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Bone Builder
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Published: 82 days ago

Bone Builder

Dr. Christopher's BF&C formula Bones / Flesh / Cartilage is a high calcium / mineral formula. He made his living selling capsules.......with out capsules he could not maintain a business. I would agree with that---humans do not like to taste their herbs.

That said--ALL of the old herbal formulas can be greatly enhanced.

I will always believe that what I call The Herbal Concentrates is the ultimate end game for herbs. As PASTE LIKE concentrates, all herbs can be blended into 1 formula and eaten with a spoon and when well made---last for ever with proper storage. Herbs when made well, should get better with age.

BONE BUILDER is just 1 of a dozen herbal concentrates I with all herbs...the name is what makes or breaks any product. With the concentrates, just about the only people that consume them are 5,000 miles away-----Americans just do not like to taste herbs it seems like.

Herbal concentrates are not only the best method to consume herbs, it is the cheapest and easiest and easily used for fruit smoothies. In a fruit smoothy you can consume large quantities of herbs. People than just want a drop or a capsule will never ever get it.

KIDS raised on herbs---GET IT, they have never been vaccinated, never seen a M.D. or had a drug or vitamin in their lifetime----THEY ONLY KNOW herbs (food) as their path to never being sick.

Growing up disease free

DISEASE FREE PEOPLE eliminates 90% of the college / gov / church powers...

SICK PEOPLE keep the need for lawyers, judges, cops, churches, doctors, hospitals, schools, colleges and trillions of wasted $$$$ and most of all, billions of dead people so the planet is not over populated.....the smart people want less people and death by diseases is their humane way to make sure you know what disease is.

On the front page of the best health book ever printed is a boy that has never been vaccinated.
never been to a M.D. after his birth. Never had a tooth decay, never had the flue........he has seen his chiropractor perhaps 30x yearly due to sports.

HE will drink a bottle of Maximum Restore in 1 day if he thinks he might not feel well.
He can drink a 4 ounce bottle of tincture
He can take 20 capsules at a time
BUT, he has consumed more Herbal Concentrated paste than any other human on earth----

at age 17, by the time of the year---it is all weight training and prepping for football next fall......
herb wise----he eats 1 pound of BONE BUILDER A WEEK

While playing football he will eat at least 1# per week and before a game take 12 BF&C capsules and 12 during 1/2 time. For all injuries he has mastered the use of the Sports C/D Ointment for damaged or aching bones and muscles...The 14 year old that is over 6 feet tall, drug free and a cabinet full of first place medals and trophies--he has mastered Sports E Ointment.

Last fall a 300+ 64 year old Truck Driver decided he could try Sports E Ointment to save some $$$, tried it 1 time and cried like a baby saying it was too strong for him and traded it back in for Sports C......

A 14 year old that only knows herbs---can Use herbs that the biggest strongest old men can't handle....


YOU would need 7 generations of kids that never took a drug/vaccine in their entire lifetime......and sadly that is never going to happen on earth today---today the governments do all they can to force vaccinate you and put you on dope while you are still in your mother's womb.

WHY does a 14 year old collect first place metals and in the top dozen in the state? Not because he is a special specimen, but just because he is DRUG FREE and not lacking his natural tree iodine and minerals and naturally not full of WORMS. Take any child drug free, worm free and put them in competition with vaccinated children and you are going to stick out-----or what the boys like to say: WE LOOK LIKE STUDS.......they get their school class or sports group pictures and say DAD, look at our shoulders and muscles compared to all our friends! We look like STUDS...............why? They are starving.

Parents today buy crap, feed crap and along with drugs----their children struggle in the schools......on the extreme, virtually EVERY SCHOOL in the area experience at least 1 child per year dying due to suicide.....suicide has became so acceptable in AMERICA today that thousands die every year via suicide. Often alcoholism runs in the family or drugs/sickness and the kids know of family that killed them selves or they see it on social media all the time and some how get confused/depressed or even tricked and end their lives.

HEALTHY PEOPLE have too much fun to want to die..............

HEALTH is worth more thna all the gold you could accumulate......

GREEN paper is like a hot potato, never save that crap, buy stuff, buy land, buy something and never keep the green paper......CREDIT CARD $$$$ ? Electronic $$$ is never real anything and that crap they call bitcon is a demon created con.......evil people doing black mail world wide created bitcon as a way to hide from the cops.


AS LONG AS YOU ARE HEALTHY you can work and accumulate land, build buildings, build your own castle---be as free as they will allow you---TRAVEL, see the world....................when ill? Your screwed and a victim waiting...

FREEDOM / HEALTH leads to LOVE and FAMILY and friends.

LUCKILY, if a human is not deformed in the womb and are born whole / developed-----their blueprint will always want them to be healthy and when well fed, their blood will always want them to be healthy.

POISONS are the reason kids/people suffer..............water is so toxic, what people call foods often are not foods at all.

MEN 200 years ago were monstrous strong---a 14 year old in the civil war could kick the butt of todays NFL PLAYERS


Men of the past 100 years are poisoned.....times are tough. Herbs have more value now than in all of earth's history.............herbs are worth more than teeth actually put people in their grave prematurely.

HEALTH / FAMILY is true value and if you have cash/$$$ buy some land and call it your own---you can even keep it if you make enough $$$ to pay their taxation.

A teen that consumes over a pound of herbs every week? NO, you would not want to be on the opposite side of the football game......healthy kids feel far less pains and hit much harder...

the old order amish from Indiana are a great example of the way men use to be-----they are as german as german comes and they are the strongest group of guys I have seen in my lifetime...they do not do medical, no vaccines and their breed is amazingly strong.....they are barn builders. A small group with a chain saw and hammers can put up a huge barn in 3-5 days and 14 year old boys climb the walls and roof like pros.....and for fun, during lunch, they love to wrestle each other....that is what they do for fun---always seeing who is the strongest.

While kids addicted to cell phones----find it hard to get out of bed.


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