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essential oils
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Published: 87 days ago

essential oils

In America now, there are websites selling bulk essential oils and literally flooding the country with what they call "essential" oils..........

I have only seen 1 website that states that their "perfume" grade are 100% synthetic and just chemicals. Otherwise the websites avoid the word "synthetic" like a plague and choose words like USDA ORGANIC and Oregon Tilth ORGANIC.

One might wonder how the gov is going to all those foreign countries and CERTIFYING the herbs and processed as got to the point that anything gov is for sale for $$$$$ and anything can pass as organic....if you look at commercial foods using the name organic on everything---the fine print often says a small part of the product was organic and not the whole product--but even then, the word organic has been a joke once it was commercialized.

Italy and Spain
Not two HUGE countries, but seems like allot of essential oils use those names as the manufacturer of essential oils---which means they must have lots of cheap labor and land very cheap and climate very good----or they are just making synthetics.

Places like Turkey does have cheap land, cheap slave labor and does flood the world with essential oils. They will say if it is sold in America---it came from turkey first and sold to hundreds of middlemen on the way.
Turkey also makes synthetics and acid produced essential oils. The worse thing is that the owner of the huge facilities literally has no use for all americans due to his religion and race and perhaps that is why there are so many middlemen in between....

One thing about Italy is that much of the oregano oil sold in America states that it was made in Italy. Yet about 15 years ago an Italian M.D. wanted to try Oregano Oil made from hand picked leaves and not the entire plant. Amazingly his oregano was not made in Italy and was made instead in Turkey. Turkey had the slaves to hand pick the leaves and they only did it one time because it was too labor intense and expensive. ARE THERE large essential oil companies in ITALY and SPAIN? I have no clue---the only people I have known that visited those 2 countries on vacations say it is hot and poor and in recent years not some place you want to vacation at due to safety issues.

Essential Oil companies require lots of land and many cheap employees.......when you see pictures of fields of plants/flowers/trees used for making essential oils---they are weed free; requiring great labor in the fields to remove all the weeds constantly.

Considering the fact it takes large quantities of herbs to make 1 ounce of essential oil----the large companies have FACTORIES with lines of large stainless steel steam distillers------BECAUSE when the herbs are in their prime---they must harvest and distill the plants quickly. SO if the company is supplying the earth------they literally are making thousands of gallons.

NORTH AMERICA is not large enough country to make essential oils-----your not going to find farms and factories in America beyond a few people making peppermint or a small facility as for "SHOW" promoting that 'they" make their own as a gimmick. To make essential oils in a country where you must pay a minimum wage and buy expensive land and pay taxes every year on that land would make the essential oils far too expensive to produce. NATURALLY to have that land and product certified organic would also be expensive.....

My opinion is that the same types of people that insist all humans must be vaccinated are the same types of people selling the organic certified labels....and the types I stay away from. When the manufacture is using those types of paid for labels, you have a good chance those products are fakes....just commercial.

100% synthetic chemicals
people have no problem smelling them and applying them to their skin..

People/gov can care less that they are inhaling into their lungs and consuming those chemicals through their skin
and their blood instantly dealing with the chemicals..........THAT IS ALL OK---------------------and all toxic, all harmful and leads to less life. THEY ALL PRETEND that if your not putting it in your mouth---IT IS SAFE.

The facts are---everything in the air around you, is inside your blood stream with every breath of air and everything that touches your skin... if it gets on your skin----your blood will try to carry it away.....

YOU and your skin was never designed to live in a toxic were created to live FREE. Free of clothing, free of homes, free in a free world where God supplied all your needs/foods.... THOSE DAYS ARE FOREVER GONE---once man created fire, electric, fuels-----the world changed to toxic. Once jets were created---the air has never been clean again by design. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC.....the chemical fallout for the past 70 years has changed all the land and water.

Authors after 1950 pretty much received a license to lie. They became advertisers of commercial products. Books, tv, radio--everything turned to advertising....guiding people to buy. Children's shows are the worse....cell phones "the end" of all freedoms.

It is not a question of are they lying? It is more of a question: can you find a source that does not lie? The really bad people insist they get to vaccinate you, test you, control you and monitor your death rates. They in fact farm you. they lie to you your entire lifetime--that is the only way they can farm you.

Thanks to their forced 13 years of public gov education---they do not question liars. they have been brain washed to believe and trust most anything.

ESSENTIAL OILS are nothing more than the plant/tree fats. The oils of the herb. Something the Egyptians were making thousands of years ago out of flowers and pressed oils out of olives and fat rich fruits and nuts. COLD PRESSED is what we would call it today or fermentation.

Many herbs the entire plant / bush or tree can be used as a medicine/food.

What is a food?
A food supplies usable organic minerals that the blood stream can make use of and then 100% eliminate out the elimination organs.

What is a medicine?
A plant/bush/tree/fruit/seed that supplies usable organic minerals that the blood stream can make use of and then 100% eliminate out the elimination organs.

ALL humans foods are herbs. If they are not herbs, then they are not real human foods.

ALL non herbal foods are things humans adapted to eating.

EVERYTHING that has inorganic metals that enters through the lungs, mouth and skin is toxic because these metals/inorganic minerals can become stuck and accumulate inside the body..........these things are like lead, mercury, silver, gold, and all know these as common water. Common water can have 70,000 variations of these poisons. Common city water can have over 600+ added chemicals so their water pipes do not rot and chemicals used to sterilize the water.........etc.

TAKE the best tasting deep well water and test it-----your body will absorb all those poisons over a lifetime and you will die as a result of what you drank and ate that was not herbs.

