don't want to pm about someone who I believe has more than proved herself on this topic. It is time to move on...

Ed: You didn't want to pm, but you did want to continue discussing it publicly even after she apologized which is something i did not want to do.   Also, since Rainy has resumed her personal hostilities, i will say here that your on going exceedingly biased belief that the initiator of the personal attacks has proven herself is noted. 

Tansy: No offence meant but I never asked you to contact me and you did even though I hardly know you and I know from past experiences...

Ed: I have only ever looked upon pm's as another natural form of communication among human beings and nothing taboo,  but since you are expressing for the very first time that you don't want to receive a pm from me, then quite simply you won't and all you had to do was to say at any point that this was what you wanted.  I know it took 6 months for you to address this and i know you chose to handle this private concern publicly which to be honest i believe you have ulterior motives for doing,  but I am happy that you finally clarified your wishes so that at least i now know what they are.  Just so you know this isn't rare, i have also communicated in pm with Rainy, Refreshed, Vektek, Trapper, Doc, Tomi, Loquat and several others from this site in pm over the months or years.  

Tansy: I did give you the courtesy of answering you six months ago when you contacted me about someone else from the debate forum which was totally unexpected...

Ed: 6 months ago, you were in the midst of a public feud with someone, you seemed to be hurting and i was willing to hear your perspective and help you to work through it as one aspect of being a child of God.  My goal is only ever for the two people to resolve differences and/or misunderstandings wherever possible which whether you realize this or not, this is also my hope in my own situation with Rainy and Loquat.  But generally before a conflict can be resolved in any authentic and enduring way,  the true cause needs to be recognized, acknowledged and turned from.  In this case the pre-emptive  personal attacks have always been the cause and then the resurgence of these pre-emptive personal attacks after the person who initiated them in the first place apologized but then resumed the attacks.   

Please understand that i genuinely don't expect to convince you of anything Tansy and i already know which side you have chosen regardless of who is guilty of pre-empting the personal attacks... and i already know why..  Much of what i could say is already outlined in this recent post here: .    Just responding publicly to your private matters made public and which i think through your wording could very easily have given people the wrong idea.  

God bless. 


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