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How much is natural health worth?
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Published: 3 months ago

How much is natural health worth?

Natural health that leads to never needing medical is priceless.....especially for babies/children and then into adulthood.

WHAT IF you never took a vitamin, drug or ever seen a M.D. ever and were cavity free, never experienced a flue or sore throat ever???????/ What is that worth? It can only happen if the parents were healthy and raised their baby drug free....That is the only way your going to be vaccine free, vitamin free, etc.....

You will grow up on metal free water---not that city metal / loaded water.

You will see your chiropractor when you are 3 days old and every time you need him---that will cost you about $400 per year.......

Naturally you will need to stay de-wormed and take plentiful herbs rich in natural calcium.

You will see the value in the can also see value in your self, with such things as better eyes/hearing/skin, but only with the children will see the huge differences...

Sadly by example............

in the schools you see the AVERAGE CHILDREN of any state....their health as a result of their highly educated parents and 100% medical raising---same with the vet raised pets.... YOU CAN SEE IT.

SEEING IT is OK, everyone can ignore what they never want to see that you messed up, failed and suffered as a result and we all do that-----no one can ever be perfect and all can do better.

Schools are so deeply into sports---even though sports have zero to do with learning from the books....WHY? Perhaps the schools provides DATA to those that poison your air and water and to the doctors/vaccinations and THE PROOF the scientist need to adjust those poisons....or maybe not, no one nows how deep corruption goes.

How much is herbs worth?

The chiropractor creates data, why you came to his office and what he did. THAT DATA is PROOF.

School sports---the schools/state all seem so into data on each child in sports.....states control football players in high school....they can stop kids from playing if they want to....the schools reports everything to the state.

To me, herbs are priceless. Not the crap sold in health food stores, that is just commercial crap mostly from other countries.

The Dr. Christopher / Hay / Jackson style of using herbs is where the value is. DRUG FREE / VITAMIN FREE

The youngest boy is 14 years old, over 6 feet tall.
Last year he scored on the first play of football 7 out of 9 games and kicked a return ball 60 yards. he also can out arm wrestle most kids 1-2 years older than him and out arm hang the entire high school football team because he is 155# and light enough that his arms can hold his weight.

He decided to take track and field as something to do till football practice starts in the summer. He moved to a smaller school and noticed their school records and figured he could break those-----the track teams number 11-15= DIFFERENT SCHOOLS and mostly large city schools---so not really a fare selection---but that is what he has to go up against......the kids get to do 3 different competitions. He decided to try the long jump and high jump because it looked like he could set school records. The first meet a week ago, he got 3 gold medals for 3 first places---he though, this is COOL, the kids from these 14 other city schools seemed "easy"...

4 days later with 11 large city schools, he jumped 18', 3 1/4 " and this was only his second time jumping and realy does not know what he is doing yet....that got him first place by a foot longer than any other boy and also set a new school he was all smiles. He then took first place in the high jump and thought something must be wrong here, because he could jump 8 inches higher---but he won and the paper said he set a new Track Meet Record at that school......which he thought was very bazaar, what what is going on with these city kids...?

he also took first place in all 3 divisions again and that gets his new school a school trophy for their glass cases.

NATURALLY all the state records are surely far more than what he is doing, but he really does not know what he is doing, they really have very little training for small school track and just do what you want and no one normally cares how well you do. It is mostly so all kids can do a sport if they will show up. Last place is track and field is never a problem, it is more of a participation sport for the schools.

BUT, all DATA an tell how much worth herbs can have.......and grades are an0ther easy example---if kids can get A's with out trying hard, that makes herbs very valuable....because kids that struggle with grades get a hard time from the schools and society.

When a young teen has a huge trophy case of participation ribbons, medals, trophies that makes them feel good as kids..........and more and more schools are going away from medals and trophies and using the cheap ribbons for no one will feel left out---which is also OK, after all, it is school, why should they even be doing sports.....sports could be held at sports facilities and have nothing to do with gov schools..

Herbs does not mean the great sports kids ever took herbs-----the strong/smart/healthy kids can be naturals, handed down from the health of their parents, good diet, etc.....herbs not required......herbs are OPTIONS.

ALL kids need to feel like winners--that is 1 reason sports in public schools is just not right. There is always going to be winners and loosers and no child should ever feel like a looser....often in field and track a small child will come in last a very very long time after all the other kids have crossed the finish line and often with tears in their eyes because they know everyone is waiting on them....parents/kids should come to a point that if they are not competitive and never going to be competitive, they should not participate with kids that will make them feel inferior in any is hard enough with out coming in last every time.

can a parent BUY / PAY $$$$ so their kid can win at sports? NO, it is too late....the parents health came first and then raising that child as drug/toxic free as possible builds the foundation that leads to first place.....but even then, that never guarantees takes allot of effort to compete against other humans..


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