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Lower Bowel Balance Capsules
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Published: 4 months ago

Lower Bowel Balance Capsules

NO MATTER what your diet---perfect, terrible, blend, makes no difference; LBB Capsules are a must if your using herbs for your health.

Not herbs to stay stoned out of reality which is the pot craze today; but herbs to aid in keeping your health.

MANY of the people on the internet seeking to be health gurus end up being enema / colonic fanatics. They do not understand herbal use or seek to read about herbal use. Often they just love to be hooked on enemas and get more people to follow them. WHY people subject them selves to strangers to do enemas, colonics and medical scoping is a bit weird to begin with. STRANGERS rarely are ever going to have your health interest above $$$ or their own addictions.

"IF" you want to avoid enemas your entire lifetime....

"IF" you want to avoid colonics your entire lifetime...

"IF" you want to avoid medical as long as you can and especially avoid allowing them to shove contaminated instruments down your throat and up your butt.............did you know they have killed plenty of people with their contaminated scoping tools! They killed my older brother with contaminated scope where they went down his throat to look at his pancreas. They did this 4x for pancreatic cancer by way of installing temporary stints. During these medical interventions, the dentist sent him to his specialist who looked at his past dental work and determined his cancer was easily caused by a mouthful of crowns/gold---just as written by the late Dr. Hulda Clark wrote about in her advance cancer book.

The dental surgeon removed all his teeth and stated all of the dental work had been poisoning him for 30+ years and caused all of his immunity to concentrate on trying to dissolve and eliminate all the dental work----once all the rotting dental work was removed, the pancreatic cancer started disappearing to the point his last scope, the doctors removed his stint and told him they would not even need to see him for an examine for a full year---because his cancer seemed to be gone------the problem was, when he left the hospital he developed infection in his throat/stomach what they call THRUSH. His wife called the surgeon and said her husband has never been able to eat after he removed the stint, because his throat is all infected.........the hospital/surgeon said that happens due to the instruments being contaminated and no big deal...they instructed to go to your local hospital and they have a "special" shot that cures the thrush and he will be fine and see you in 1 year.

They went to the local hospital, submitted to the shot and went home and never ate or drank ever again. In 2 days he was back at the local hospital unable to eat/drink and barely breath due to an infected throat. The nurse walked in, injected a few cc from a tiny needle into his IV and his heart pressure instantly jumped to 220 and he was dead within 1 minute of the injection. The M.D. stood outside the room and walked in after he was dead and asked the nurse what happened? She replied "YOU" told me to do it!

Some could read his story and suggest they murdered him for curing his own pancreatic cancer, because in America that is not allowed. Others can read it and say---that is just how stupid/ignorant and dirty large city hospitals are, because every employee is vaccinated to the max and all disease carriers.

IN REALITY it is this simple--all the dentist starting by the early 1970's were trained in ever dental college to give children cancers in an effort to enable the cancer hospitals. The dentist that removed the poisons from my brother's mouth stated that the first day he went to dental college, the professor told his class that they are not the smart students. The smart students are being trained down the road as CANCER DOCTORS and we dentist are going to support medical by poiso9ning the children so they develop cancers. he went on to say every dental drug comes with a cancer warning on the box. He said "IF" people were permitted to read the box that all the dental drugs come in, they would run out of the office.

HOW do you become a dental and then medical victim? First you are vaccinated, then fed the wrong foods your entire lifetime with the goal, by age 6+ you see the dentist for the first time and often come home with a nickel crown on a decayed baby tooth---because the dentist would not pull the diseased baby tooth. Nickel is a well known cancer causing poison. When I was 19 and got a job in a lead plating factory, the law did not make the manufacture warn me that lead leads to your premature death, the gov did force the manufacture to tell every new employee that the factory used nickel and nickel will cause you cancer. The gov did not make the company warn the employees that the entire ceiling was thick with asbestos that was dissolving 24/7 365 days a year for 50 years and the employees job every morning was to sweep up the asbestos---he gov/OSHA could care less. One thing OSHA finally did tell the company to do was shut down a few of the white collar offices, because all the foremen and supervisors either had died of cancer or were dying of cancer due to the fact the ceiling were low and the people becoming cancerous due to the florescent lights. Seems to starter for florescent lights emits a poisonous effect on humans. YET, all the women inspectors in the blue collar part of the factory that worked much closer to florescent lighting, were never told anything....the expendable are never told why they die. Amazingly as many people died in the factory from drinking excessive coffee as being poisoned by heavy metals, asbestos, and chemicals.

