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bucket list
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Published: 3 months ago

bucket list

20 years ago I made allot of Black Walnut Bud Tincture------

1 person has been about the ONLY PERSON to consume it.

This person has out lived her husband------moved into assisted living. Was having memory issues a few years ago which scared her.

1. She started drinking Memory Balance by the gallon.
2. She upped her intake of Black Walnut Bud Tincture.

For 15+ years she only had interest in the walnut tincture and NEVER EVER TRIED any of my de-wormer formulas EVER have never understood why--she knew what she wanted and did her own thing---

She use to retire each winter to Arizona until her husband passed and then quit going.....I think she had some sort of health practice there during the winter months---never really knew exactly what all she did....

She started doing much better after taking large doses of the Memory Balance S/T and upped her Black Walnut Male Bud Tincture to 2 gallons every month for some time now---but she shares it with her relatives (that are the highest educated/gov employees in the area), so never know for sure how much she actually is drinking monthly....

She had the opportunity to return to Arizona for a month and recently returned---she was proud to say she did something that had been on her bucket list for a very long time:

SHE SKY DIVED in her mid 80's..................

She said she LOVED IT

I assume Arizona is a great place to sky dive in the winter.

The only way I ever learned of Black Walnut Male Bud was searching - teaching my self after reading the Dr. Hulda Clark Books and getting to know Dr. Clark Personally....I asked around and asked one of the countries best herbalist and he passed on documentation from 1940's German gov Herbal Studies that claimed the best part of the Black Walnut tree is the Male Buds on the North Side of a 60 foot+ tall Tree......something I have growing behind my house on a hill.

Years ago I would climb a tree and cut the top out in order to collect the buds---not something most people would want to be doing------60 feet in a tree is a bit scary to deal with chain saws....eventually I obtained an old bucket truck that could reach 35 feet and some years ago I obtained an old bucket truck from California Country California that is 4x4 and reaches 60 feet and i use it once a year to play around with the tops of the black walnut trees for the fun of it......even then, 60 feet in a bucket of an old truck is not something if you do not like worse issue with bucket trucks is it takes you high into trees that may have a hornets nest and that is never something you want to find your self dealing with---because if 200 hornets try to get on your face---your fears may make you want to jump out of the bucket...

The Black Walnut tree is a cool tree in that the roots are about the same size and diameter as what you see above they never blow over.....The Black Walnut Tree is one of the most prized woods in the world------I can bet that the recent Notre Dame that just burned down---most likely was made from Black Walnut Trees, because that part of the world highly praises the walnut wood...........BUT, when Europe first came to America, we had 300 foot tall white oak trees and Europe literally chopped them all down for ship building material and dragged them back to europe...and today they said the TALL trees that were used to built the church 800+ years ago no longer exist on earth---so perhaps it was the white oaks.....most people today never consider the fact we are loosing our trees on earth------new trees grow shorter and live less.

ALL ladies in the 80's stuck in assisted living------that will jump out of a perfectly good running an herbal testimony. She always believed in herbs....she believes in buying "GALLONS"---I call that WISDOM


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