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Rainy's 20 pre-emptive ad hominem attacks.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Rainy's 20 pre-emptive ad hominem attacks.

Rainy's 20 pre-emptive ad hominem attacks. Sure Rainy and i just hope you are sincere in overcoming this tendency towards launching pre-emptive personal attacks against those who do not share in your religious opinions.   Some of these personal attacks are blatant and others are more passive/aggressive with clear insinuations about such judgements against me as in how my relationship with God is supposedly not sincere, how my prayer life is supposedly not sincere, how i am supposedly not a real follower of Jesus, etc, but it's easy to see what you are doing.  Maybe you will not agree that every ad hominem personal attack in this list of 20 is in reality a personal attack, but if someone was speaking to you or one of your friends in this extremely disrespectful manner, ask yourself if you would feel the same way. 

Tansy since you decided to jump in the middle of this and defend Rainy's actions,  ask yourself if i had initiated these 20 personal attacks against Rainy, rather than this being the other way around which it was,  would you be siding with me and justifiying all of this on my behalf?   If not, then are you unable to see that this is a double standard and that you are acting out of personal bias and favoritism, rather than weighing someones pre-emptively hostile behavior on its own merits? 

Without further ado, the following is your onslaught of personal attacks Rainy, all contained within a single post which is here:

1.  Ed, you are so messed up by listening to false teachers that I would not even know where to begin with you. 

2. I don't yet have the answers for every little thing you bring up, but you sure are off.   (Even an arrogant comment like "you are sure off" is ad hominem rather than voicing why your opinion is a different one). 

3. Your way of thinking is how Christian cults get started.   

4. You could be a cult leader with your way of thinking.

5.  Real Christians seek God and they know God left us scripture that He breathed to help us.  (only someone who is not a real christian would dare to question institutionalized religions unsubstantiated and obviously false assertion that their bible is 100% God breathed, inerrant, infallible and the final authority). 

6. True Christians have a relationship with God and know the voice of God.  (This one is mildly debatable, but very possibly as with other comments you have made, you are insinuating that i am not a "true Christian" which if this is what you are insinuating, which you have certainly more directly insinuated in other comments, then this is yet another ad homineml attack). 

7. You act like none of us, but you, can hear the voice of God. (This is a false representation of my true position, however vast multitudes of people who so deeply trust what institutionalized religion has told them to believe are deceived in various ways even if not in every way). 

8. You don't even believe in the deity of Christ!  (!. As if not trusting in this area of Catholic dogma is such a horrific misdeed.  Nor does your bible believe in the deity of Jesus as expressed within thousands upon thousands of verses). 

9. What kind of voice do you listen to anyway, thinking that voice you hear is God?

10. My advice to you is to stop listening to false teachers on YouTube and read your Bible!!!

11: Wash your mind with the Word of God in a good Translation as you pray for the real Holy Spirit's guidance. (as if i am currently praying  to be guided by a false Holy Spirit)

12.  You need to test the spirits that you are listening to!!! (As if i am not doing this) 

13 a and b.  Don't sit in silence leaving yourself open to any and every spirit that wants to deceive you. (As if this is what i am doing).   "That is not prayer. "  

14.  Actually talk and reason with your Creator. (as if this is not what i do unlike those who place their trust in the conclusions of institutionalized religion) 

15.  Don't waste your time listening to YouTube videos. (only Rainy can discern which youtube videos are worthwhile and Ed's discernment is so poor that he needs Rainy to guide his path). 

16.  Your discernment is too off.

17.  You seem to just find the false teachers on there.

18.  Yes, we have some other posters who are in the same state you are in.

19.  It hurts me more to see you like this because we used to be friends. ("like this" as if it is me and not you and your Catholic Dogma that is so far off). 

20.  You have fallen so far. 



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