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Goose Egg bump

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Published: 3 months ago

Goose Egg bump

A name given to a bump formed on your body after a blow to the skin---is a GOOSE EGG or large bump.

I have not had a goose egg bump for a very long time----

yesterday while walking through a unlighted barn, i walked into a 200# piece of metal and tripped over it, as it also fell on my right foot. I did not think much of it at the time other than it hurt for a little bit.

About 15 minutes later I noticed my right sandal was very tight and I kept working and the shoe became tighter and bulged up-- I starting thinking what on earth is making my show swell....then when I removed the shoe O noticed a large goose bump that resulting from the metal falling on my foot.

IDEALLY this is when you spray the damaged area, but I was in a tractor and did not get near the house for another hour---by then the goose bump was huge....Once in the house I grabbed the first spray I had laying around which was EYE SPRAY. It would make no difference which spray used, because they will all work for swelling and damage.

The Idea is very simple---you spray until pain free and swelling gone-----every few minutes to begin with and then as needed. "IF" you can spray immediately after the accident, most likely you can avoid the swelling in the first place.

within 12 hours later, 98% of the goose egg is gone, swelling did no damage and zero bruise....

IN A PERFECT WORLD, you would always have a bottle of Herbal Spray 1,2 or 3 close at hand........perfect for bug bites, accidents---spray 1 a miracle for sunburn-----

"IF" you can spray a sunburn when you first come off the beach--etc.. such as: take a quick cool shower, then start spraying the entire burned area....spray every few minutes and keep spraying as long as you feel any discomfort----if your entire back or belly is badly sunburned---you may need 1-3 bottles the first 4-8 hours; but ideally if you spray plentifully, by the next day the sun burn will be gone and the cool thing is: NO PEELING of the skin.

The strange part about a really bad sun burn is that "IF"it truly was burned---you could not REVERSE the damage and not avoid the peeling----but if you spray soon enough, peeling can be avoided. Spray 1 or Burn Spray for that type of damage, because the spray needs to be very mild and not spicy. Spicy "hot" spray works great for all the joints, back, hips etc.

With the sun burn? Did the sun actually do it, or is a reaction of the blood stream? The sun is very powerful, but also our source of life for the earth...some suggest the sun enables the skin to expel waste from the body. Back in 1950 there was an author from the islands that trained the movie stars on health and exercise. He and his wife would come north and train the wealthy------his paper back book cost $50 back in 1950 which was a HUGE AMOUNT of $$$$$, most men were making 30 cents an hour or less back in 1950. ONLY the movie stars / wealthy culd afford such a book.........

In that book, the author explains that he and his wife would become sick if they lived up in America for more than 6 months and they would return to the islands and they both would lay naked in the sun and burn their skin---only to them they did not consider it a "burn", they believed the sun was bringing the old poisons up and out of the skin.............and once off, the new skin made them feel healthy once more.

When doing advanced fasting after 30 days, it is to be expected to also experience itchy/ burn feeling skin as all your old skin comes up and off as new skin pushes it off your body.

I use to use daily hand cream while working in the factory---after doing my first 40 day orange juice fast---I got all new skin and have never used hand cream ever again. The use of any skin product is simple---if you can not eat it, do not apply it to your skin---because once on the skin, you are actually eating it.



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