Why are herbs safe? Root Bark of the bush/tree keeps out the metals and the metal free nutrient rich liquid creates the nuts/fruits of the bushes/trees. Humans thrive on all sweet fruits of the bushes and trees.

Deep rooted herbs supply organic minerals in a similar way. PLANTS were never designed to live in toxic soils--plants for the past 100 years have had no choice.

Essential oils must always be steam distilled.

"IF" the plant/tree/fruit/root etc. needs chemicals to collect the essential oils---then those herbs have no value--there are hundreds/thousands of plants and the bad ones are not required.

Toxic plants have no value---but medical scientist for some reason got into drugs long ago.....some people enjoy poisons and harming their minds and the 1960's they enjoys dopes and acids and anything that harmed their brain......booze / tobacco has long been a desired method to poison the body.....while humans that enjoy life and family---always avoids the toxic / harmful things others do.


There is no reason why essential oils can not be consumed internally via mouth like any other food. Essential oils should not be toxic, but because they are concentrated, they surely can and will be nasty tasting and cause the blood stream to react as though you put cayenne in your mouth or a solvent in your mouth and cause your blood stream great panic. In fact, essential oils are not something you find in nature other than smelling a plant, bush or tree.....and as taste.

So when using essential oils internally, it is only natural you would start with a drop or less than a drop. Perhaps 1 drop blended with 10-20+ drops of olive oil and then take 1 drop of that---because your blood stream / brain has to learn what it is you consumed.

The same theory applies to every food---your brain and blood must learn what to do with it.

REAL ESSENTIAL OILS must only be steam distilled and normally there is a season that the herbs/trees will be in theory, once per year and 1 grade. They will make their seasonal steam distilled oil and blend the batch and that batch will be what is available that year.

HOW LONG does an essential oil last?
NO ONE WANTS TO SAY out of fear of gov---so they say 1-5 years. They do not say it goes bad after that period, they just must come up with an expiration date that the gov accepts as OK.

The first essential oil book I ever read was by a doctor that his life was saved with oregano oil. He openly believed if you put a drop of oregano oil in other oils or various things that the oregano oil would stop that substance from spoilage. SUCH as a drop in a bottle of olive oil or a drop in peanut butter, etc.........


If you take a dark windowless room in a damp barn---that room will coat its self in black mold. The mold will eat the walls until the building 1 day falls down.......kind of what is happening to american trees today.... "IF" you take oregano oil and put it in the air of that dark barn room and keep it there----all the mold will die and eventually fall to the ground as black dust.

I can tell you that oregano oil can sterilize a hot tub.....I have used it 10 years now and never used a chemical in a hot tub. I can tell you that puppies, cows, you name it---all living things that drink water, do great with oregano oil in the water for their entire lifetime.

I can tell you that the essential oils medical was using 100+ years ago to cure disease----still work and those essential oils are not sold in North America by any of the commercial sources that are flooding the country. THE ONLY PEOPLE on the planet that still make those essential oils also make all their countries medicines from plants and never use synthetics or drugs..........those same essential oils described on the internet teach the reader that they are deadly and to be avoided forever and by the way---get your babies vaccinated or they will be at risk of dying. IN FACT, once people are use to those old essential oils, I have seen at least one, consume 30 drops daily for 7 days in a row with zero ill effects.......and seen people/kids grow up on such herbs with zero ill side effects...BUT, the brain washed beginner must always start with 1 or less drops---because their brain is so brain washed and fearful, that fear alone is what harms them.

THE BRAIN via FEAR is what really makes or breaks us all. This is what makes schools/teachers the greatest branch of every military world wide.................Parents should be the only teacher and after the word wars the parents were removed and put to work as gov trained people became the teachers to produce gov children. The home schooled are the exempt groups. The amish being the best well known group to this very day that stop at the 8th grade level and make sure that a local girl is the teacher and NEVER EVER some adult or adult trained from a college---never ever. THESE children, adults often seek the herbs of the fields and woods as their medicines and they use to not be vaccinated, but more often today the health departments are scaring the mothers into handing over their babies to the needles.

They grew up fearing medical drugs and raised on foods they grew and herbs just natural for them......THEIR BRAIN does not have the fears that the well educated that reads the internet first will develop about herbal use.

FEAR is what the internet has mastered......the colleges spend great resources to insure the internet installs fears about herbal use and natural healing and longevity.

One should fear poisons...always.

Essential oils today has been consumed by the frauds--those in it for the $$$$, pretty much like the entire medical health systems of the world depending on which country you live in.

REAL will always be REAL

When you are not sure if something is real or not---go slow, self experiment and prove to your self first. NEVER tell others to do something that you first have not done and know as factual is real.

IF YOU DID NOT GROW IT and HARVEST IT---then you are trusting those that did.......sadly today humans are less trustworthy. TRUST GOD will guide your path.....God has it all in 100% control.....everything is for your education. You can either be the victim or the witness.

You have a chance as long as you are alive and well

The day you fall sickly, your at the mercy of others and often those others have been trained to put you down and out of your misery.........make sure all choices are your choices and not that of others to decide for you.

LIFE should be full every day........

Life is a war if you did not know that---you were born on a battle ground......if you are alive after age 40, you have done well....your wisdom can get you past age 80, some will make it till 90..........the goal is to not look like you are 500.

Your face/skin never lies......the mirror tells you how well or how badly you have been doing.
Your BRAIN may feel age 21, but if your body looks 90, then you allowed it to succumb to the poisons you consumed.


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