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AID's alternitive
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Published: 15 years ago

AID's alternitive

A Medical Breakthrough in the War on Disease.
By: Dr. Ron Cusson, PhD; Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD and Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD.
How to Prevent Disease by Building a Rock Solid Immune System - and Maybe Even Turn It Around!

Medical Scientists now believe that there is really only one “Master” Disease responsible for most, if not all, disease conditions and chronic illnesses.
The Master disease is called Acidosis, (a-sid-o-sis), an acidic, non-Alkaline pH system.
All other “Diseases”, as we know them, are just “Named” Symptoms or a “Label” on the Condition. The Medical profession has to name each condition so that they can attempt to design a treatment to match each symptom.
Regardless of the label given, most of these “Disease conditions” experts say, occur as a direct result of simply being Acidic, Toxic and Mineral deficient.
FOR EXAMPLE: All Pathogenic Micro-Organisms, Pathogenic Germs, Viruses, Degenerating Cells, Infections, Bad Bacteria, Fungus, parasites and Yeasts thrive ONLY in Acidic environments. They are rarely found in a body that maintains a balanced Alkaline system, has high Oxygen levels, and balanced Mineral levels.
IN OTHER WORDS: Disease can not exist in an Oxygen Rich – High Alkaline environment!
The primarily cause of Acidosis is the bombardment of toxins and chemicals that we are constantly confronted with, high acidic foods and drinks, coupled with a diet low in Alkalizing foods and Minerals.
This is all Good News; because if Acidosis is reversible, (and it is), then potentially we can eliminate all disease conditions and their debilitating symptoms!

One of the worlds leading Nuclear Physicists, Dr. Ron Cusson, PhD., is about to stun the world with a Nutraceutical breakthrough so big the diseased filled, immune weak world will never be the same again!
For the first time, Scientists have blended Quantum Physics and Nutrition launching us from the age of biological nutrition to a whole new plateau of Energized, Atomic Nutrition.
Up until now, regardless of how good the nutrients were, the body had to try and break them down into ionic particles so they could, if possible, get inside the water molecules, blood cells and eventually, inside the cell itself where it was able to do its work.
Experts knew that in this process approximately 80% of the nutrients were burned-up and destroyed because of poor digestion and a toxic, acidic system. NOT ANY MORE!
Dr. Cusson PhD. has developed a process where the energized, ionized nutrients are already inside the water molecule – in the bottle.
When the liquid nutrients are dripped under the tongue they are almost immediately sent through the energy systems of the body into every cell.
Now, not only is there 99% utilization of the nutrients, but they are energetically all doing their work – right now!
Knowing that a body must be Alkaline, and have a high Oxygen and Mineral environment in order to avoid Disease and achieve total health Dr. Cusson went to work.
After 9 years of extensive research Dr. Cusson created a single, all natural product so powerful that it has the ability to not only prevent chronic illness and disease, but potentially even stop it in its tracks and reverse it!
Dr. Cusson has created a little bottle of tasteless, odorless liquid that has the active minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, liquid oxygen and cell detoxifying nutrients one needs to Alkalize, Oxygenate, Feed and Detoxify the entire body rather quickly, bringing it back into near-perfect balance with just a few drops a day under the tongue each day!
Denali Green™ has been shown to quickly eliminate Acidity, Heavy Metals and Toxins at the cell level regardless of the individuals’ current diet, lifestyle or their historical exposure to chemicals.
Denali Green™ blends, among other things, the miracle mineral Zeolite with the miracle working Humic and Fulvic components using a chemical-free process. Denali Green™ is a natural, very bio-available, very powerful anti-oxidant, mineralizing, alkalizing and immune boosting supplement.
DENALI GREEN™ IS what the world has been searching for! Everybody you know will want to hear about this amazing, new technology!

Denali Green, Detoxing and Weightloss
Aside from the many documented health benefits of this amazing technology, there is another huge side benefit and that is the WEIGHT-LOSS!
The body puts Toxins & Heavy Metals into damaged cells and surrounds them with fat to protect you. Eliminate the Toxins and Heavy Metals, the fat is clinging to, and the body begins to quickly metabolize the now un-needed fat!
In addition, because we are now truly being fed at a cellular level we're not going to experience cravings for saturated fats and processed sugars. We will, therefore, naturally reduce our negative caloric intake allowing us to have a successful, long term, weight management experience.

Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., in her book *Detoxify or Die, lays out clearly the cause of all disease and proves that disease is reversible.
“The secret, she says, is in getting your body so chemically unloaded and nutrient primed, that it heals itself.”
She presents irrefutable evidence that dangerous Chemicals, Toxins and Heavy Metals are everywhere and we can not avoid them, at any age. She goes on to prove that these toxins not only get into our bodies, but once there, begin to stockpile over time, as we are not able to metabolize them, and they make us chronically ill.
She presents piles of documentation proving that these toxins, along with the toxins that are put into the food we eat, is the underlying cause of nearly all diseases.
She shows us that with the use of detoxifying herbs and Minerals we can eliminate the toxins, raise the alkalinity, oxygen and mineral levels in our bodies, and as a result reverse even the most hopeless and baffling diseases.
*Detoxify or Die, Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. Copyright © 2002 Sand Key Company, Inc.

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