The medical / commercial world sees no problem with dying people----in theory, they need to die before they can retire and receive their $$$ back as retirement. Giving the dumbed down employees all the FREE COFFEE they could drink befitted the company in 2 ways---it kept the employees awake and ensured they would be cripples or dead before they were old enough to collect retirement. NOTHING IS FREE from manufactures---their goal is $$$$ and nothing else. The last thing any of them want is old people collecting $$$$$. EVERYTHING is DESIGNED to get the most out of an employee and not pay them free $$$$$$. The same moral of all government.

the reason the Lower Bowel Herbal Formula has been popular for a full 100 years, is simple: It allows people to eat what they are going to eat and as long as they take the Lower Bowel Formula, they keep their intestinal health longer than normal---defying the medical/gov systems....

Children 6+ years old have used the LBB formula, but in reality, children can be helped with diet alone, unless they have been born with poor intestinal muscles.

IDEALLY the human adult, when they first start to wake up to the fact there is no one going to help them with their health-----they will take the LBB Capsules 9 per day for 9 months with the idea that will restore the muscles back in their intestines. Then they will use the LBB capsules the rest of their lives as needed.

The theory is simple:
What you ate yesterday must go down the toilet when you wake up---if it did not, then you either correct your diet or take more LBB Capsules.


Pregnant women often call it better than gold; because the last few months of pregnancy can be terrible constipating. The same with nursing and for the rest of their lives.......if they take no other herbs, they will take the LBB CAPSULES.

LBB Formula is not a laxative.

Laxatives do harm to the intestinal muscles.

Warm enemas are laxative as is magnesium and various products sold commercially.

the enema and coplonic should be reserved for the elderly that are no longer capable of having a bowel movement and once the blockage removed, they should stay on the LBB Formula for the rest of their lives.

PEOPLE are never going to eat the correct diet-------a few will learn to and make them selves, but 99.9999% never will. This is why the LBB Formula has been popular for the past 100 years. I first made it 30 years ago and have taken it ever since.

A person with a strong healthy stomach and intestines can eat anything.........when you can not eat anything, that is when you need to go back to a better diet and restore your stomach. SMART PEOPLE would never go back to a wrong diet, but with humans correct diet seems to never be an option......humans love to explore foods and taste.

On average, I consume 1 bottle of LBB Capsules per year.
Dr. Christopher believed a person could take 50 capsules every day to save their life and that the formula is just food. I have never seen a person fail when using the LBB Capsules, the very worse cases the women would take 1-4 capsules every hour until the dam broke and then cancel their colon surgery.

the only time Dr. Christopher suggested not to take the LBB Formula was during an appendicitis rupture. If the appendices ruptured, then he suggested the enema and no food until everything was flushed clean and out of danger and then always use the LBB Formula to restore the assimilation/elimination organs.

Dr. Christopher's history and reputation was built on the LBB Formula. He clearly states in all his books and videos that if your going to use herbs, you first always use the LBB Formula first. Those that ignore that suggestion, really should not be using herbs or drugs or wrong foods, wrong habits....

The Lower Bowel Balance Capsules are part of LIFE. Going through life with out LBB Capsules is a bad idea in my opinion.

WHY? because as your constipation issue build, your going to one day find yourself at the E/R submitting to scope examinations up your butt and down your throat.......EVERY VACCINATED PERSON is a carrier and when you enter the hospitals, you are literally entering into the twilight zone where the air is treated and much more.......healthy people have the goal of avoiding doctor/dental offices as long as they can.

WHEN EATING MEATS and GRAINS and VEGETABLES and all wrong foods---it is simple: the worse the meal, the more you need the LBB Capsules.

If you believe you just ate 2# of meat and may not feel so well the next day as a result-----just take 4 LBB Capsules with that meal.....the herbs will keep the muscles moving and keep the foods heading down to the toilet where they belong.

IF a person does not master the use of the LBB Capsules first, then they seriously should avoid reading about supplements and herbs.

Just my opinions of course.

the longer you live the more people you will know/see die....that is 1 fact of life you will not avoid.......a smart person sees why those people died and if they are smart, they will try to not take that same path as quickly.


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